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Melissa Ann Winona Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

To drive my mother crazy and to get her remarried.
To practice her singing more often when not adventuring.
Solara Solis (played by MissLumina)

To find true love with the right person.
Alessandra Russo (played by Autumn_Vale)

Find the scumbags that killed her uncle, and end them one by one.
To bring a new age of puu to the scattered masses~
To the uninformed, it’s a new age of peace, puu. Fighting just to fight is empty. You will never win if you lack something to protect.
"I want to figure out what I'm doing wrong on that spell.....or what I'm missing," the child claims with a solemn look on her face. "Mother could do it so easy....why can't I?" she asks herself with a hint of whispered emotion in the finality of her plea.
Jessica Melissa Dante (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior) Topic Starter

To get more contracts. I've got bills to pay. I'm really good at my job. Right silvio.
Pint (played by MordosKull)

"See if I can double me kill count. Going fer the quadruple digits this year! YEEEEEH!!! GOTTA GET ME BEARD BLOODY!!!!!!!"
To get a new job and stop getting pushed around so much.
Aylssa Nicole Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior) Topic Starter

To get remarried
Rosetta banner (played by Dib2435)

To volunteer at more animal shelters
Apocalypse angel (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior) Topic Starter

To defend myself and my followers. A age of peace would be great.
“Don’t go to prison.”
Rylyn Carrie Locklear (played anonymously)

"To get 'Lief Thous' to love me! How long must I strive for human connection~?"
Heather Greene (played by Deumeawyn)

I hope to graduate high school this year.
“To be a respected vampire instead of the worlds most hated”
Tamao Fujimori (played anonymously)

"I wanna get out of this awful cage of a city..."
Noble Six (played by shadeslayer45)

To avenge Noble Team and Reach and finally put an end to the covenant
Luther Guiteau (played by Moono)

To remove God's target, ensure Garfield and Arthur's presidencies, become consul to Paris and promote the sales of my fantastic book: the Truth and the Revelation!

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