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While I was backing up my PM RPs before the 2.0 rollout, I had to copy each page and paste it to notepad to remove formatting, then copy/paste to Word to save as a file. It was a lot of CtrlA/CtrlC/CtrlV work.

It would be really nice to have a way to export PMs to a text file (similar to the Export Character function, but just text) for local hard drive archiving purposes (I do keep a library of all my RPs and stories).

I did post this here on the Phoenix group but was way late, and If this has been mentioned before, I have totally missed it.

Also, If anyone knows of an easier way to do it please share! :)
I would actually really truly love this ability as well.
This does seem like a pretty great thing to have.
Rogue-Scribe Topic Starter

(A Year on)
I’m thinking the logistics of this is a bit too much? Read a few threads on this on other sites and the size-variables tend to be the roadblock for this to happen.
As much as an exported text file would be appreciated, my tried and true copy/paste to Word, though time-consuming, does actually work pretty well.
Rogue-Scribe Topic Starter

Thanks Kim! The ‘save’ function works a charm!
The flat HTML file to a browser makes it easy to copy/paste the whole thing to Word!

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