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*I stumble up to the building exhausted and hurt* "H-hello? Someone h-help me-e" *I blindly stumble into rooms and I reach a room with a fire in it. Happily I absorb it. The change in power is so immense and so sudden that I pass out. When I wake up, i'm in a brightly lit room which stings a little and there's someone on the other side of the door looking at me. I glare at them. I pause and try to summon all my power. I say in an oddly hypnotic tone* "Y-" *I cut off my voice not working I whirl around in confusion and try again.* "yo-" *I cut off again my voice not working. I glare at the person outside and study them. They are wearing a white lab coat and they appear to have a notebook. They seem to be studying me. After a while they throw me a piece of warm bread. I such the warmth out of it and throw it to the side. They write something down in their notebook*
(In this you are either a subject, scientist, or guard)

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Three... Two..

Adrion folded his arms and pushed his feet off the ground, leaping past the group of scientists in a hurry. His stride was much like a cat's, for he was trotting on all fours and bending his elbows so his shoulders would be aligned with his lower back. It was the third time he had slipped out of his pin, which was more like an empty white room with a swing and a dog bed, ironically. The cat-like figure froze as the bell on his collar jingled, swaying back and forth with each movement. He whipped his head around to face the group of scientists, who had all met his lavender eyes. The male hissed, rising to his feet and racing down the hall at a faster pace. He was so close to the door- to the freedom of-

A immense shocking erupted through his body, staring from the collar and down. Adrion collapsed, gasping as the room seemed to spin. Briskly, he forced himself onto his feet once again before leaning against the wall. The sound of footsteps was seeming louder than they should be.. Had they already reached him? The stubborn male glimpsed to his right, not surprised to find the group making their way towards him rather swiftly. As one mumbled something underneath their breath and reached for him with a rubber glove, Adrion growled and ducked, only to lower himself onto all fours and galloping down the never-ending hall once again.

As he reached the area the scientists were crowded around minutes before, he huffed and fiddled with the lock, rolling into the room and slamming the door. There had to be something interesting in here, right? He paused. His nose lifted, scrunching at a familiar smell. He was still in the stance of a cat- resting on his hind legs with his hands resting on the ground before him- but, before he snatched the bread he had set his eyes on, he realized there was someone else in the room. Adrion tilted his head to the right, smiling weakly. "So you're the new one everyone seems to be speaking of! Alright, so.. What can you do? Why are you in here with.. us?"
I faintly growl at the new arrival. Why should I explain myself to him? I paused for a moment. Thinking about my next course of action. I open my mouth and close it trying to signify that I can't speak. I quickly observe that he can speak, so they must knowI rely on my voice therefor restricting my speech. I spend a couple seconds contemplating how, when I realize he's still looking at me. I try to portray the fact that my voice isn't working, but I'm not sure if he understands. Heck I don't even know if it's a he. I get up a little and move around the room in a crouching position. I sit down again and realize I can at least half portray my powers.

I let my hair catch on fire realizing that they didn't drain me of the power I gained from the fire. I had some fun with it for a couple seconds and then let it die down, trying to portray something. I opened my mouth a couple more times and closed it hoping that he would understand.
At the sight of the flaming hair, Adrion recoiled and met the door with a small thump. His rounded pupils formed slits in the shape of diamonds, and he rubbed the back of his head with his hand. "Well, you currently seem.. different." The cat-like figure muttered beneath his breath, sending a glare the stranger's way. He returned the growl as he slowly leapt to his feet, circling the female as she moved. "I assume you can't speak, seeing as you didn't seem yell for the lab-coated dimwits." He paused. "Well, I suppose you do appear to be new, seeing as you aren't clawing at the door and begging to be freed. And why haven't you eaten?" The male gestured to the bread that was simply tossed to the side before looking back to her. "They barely feed us enough, let alone give us anything.. worth eating." With a click of his tongue, he swayed to the side and fell out of step, returning to walking on all fours.

He kept a safe distance from the stranger, for he didn't know if she was either hot-headed or considerate. Slowly, he pushed back his pink curls from his violet eyes, revealing his pale skin and freckless face. The cat-like figure seemed to be comfortable despite being in an oversized white sweatshirt- which he had swiped from a closet in a strange office- and gray jeans, which were folded near his ankles. He wasn't wearing any shoes, since he had kicked them off before running down the hall. "So. Did they catch you? The lab-coated dimwits? Or are the rumors true? Did you really waltz into this miserable place?"
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

I narrowed my eyes at the figure. First he bursts into this room with no warning and then he accuses me of coming here purposefully? I'm about to open my mouth and attempt some rude remark before I pause and realize I did walk in here of my own accord. Sure I may have been exhausted and not known what this place was but still I was the one who came here. My eyes widened at my own ignorance. I looked at the figure. He seemed interesting enough but it was rude to stare. His eyes seemed to be violet and his skin was very pale.

I looked around the room for some form of communication and looked at the bread. Remembering his remark about the food I glared at the bread already having sucked the warmth out of it. I didn't normally eat normal food. Warmth was enough for me and it fueled most of my abilities as well. Something he said struck me as odd. Why would I yell for the men in coats to come back? I was lonely enough and at least he wasn't throwing food at me. On top of that, the men in coats had been very inconsiderate. They locked in this godforsaken very BRIGHT room. He seemed oddly catlike which I zeroed in on. I assumed he was running from someone. Although seemingly barely winded he did come in in a rush. He also seemed to prefer to walk on all fours which I found odd. I assumed he was a subject if I was assuming the men in coats were scientists. Perhaps they had almost found him? Shortly before he came in the man in a coat throwing food at me left. I realized it was rude to stare and that I should probably be watching myself. I glared at the visitor wondering what he wanted from me.
The silence was ringing in his ears, and it took a moment for the information to click. "Wait!" Adrion snorted, tilting his head to the opposite side. "You honestly walked in here on your own? You're insane!" With a shake of his head, he rolled his shoulders back and yawned. "Must you stare at me with such frustration?" He joked, cracking a smile. "It's already unusual that you cannot speak, then you have to stare as if you have the urge to strangle me? I possibly can't be that annoying, hm?"

As he readjusted his position, his collar rung as the bell swayed once again. It drew his attention rather quickly, and the male peered at the golden object with wide eyes. "I'm assuming I have very limited time in this area, due to the tracker in this collar of mine. So!" His focus snapped forward to the female again. "Is there a way you can tell me your name? Oh! I forgot to give you mine! It's Adrion Nichoelos-Nisutki. A mouthful, isn't it? I go by Nikki, since my full name will be too much of a hassle to recall later on." He perked. "Assuming we will meet again."
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

The tips of my hair lit on fire with annoyance as he figured out I walked here on my own. It was half of an accident at least. I looked at him a little surprised as he concluded I wanted to kill him. I didn’t want to strangle him, he was nice enough. As he repositioned his collar it brought my attention to it. It looked like a cat collar and it even had a bell on it that rang clearly. He mentioned there was a tracker in it and my attention piqued. Who was he? It was interesting enough that he was in here when he obviously wasn’t supposed to be and he had a cat collar? I tried to remember his name Nikki. It was a nice name. Too bad I couldn’t portray my name back to him. He seemed happy at the thought of meeting again, but did his emphasis on the word assuming mean that I might be dead or something else? I shook my head trying to focus. Without warning my whole body convulsed and I blacked out.

I woke up in a room that was a little darker than the first which made me at least a little happier and there were other rooms on both sides of the one I was in. There was a whole row of rooms but not all of them were full. There was glass on either side of my room- cell. I decided I was calling it a cell from now on. The glass looked into the cells further down the row. I was wearing a sweatshirt and pants. It wasn’t jail clothing and it was pretty comfortable too. It appeared that only a few of the rooms on in the row were occupied and I tried to get a closer look, but as I moved fatique shook my body. Figures I thought to myself They probably drained me of fire this time. I almost passed out again but I found a bed that I could lay on instead. I walked over to it and got comfortable curling up in a ball.
The stir of movements had caught him off-guard, yet he knew it was coming. Adrion heard deep voices murmuring outside the door only a handful of seconds before the stranger had fell into unconsciousness. As the scientist entered the room with a net, a leash, and a unusual looking device, the cat-like figure had reared back, crashing into the wall. He was anything but graceful, despite his feline qualities. The group of men had snatched him by the hood of his sweatshirt, watching as he flailed in attempt to fall from their grasp. Failing to calm himself after being commanded to do so, he winced at a sharp pain that swirled through his ankle, waiting in slight misery and anger as it made its way through him. The male couldn't tell what the strange device had done to him exactly, but, before he could make a move, he was placed on the ground. He was paralyzed and tortured with a immense ache in his mind. The edges of his vision were fading to a black, and he could barely feel the men pick him up once again, only to carry him back to the original room he had struggled to break free from.

It was an hour, at least, until Adrion woke up, his hands flying to the sides of his head as the ache suddenly overthrew him. His gaze drifted around the room, and he matched eyes with the camera, which was blinking with a bright red light. "Thanks. This'll give me yet another reason to leave." A sigh escaped his lips as he rose to his feet. He resisted cursing at the camera, since the last time he had been punished after doing so. His swing had been taken away- most likely for another way of punishment. The scientists had thought the shock collar wasn't working for keeping him 'under control', but it was doing its job, despite him continuously slipping out of his cell. With a huff, he strolled over to the corner and sat, leaning against the glass window and hugging his knees. He had to come up with a new plan, and it had to be more than just picking the lock to the door.. It seemed the group of people had already figured out that's how he had been escaping, and it was too easy for them to just create new locks. Dimwitted people in lab coats..
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

I woke up after a while, and looked around. Panicking before remembering where I was. Well, actually I didn’t totally know where I was. I remembered before I couldn’t speak and brought my hands to my neck in a panicked motion. I felt a collar on my neck. It seemed a little metallic and it had a jewel shaped item over my jugular. I assumed it was bad news and sought out to destroy it. It seemed heat sensitive and maybe it didn’t but I had to be optimistic. I looked inside me to see how much power I had left after they drained me. It wasn’t much but I closed my eyes and tried to sense the warmth in the room. There was a little bit under the bed so I tried to extract it. It was only a few degrees of difference but it was that much more power to use. After I successfully extracted it, I put my hands on the collar. I started to heat my hands up more and more degree by degree at a time. Eventually I could feel the collar getting warm on my neck but it didn’t hurt. I kept trying to raise the degrees. Eventually it started to become bendable I tried to start molding it like putty. It was difficult and basically all my power was drained AGAIN, but the collar was successfully taken off. I felt victorious.

The next thing I tried to focus on was finding out what was obstructing my voice. I tried to make a sound “Hello?” I stood there in shock. It worked? My gaze fell on the collar and more specifically the gem. I glared at it. Still, I felt unreasonably happy. I had my voice back. I glanced around and saw someone leaning on the glass next to my cell. I cautiously looked over and was shocked to see it was Nikki. I knocked on the glass trying to catch his attention. “Hello?” I repeated showing off my voice worked only a little. “Nikki?”

The voice had startled him, and he drew a sharp breath as his back stiffened. Hissing, he turned the opposite direction, leaping on all fours and instantly backing away. Though, as his rounded, sable pupils turned to slits, he realized it was a familiar voice that had beckoned his name, and the face of the mute female- or, what he thought had been a mute- had confirmed it. His eyes returned to their normal state, and he rose to his two feet, a grin creasing his lips. "Ah!" He tilted his head jokingly. "So you do speak! I thought I was going to have to do all the talking. Though, I dare to say this, you are a little quiet, hm?" He clasped his hands together. "Oh! Do you know what you remind me of? A mouse- or.. I suppose you do, if we ignore the fact you can ignite yourself on fire." He flashed another joking smile.

"So, what's your name? I wish to properly address you, Mousey." Nikki chuckled at the nickname, holding his hands behind his back and folding his hands together. "And, may I ask, why're you in this awful place? As long as it doesn't stress your voice, I'd love to hear a good story. The lab-coats don't tell fairy tales to the older.. subjects." The word rolled off his lips in a hiss, and his eyes narrowed as he said it. He couldn't think of another way to describe the unusual people in this terrible excuse of a laboratory, though the term 'subjects' was quite offensive. "Perhaps in trade of a story, I'll answer a few of your questions, hm? I'm sure you have a handful or two, no? You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours." He smirked, his lip curling back far enough to show a hint of his small fangs. He didn't seem to notice, though, in a way, he could resemble some qualities of the Cheshire cat. His foot tapped, for he could hear the faint use of water perhaps not far from where they stood.
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

I smiled back at Nikki at his shock turned to kindness. I suppose it was sensible for him to assume I was unable to talk for at the moment back there, I couldn't. I decided to start talking relishing the fact that my voice worked once again. "Yes I speak, they had simply deprived me of the ability back in the room. I can rely too heavily on my voice at times and they appeared to know that although how, I would still like to know." I frown a little looking down. I shook my head and looked up at Nikki. "I suppose I can come off as a mouse-like figure. I don't like to act until I know all the facts." I tilted my head at the Nikki. "My proper name is Red, although I'm not opposed to most nicknames. Honestly I haven't had people call me by name in a while."

I try to peer into Nikki's cell as my mind flashes back on his use of the word subjects. I try to flash back on the questions I asked first attempting to find which one I should answer first. My mind falls on the one that involves why I'm in this place. I frown and shift my weight. "You seem to already know that I walked here on my own, although it was an accident. And you already know that I can control fire somewhat. I used to live in a normal human house. In a neighborhood with my adoptive parents. However, as I said I can only control fire somewaht and sometimes it happens randomly when my emotions get out of control and..." I pause try to gather my thoughts and focus. "I burned my house down." I paused again. "At this point my adoptive parents knew I was odd and they knew it had gotten out of control so they banished me from living with them. I had no friends or anyone else to live with so I ran into.. well nowhere. But I rely on warmth like anyone else except I suppose it need it to the more extreme and I couldn't find any for a long time so when I felt a bunch coming from this building, I ran in not asking any questions. Anyway that brings us to this point in time.'' I paused running over the jumbled words I had spat out and thinking them over as I shifted my weight again and looked down. "I believe you know the rest?"

My mind flickers back to questions. "Oh, yes!" I think over the most productive ones and ask them. "What is this place exactly? It seems like a jail but I didn't even have to break and enter to get in. Also, it gave me a collar and you had one too? I've never seen a jail like that." I don't mention that my mind can't penetrate the walls of the 'Cell' Next question. "What did you do to get in here?" And one more "How many people are in here?" The questions echoed in my mind as I tilted my head and smiled at him.
Yawning, the cat-like figure tilted his head with a grin. "How, you ask? The lab-coats are smarter than they appear, I'm afraid." He clicked his tongue in disapproval, leaning sideways to place his right hand on his right foot, but he was sure to keep his attention on 'Mousey'. Speaking of nicknames.. "So, Red, hm? Suits you better, doesn't it?" He snickered lightly, folding his back and landing in a split after rolling about a foot's length. "Though the name of yours is pretty, I prefer nicknames, since they are all the better." It wasn't unusual if Nikki didn't call someone by their actual name, for he adored calling people by nicknames of any sorts. "And, unfortunately, rumors spread quickly here, Little Red, so I would advise lowering your voice if I were you." He winked, but quickly gasped as he realized what he had called her. "Aha! Little Red!" The male clapped his hands together twice, smiling. Though, he paid plenty of attention to her story- which wasn't like a fairy tale at all- and quickly regained control of his expression. "Emotions.. out of control.." He drew a breath. "Oh! That isn't peculiar- no offense, of course. You see, most 'people' here had there 'gifts' occur to them when they couldn't handle their emotions.. or something like that. It's kinda what happened to me, mhm!" He nodded, placing his hands on the ground and pushing himself upwards. He flipped into a regular stance, pacing back and forth while tapping his chin.

"This place.. hm.. A laboratory, is the first word that comes to mind, but a total wreck-off of a prison would work, as well. As you can very clearly see, we are in separate cells, and there is many more along the line. They capture unique people, much like you and I, and throw 'em in here with little care. The collars are more of like a protection source, for, as you saw previously, I am talented in escaping my pin. But, ever since they put this damn collar around my neck, they've been able to send a electric shock along my nervous system, which would cause me to lose focus or possibly pass out. And what is the bell for, you ask? Well, if I were to be hiding in a room and the lab-coats couldn't find me, if I were to move, the bell would make a noise and alert the lab-coats. They treat us like animals, for the glories of the skies!" Nikki scoffed, shaking his head as he leaned back on his heels. Though, he couldn't be too offended, of course, for he was able to transform into an animal himself. "How may people are in here?" He repeated the question, inclining his head to the left. Holding up his hands, he lifted each finger as if he were counting. After a minute or so, he lightly shrugged and held out his arms to stretch them. "Who knows? It's a good question, sure is, but I'm not amused by mathy-skills and such."

"As for myself..." He let out a slow exhale. "I did nothing but make a small mistake. I happened to transform in a public park, when I thought no one was around. Apparently, these lab-coats had known previously about my situation, since my parents had alerted them. Ever since my birthday three years ago, the lab-coats had been following me and waiting for the right moment to pounce. So, a year after I learned how to control the shifting from feline to human, I had wished to practice while my parents were away, but the house was getting boring, so I headed to the park with little worry. And, despite having the sneaky qualities of a cat, I was anything but careful. At the time, I thought it was a gift. I thought I had been special, and possibly amazing. Who cared if anyone saw? Well, with little anxiousness, I carried on with leaping around the grasses like a fool until I was swept away in a net by some lab-coat. They brought me here, gave me one last visit to my parents, and that's that." He puckered his lips out of habit, waiting for a reaction. He wasn't quite sure if her reaction would be of sorrow or surprise or.. something. But, he hoped he hadn't made his life sound too miserable.
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

I could tell he was trying to tread carefully on the subject of him coming here, and my emotions were masked. I decided I should probably say something. "You can change into a cat? That's rather fascinating. Does it take any energy? Can you do it whenever? What-" I cut off deciding I was probably being rude. I attempted to look apologetic, something I wasn’t very talented at. “Sorry” I forced out a little laugh to lighten the mood. I leaned back a little. I rewound his words in my head. A laboratory? “How many times have you escaped? I suppose it must be terrible in here.” With the little I’ve seen it Iis terrible. Honestly, collars? And he had mentioned the little food they got earlier. If a simple bun was a treat what was going to happen to me? Especially if it didn’t warm up soon. “Have you ever seen anyone escape? Not like their pen as you obviously have, but like completely escape. Like be rid of this place forever?”

I let myself become hopeful for a second before I pushed it down inside me and banished the hope from ever surfacing again. Probably not. Still I wanted to know in case it was something that might happen. I tilted my head slightly and crossed my legs trying to become more comfortable. “Also, I was wondering if you know anyone else in here? Like talked to them?” I paused before remembering I couldn’t talk personally before. “Or, are there any other ones that can’t talk either? I suppose if they are a mute then that makes sense but I mean as if they have a collar or something in their throat constricting their speech?” I frowned wondering if I made sense as I normally don’t. “What I’m trying to say is does anyone else have restricted speech?” I looked around my cell. It had a simple bed with no pillow and the bed was very lumpy. That was literally it. I had nothing else in my room. I sighed focusing back on Nikki.

“Also, random question but is any of the food they give us here warm? Like at all? Even lukewarm?” I laughed a little feeling tense inside. “It’s a very odd question, I know.” I paused thinking about what would happen if it wasn’t. “Has anyone here….died?” I asked in a hushed tone my eyes widening in panic as I wrap the idea around my head.
Nikki let out a small chuckle. "No need to apologize, Little Red. Yes and yes. It takes energy, but I don't gain my energy from warmth as you do. Of course, I have the option of doing it whenever, but having the energy to do so is like having the energy of running a marathon. Did that make sense? Probably didn't. Oh, well!" He placed his arms over his head, folding them over one another. Clicking his tongue, his foot tapped and he gave a light shrug. "Three or four times, I believe. Though, seeing as I'm still here, I haven't truly escaped. Speaking of which, no, I, personally, have not seen anyone escape. There are cameras everywhere, and, much like these collars, people have their own 'protection' devices." He made a small gesture to the camera behind him with a jerk of his head, attempting to say it wasn't a good idea to speak of escaping in front of it. Perhaps he had been lying about seeing anyone escape, but he refused to mention anything about it in front of the watching electronic- especially when he could be clearly heard.

"As for speaking, I know of a few who do not speak, but I think they just can't. But, as for your question, I suppose the lab-coats do whatever. Meaning, if you curse or say something you are not permitted to, then yes, they take away your voice as a way of punishment. Which, should I mention, has happened to me." He shook his head in disgust. "But, for the subjects who use their voice to perform their gifts, it's also a yes, due to the fact the lab-coats don't wish to harm themselves do to a slip-up." The feline-figure lowered his arms once again, watching she turned to gaze upon her room. "No worries about your living space, Little Red. As soon as the lab-coats learn more about you, they'll add whatever is necessary, as long as it fits your gift, of course."

Her third question was strange, Nikki thought, but what wasn't in this place? He lowered his voice before speaking. "Mhm. If you keep up the good act, they'll give you your food on time, which means it'll be warm- or, somewhat warm. But, if you screw-up, I'm afraid, they'll bring you your food a little later than usual, then it'll be cold. Catching on?" He gave a slight nod, but his voice only got quieter as he continued to talk. "Only from old age, I believe. Or, that's what the lab-coats say. Never ask about that to anyone but me, got it? They'll give you a hard slap on the wrist." He scoffed. What a shame, having to lie..
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

Something seemed odd about his hushed tone, but I brushed past it in a flurry. “Yes, that makes sense, it’s so fascinating! My power takes energy also, but it also needs heat as you know. It requires energy but it really depends on how much I want to use really.” I didn’t know why but that made me oddly satisfied. It was one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever had. I attempted to move past it. I smiled, one of my canines peeking out. I tilted my head in curiosity. “Would you eat meat as a cat?” I was curious whether or not raw meat was appealing as an animal. It was an odd question but my mind goes to odd places sometimes.

I started pacing back and forth from the window, putting one foot immediately in front of the other like a tightrope walker. “People make it to old age here? I would think that people here would die sooner than that. Don’t people want to escape? I would imagine they would try hard enough to escape that they would either be considered useless or become more trapped. And if someone wanted to enough couldn’t they just….” I stopped my mind going in terribly dark places, but I couldn’t just cut off. “…Find a way to…end themselves?” My pacing paused, one foot suspended in mid-air, one planted firmly on the ground.

I walked back over to the window, shifting my weight onto my right foot my arms planted on the window ledge. “I have a question, that’s been burning my way through my brain, or…” I paused laughing a little “Since burning doesn’t rather affect me let’s say freezing my way through my brain.” I shifted my weight to my left foot wondering if I wanted to know the answer. “What do they do do us here? Do they do any tests? What tests would they do? Do they just lock us in here to rot? Do they even bother themselves with focusing on us at all?” I swallowed. My hair was in my face again. Annoyed, I moved the bothersome red hair to the back and ripped off a piece from the sleeve of my sweatshirt. Using it as a hair-tie I tied up my hair, hopefully so it wouldn’t bother me again. “Do they just put us in bright white rooms and study us?” I focused on the part that annoyed me most in that sentence. “I hope not as I don’t rather like very bright areas.” I looked at my semi-dark room again and a smile broke out across my face.

“So, is there a schedule around here? For example, lunch is at blank or lights out is at blank? I like to think with the logical part of my brain and I like to put things in order. I need to know when things are happening…or I seem to panic. It’s rather embarrassing actually.” I look down at my shoes embarrassed but I’d rather know the schedule than panic unnecessarily.
"Meat? Yes- well, it's tempting- human or not. Though I stand here as a person, I still have some animal urges, but, fortunately, I have a little control over that." He couldn't tell if her question was stereotyping him- or, perhaps all cats- or not, but he didn't seem to mind either way. Though, at the sight of the canine-like teeth, he flinched, mumbling in a hiss. "Your only ability is to control fire, is it not? Don't tell me you're a shapeshifter as well, and, if so, please do not say you can transform into a dog." It was a joke, but he was actually questioning her, too.

Seeing her pacing, he lowered into a sitting position, only turning his head to watch her anxiously walk to-and-from in a repeated line. "Some people are found in their elderly stage, or perhaps over their fifties, and brought here, mhm. Surprisingly, the lab-coats try to keep us alive, despite treating us like we're nothing but filthy, disgusting animals. Most people don't try to escape. They've given up. No one makes it out." He made another gesture to the camera in the upper corner, jerking his head slightly in its direction. Though, at her last question, he stiffened, curling back his lip to growl at the slightest, but he quickly stopped and ducked his head. "One time." The cat-like figure mumbled with a shake of his head. "Lab-coats are cautious, now. They're trying to keep us alive."

With a small twitch, Nikki went back to his usual self, a smile creasing at his lips at her misuse of words. Freezing. He wasn't sure why, but it made him snicker somewhat. "Well, for one, we- the 'lowly subjects'-" He held up his hands, putting air quotations as he spoke those two words. Finishing, he put his hands in his lap. "-definitely don't have access to clocks or watches or anything.. electronic. But, the one time I've seen a device in- what? Two years?- was when they were checking my health status with that fairly large machine, and the lab-coats and the doctor seemed to be holding tablets, or just rather large phones. Technically, they do study us while being in this rooms, mhm, but they also let us out in a smallish-biggish yard after awhile. Most of the time, they just throw food- well, bread or a small amount of chicken- into our 'pens', but it's only to prevent fights." He shuddered at a not to distant memory. "You try taking someone's lunch one time, and they change the whole schedule!" Nikki sent a glimpse towards her. "If you mention the bright-room disliking, they'll probably dim your lighting. Oh! Speaking of dim, there is a 'lights out' kind-of thing, but, as long as you aren't being bothersome to the others and themselves, the lab-coats will give you another hour to remain awake. Well, depends on how you've acted that day, y'know?"

"Schedule? Yes. Do I know the timing? Unfortunately, I don't. Would that alarm you in any way, Little Red?" Nikki seemed to genuinely care, and he did. If anything, he didn't want to send her into panic mode. Especially here. "If you wanted to know the timing and schedule, I could always ask for you, if you wished. Technically, we aren't supposed to bother the lab-coats, but I have my ways." He smirked, rolling onto his back for a moment before sitting up again. "All I have to do is start obnoxiously knocking on the door and making noise. And, yes, I'd rather do it than allowing you to. You want to keep a good reputation with the lab-coats, and I already ruined mine, but you can keep yours, hm? But, besides, I don't mind helping out a fellow friend."
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

I tilted my head at the shapeshifter reference. ''No, I'm not a shape-shifter" I replied. I paused, considering. ''I've been told I'm rather charismatic. I don't often ask for things, so I wouldn't really know." I think about the idea of me turning into a dog. "No, I wouldn't like turning into a dog. I'm more of a cat person." I laugh smiling. It was true though. I wasn't really fond of dogs, especially large ones. "However, I'm more glad that I don't turn into a dog because you can turn into a cat. That would be very inconvenient." I winced.

I finally got the references to the camera. I smiled at him nodding towards the camera, while trying to move past the topic quick enough. Nikki's reaction was odd in response to my last question. He seemed tense for a moment before he looked away. I resolved not to bring it up again, for fear of making him angry. I laughed at him use of the words "Lowly-subjects." and I suppose I wasn't surprised that we don't get electronic items. Although, I supposed that didn't bother me much as I never had much of a liking for those things anyway. Still it was annoying that we didn't even get the time. "They check our health status? How often is that?" I ask. I was curious, how often they would make sure that we were alive. I resolved to mention the lighting thing to the next scientist I saw. But, being let outside didn't sound that bad. I laughed at his oxymoron of biggish-smallish. I understood the jest of this place. If you're good you get to stay up and warm food. If you aren't you go to bed early and cold food.

I turned over the words in my head. There was a schedule and he didn't know it. I contemplated asking him to ask them and I decided I'd better. "Will you please ask them for me? I do happen to panic with surprises. I don't really like surprises." I shudder at some distant memory of a surprise birthday party. It was nice he cared. I suppose not many people would in here. It also made sense for him to ask as opposed to me as I was new and probably didn't have much on my 'record' at this point. I smile at Nikki. "I would really appreciate it."
Nikki beamed a smile at her words. Hearing she enjoyed cats more seemed to enlighten his mood. "Inconvenient, indeed." He nodded. "And, mhm, they check our health. Most likely about once a week or so. Like everything around here, it really just depends on the individual. But, I'm guessing since you're newer here, they might check on you twice a week for about a month or so. Now worries, Little Red! There aren't needles that often as you would thin there are. The lab-coats might draw a pinch of blood at first, but it's never more or less than that. Besides, they only do it once every month, preferably at the beginning. But, besides that, it's all just harmless weight and height checking. Unless you get sick, which doesn't happen often here because they tend to keep the sick ones in their pens." With a yawn, the cat-like figure stood once again. He wasn't quite the type to stay still for long, hence why the lab-coats had given him a swing. It was just a way to waste his energy, but, seeing as they took it as punishment, he had to aimlessly move around to keep himself occupied.

Pushing back his hair, he did a quick back walkover, rising to a normal position after performing the gymnastics move with risen arms. Smiling, he continued speaking. "And, yes, I'll ask. But, you, my dear friend, say nothing. Oh! No surprises come with this place, mhm! No worries, Little Red, I'm not very fond of surprises, either." He giggled, doing a small cartwheel towards the door.

He closed his eyes as he settled in a sitting position, falling still despite being energetic. There was a slight shift in the air, and it quickly got colder. He wasn't sure if it affected only his pen, but he was hoping it would. If anything, he didn't wish to make the red-head cold. It went against her energy source, didn't it? A small, weak meow was the only sign Nikki was still there through the pinkish, hazy, puffs of smoke that engulfed him. The bushy furred feline stretched, flicking its tail back and forth as he leaned against the door. Ears lowered and snout facing upwards, the silver British Shorthair opened its mouth, revealing its pointed teeth as it yowled as loud as it possibly could, batting its paws against the door. The screaming of the animal sounded like sirens, and, eventually, it drew the attention of a nearby scientist. "Quit it!" The lab-coat hissed, swinging open to door and gently moving the cat with the tip of his foot. Adrion rolled over on his back, shutting his mouth as he quickly shifted into a human once again. The rosy fog faded as the lab-coat swayed his hand, looking down on the shapeshifter with irritation. "Now what was it you needed, this time?"

Adrion groaned, laying on his back. "The lights are too bright! Haven't you and your fancy crew fixed that, yet? You should know my eyes are very, very sensitive to brightness!" He leaped to his feet, crossing his arms and turning his back to the frustrated scientist. "I demand you turn the lights down low, or I will continue making noise and interrupting your studies! And, promise me, dear friend, that is a threat."

The scientist rolled his green eyes and growled. "Fine, but, dare you call me your 'friend' again, and you'll be the one being threatened." The lab-coat stormed out of the compartment, slamming the door. Adrion heard it click, and the lights in his pen slowly dimmed. Scoffing, he transformed into a cat once again and began snarling and hissing, pawing the door before continuing with spinning in circles. He was quite dramatic, and he loved it. Though, he was startled when the same scientist burst through the room, nearly yelling, "Yes?!"

So he could properly speak, Adrion was quick to become a human again and rise to his two feet. "Did you not hear me when I said to lower the lighting? I meant all around me, not just in here! Ugh! I can't believe this! How did you get a job here, again? Just kidding! I don't feel like hearing your personal life story. Besides, I only want the lights dimmed. In her room-" He made a gesture to Little Red's pen, then to the pen on the opposite side. "-and theirs. That's it. Well, what are you waiting for? Chop, chop!"

Angered with the demanding feline, the lab-coat snarled and pulled something form his coat pocket. Eyes widening, Nikki realized it was muzzle, and he launched himself across the room in two jumps. He despised muzzles- no- he absolutely hated them. To avoid the grasp of the scientist, he altered into his cat form once again, wincing as the lab-coat grasped his tail. Laughing and muttering words- most likely curses- under his breath, the lab-coat wrapped the muzzle around Nikki's small head, rolling his eyes and walking out of the pen once more. Soon enough, the lights were lowered- in Little Red's room and his. Though it had cost him the discomfort of the metal muzzle, he was proud he actually pulled the task off. Holding up his paws, he tilted his head at the red-headed woman in the other pen, ears perked and tail swaying.
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

I watched the feline as he demanded the lights dimmed. It was quite a performance and it different extremely from what I had seen previously from Nikki. I tilted my head and ducked my head under the window so the observing scientist couldn’t see I was watching the whole thing. I watched the feline like creature turn back and forth from cat to human multiply times. The pink smoke was rather odd and it looked rather interesting. I had never seen smoke that wasn’t black. However, I did feel a slight shift in the air and though it wasn’t entirely that large or substantial, it was slightly unpleasant. It wasn’t enough to cause a lot of discomfort however so I ignored it.

I laughed at his snide little comments and how easily he annoyed the scientist. I stifled it with my hand and ducked beneath the window. I chuckled quietly under the window leaning against the wall. It had surprised me at first when he started yowling but it was slightly humorous. It sounded like a police car chasing someone who was breaking the law. My humor quickly turned to alarm when the scientist started chasing Nikki. Nikki certainly seemed alarmed as well as he bounded away immediately. However, the lights were dimmed and I felt a little better and Nikki didn’t seemed upset so I let it go.

He put his front paws up in an adorable cat-like maneuver and I smiled again. I leaned on the window and flashed an apologetic expression. “Sorry about the muzzle. I didn’t forsee that happening.” I hoped I looked thoroughly apologetic. I crossed my legs behind me. “You know, British Shorthair’s are my favorite species of cats. I find them thoroughly adorable.” I turned my expression to another smile and said “That looks quite uncomfortable. Sorry again.” I grimaced. I glanced up at the lights and commented. “It feels much better now that they are dimmed. I appreciate it.” I gave a wide smile. I uncrossed my legs and crossed then again uncomfortable but unsure what about.

I flashed back to the conversation about the needles, and I was glad about there not being a lot of needles although I didn’t have a large fear of them. I suppose they just felt uncomfortable. “And thanks for telling me about the needles and health check in. It’s nice that I have a friend in here to help me out.” I lingered on the word friend as I realized it was the first one I had, had in a long time. It made me feel nice and I smiled even wider. Looking at the cat with the swaying tail in front of me made me feel better about the condition I was in.

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