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Self explanatory.
Additional question: do you play an instrument?

My favourite song is The Great Locomotive Chase by Robert W. Smith. It's a concert band song, and the school concert band and I performed it at the last assembly of the year (I play the euphonium - one of three in the entire school). I had a solo in it which I performed (not wanting to sound narcissistic here) pretty well, and so that piece holds a special place in my heart, for both its immense creativity and the joy of performing it.

Ok, I went a bit over the top there.

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Yes bass guitar. Ball and chain by social distortion
Ode to My Family, by the Cranberries and almost every song by them.

Yes, clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano, a little.

Yeah...I know what you mean about songs from band holding a special place in your heart. The Nutcracker Suite is that way for me, and Troika (a Russian version of sleigh ride), and also songs by Aaron Copeland.

Is the euphonium like the French horn, or something else?

Over the top is good, imo.

Band friends unite. Lol :p
My favorite song is Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra.

As for your second question I used to play two instruments in high school and one in middle school. I played the bassoon for regular band class and the flute for marching band, but I was introduced to the flute first. Best thing about playing the flute in marching band is that no one can hear you over the louder instruments.
Blood by In This Moment.

Hmm I'm so excited to play any instrument. Or to put it better, I find things like that quite boring. I could probably die if I played a violin. Such a nonsense }~{
Abigail_Austin wrote:
Yes, clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano, a little.
Clarinets are hands-down my favourite woodwind instruments!
Abigail_Austin wrote:
Is the euphonium like the French horn, or something else?
It sounds similar, but it's technically just a scaled-down tuba. It can go a lot lower than the French horn without losing its neato timbre, and it can go just as high, but that's extremely difficult and can lose the timbre.
Abigail_Austin wrote:
Band friends unite
We will rise up and triumph over the lesser, non-musical folk!
"Before they make me run" keith Richards some girls. Great bass line.
my favorite song is don't threaten me with a good time by panic! at the disco and gimme! gimme! gimme! by abba is a very close second because they never fail to make me motivated and get me in a better mood. i usually listen to them when i have to study for a while in a subject i don't like very much or when i feel down an early morning!
Instant karma by John Lennon(we all shine on) I'm a bass player
Right now....

Restless farewell by bob dylan
Boots of Spanish leather by bob dylan
This is one of those that if I'm not careful, it could be a long list. And most of the time the song's aren't fully a like, they can also express how I myself feel.

Perfect Insanity -Disturbed

Jekyll and Hyde, Never Enough -Five Finger Death Punch

God of Fire from DISSIDIA 012 [duodecim] FINAL FANTASY

One Step Closer -Linkin Park's a start.
Everything by Prince
Against The Grain by C&C has been my favorite song for a while now.
Let it be the Beatles
Handle with care the traveling wilburys
Every song in the Greatest Showman
It varies but right now it'd be Evil Ghost by Endgame, and The Gift from the call of duty zombies soundtrack.

You've got me on my knees
Worn out and paralyzed
Take the emotions out of me
Until I fade before your eyes
Full of apathy, the walls come crashing down
A bearer of agony, take the lead
I will serve you now

Just stay alive!
My heart is cold!
You bleed me dry, and I feel no more!
Theres no escape, your my overdose!
into the shape, of my evil ghost!

Honorable mention to Exit Strategy, by Omri

Please stop me, I'm losing control
If we keep this up we lose our souls
Theres no light at the end of this tunnel!
I'd rather burn than watch us crumble!
It's over by Roy Orbison

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