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So since we went to 2.0 I've noticed that it is so difficult to load the site. Its not my internet at all, happens on my phone out of the house and on different internets. Its only RPR too. What's going on? Is there a way to fix it so we can enjoy the site without it taking five minutes to load a single page.

Just kind feeling like the old website was better since it at least loaded pages within a reasonable time. :(

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Yes, it does struggle to load at times. It even times out on occasion.
I know Kim is working the issues and hopefully we'll have it speeding along like its old self again soon.
The latency is a huge site issue that Kim is very aware of and doing her best to work on while also managing all the bugs that keep popping up since the transition. I know this is on her priority list though.
While it does take a bit to load and it has lags from time to time, it's amazing that the site is fully functional considering that Kim worked to rebuild it from scratch for 2.0! She's continuing to work on the lag issue, while fixing a lot of other bugs. But she's just one person and she also has a life, needs time to rest, to eat and care for things going on in her life. :) A little bit of lag that's temporary is a small price in the bigger picture of a better and up to date site, in my opinion! :D
If now is any indicator, it’s really fast! Hoping it remains consistent!
Kim Site Admin

I don't think we're at the point of consistent yet, but every day is a little better. :) We're still getting big spikes too often though.

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