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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Hey, I would absolutely love to do a mahou shoujo/ shonen type of rp. I actually have a character that would fit this role perfectly, and I'd love to put him into a roleplay like this.

If you're interested, please check out Prism Solaris' character sheet. There is one picture in his gallery that has yet to be inked or colored, but it should be a good enough representation of his visually feminine appearances. I'll have to add some more to his profile later, but I do have a color palette laid out for him as well.

Prism is technically a dragon, but normally remains in a humanoid form with a couple of remaining dragon features, such as tail, ears, and some scattered scales.

Lastly, just going to let you know I'm very new to rping on a forum, so there may be some things I don't quit understand yet. Hope that won't pose any issues.
Hey y'all. Thanks for keeping up, here. You're very patient, hehe! I keep doing work and reading webtoons in my free time, oops... I will set up the PM soon but my day off isn't actually for a couple more days... Which is the day of the big site update. So, I think I will write/plan the setting in my notebook, and then transfer it to PM after 2.0 is here! Thank you, sweeties! :D

Synistersyrum, Ava, I'd love to have you. I'm very enthusiastic about starting this, and I will get on it very soon! I promise! ;D

:3 :3 :3 Stay tuned, duckies! In the meantime, I'm listening to Welcome To Night Vale, and reading Let's Play, Purple Hyacinth, and Luff. Just on case you were wondering. They'll get me through the update... They're very good! <3
Hato Momosaki (played anonymously)


I'm really busy this month but I'm still interested, the only thing I'm worried about is if we have members who post a lot more or a lot less than others, I don't want to be missing out!!
I am up for a PM roleplay like that, just in case if you have anyfree spots. I could also give you my discordif you wish it is where I am mostly online.
I wasn't going to post it until the group was a little more polished, and, well, finished... But I made one for anyone who wants to join. :) It's going to have some cool threads and stuff, and a point system for games, and storyline threads to play in.... Anyway. Here it is, so feel free to join!
Can I join?
Is this still open, I would be Interested
I'd be happy to have you both. :)
Emmet Osbourne (played by ELS1526)

I'm interested! I have a few characters to play at here, so take a look and PM me if you find any acceptable!
Hey there, guys! I know that it's been a while... What, almost 8 months since I said it would be soon? Haha. Well, I do apologize for that! But anyway, I've gotten some more stuff in my Group, here, so if you guys wanna come play and start making threads and whatnot, I'd be happy to have you. :) Once again, here is the link to the group! I've been working on it and I will continue to work on it, so it's still unfinished. But it'll get done at some point! Probably! I mean. Expansion is a thing, you know, but... Yeah. ;D :P

Tadaa! Anyway, see you guys there. I know you might be busy with the worldbuilding thing right now, but still. Heh. Might do something anyway, you know? :) :) Bye bye!

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