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Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

" To a new city." He started to walk backwards, flipping his left hand around to reveal a scar on the back. " But you can't track us without our microchips so which city is the question." He shrugged just before turning around. Now he ran hoping to find Niju first. His only advantage was still holding a connection to Kuma. This allowed him to track her without technology.
"Hey! Wait up!" he said, following after him as Ceberus followed behind. "You can hitch a ride with Cerberus if you want!" he said Cerberus stood by in Passenger mode, crouch down with his cockpit door open
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

He looked over at them with suspicion. " What's the catch? I know you want her dead" Despite the distrust he started to walk over to Cerberus. The opportunity of a lifetime sat before him and the chance to reach Niju sooner. Why not take it?
((Everyone loves to ride the robot :)))

Clyde shook his head. "I don't want to kill her, I just need to incapacitate her so I can restrain her and get her some help," he said as Cerberus crouched lower to help Hedgehog in
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

" You're not going to catch her with weapons" He said as he climbed in. " She is still human in that psychotic head of hers....I hope"

He looked over the interior of Cerberus with the utmost curiosity and fascination. " The name's Hedgehog."

(( Always the case. Pacific Rim anyone? ))
"I'm armed with Tranquilizer round for my guns. It may leave small cuts and bruises, but it won't kill her" he said. "But the monsters, they get full-metal jacket .50 Cal Explosive rounds," he said. "Oh, and I'll call you Hedge," he told him. As he entered Cerebrus, the hatch door closed, opening a holographic display that showed the outside. "Welcome aboard the X-34J72Z Cerebrus Mech, Passenger," Cerebrus said, in a robotic voice with a light male British accent. It got up, standing tall
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

" She's not going to know you have tranquilizers" The moment the display appeared, he perked up. " I've been fixin up old electrics for too long..." He leaned back in his seat with a grin. " Hello Cerberus."

A few thoughts ran through Hedgehog's mind before he looked over at the soldier. " What's your name?"
"Would you like for me to activate Air Conditioning or Seat Warmer?" Cerberus asked after Clyde said. "My name is Lieutenant Colonel Clyde S. Whistler. Just call me Clyde" he said through a comm inside Cerebrus
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

" No, I'm fine." He said as he looked at the landscape through the display. " Well, Clyde finding which city she at is the easy part. It's finding her in the city that gets tricky"

Kuma broke through the earth just outside of Stratford. Raising her hands, she gently set Niju down on the ground. " We have already recovered but you can't fight like you are now. Lay low until your body has recovered"
Niju glared at Kuma as she held her arm. " You expect me to do nothing!? These cities spread like a disease! I can't jus-AGH!!" As she gripped her arm tighter, Kuma became a shadow and attached to her. " My point is made. We will do our best to protect you"

For a time Niju glared at where she had just run from. When she was ready, she turned and limped into the city.
"Warning, vibrations detected" It said as it pinpointed where Kuma came out through the ground. "1 mile outside of Stratford" it said. Clyde sighed. "Little did your sister know, Cerberus fired a tracker that drilled into one of the monsters. It won't be able to get it out," he said as he looked at Cerberus. "Ping our target" Cerberus's display showed a marker near the vibration, indicating they were there. "I guess we found her"
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

" What!?" He nearly jumped out of his seat as he stared at the screen. " She'll lose it if she finds out about that"

Slowly but surely she wandered towards the city occasionally trying to pull stone from her wounds. If she was successful then she would place her left hand over it to cauterize it.

The silence she held, a deception to the argument within her head. " Shut up...we're almost to the city....and this time we'll be ready....with all our fun games." The grin of insanity showed once more as she thought about how to finish him off.
"Let's go" he said as Cerberus started moving, and Clyde hitched a ride on it's back. He looked around, hoping to get tehir before the chaos.
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

For the current moment, Niju was unaware that she was being tailed as she set foot into the city.

Leaving no survivors proved to be of some benefit to her. A lack of publicity meant the common populace was unaware of her appearance, though everyone knew that cities were being destroyed.
More people clustered in the center of the cities as a result, believing it to be safer. Wiser souls however, knew the edge promised a faster escape.

Arrakis made note of this. " Take refuge in one of the abandoned houses for now. You've been walking for far too long" She guided Niju's focus to a nearby residence. It had been abandoned long enough that plants were threatening to choke it.
" Perfect! With the fear of nature people have no one will bother looking"
The mech was moving at about 40 miles an hour, before it made it to the city. Looking around, Clyde jumped off the back of Cerberus. "Hopefully people are safe" he said as he looked around the city. He then saw a Wooden Shack, slowly moving towards it
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

" Let me out." Hedgehog said as he half stood.

Niju was resting on a tattered sofa when Kuma spoke. " Get up! We have unwanted company"

Her left eye lit with a fire as she slowly sat up. " They'll regret it...hehe" She got up and slunk to a shadowed area. She cringed in pain as her wounds touched the rough wall.
Her shadow abandoned her once more as they prepared for whoever was near.
"Unlocking Hatch Door" Cerberus said as the door for him to exit was opened. Clyde smiled, slowly pulling things out of his backpack that looked like little spheres. As he set them down, they formed into what appeared to be strange 4-legged robots. The robots scampered their way inside, looking around as strange lasers shot out of them. If something that wasn't a wall tripped these lasers, her position would be known.
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

Hedgehog climbed out now and looked towards the city with regret. " Things are about erupt, literally...."

The sound of the little bots made Niju peek around the corner. " irk...Him again!? Kuma what is taking you so long?" She was afraid to move with the lasers. " Now how am I going to avoid those? I can't climb hurting like this....idiots"
" By refracting them" Arrakis said as she carefully crafted ice shards around Niju. " I can only give you a little time. Make the most of it"
Step by step, she started to creep towards the back door.

" Don't be stupid! I'll make him move" Thunder seemed to shake the ground and screams started to rise from the middle of the city.
The little bots made a layout of the room. But little did they know that by reflecting the lasers with the shard, the bots noticed their was an obstruction in the way of the wall. The robots started making alarm noises, rolling away in little balls as Clyde peeked into the room, before throwing some type of Gas into the room using strange cylinder-shaped grenades. When the rumble was heard, Cerberus automatically headed to the CenterPoint of the rumbling, while keeping in touch with Clyde through the comms
Nijusei (played by LunarValravn)

The ruckus by the shack drew Hedgehog's attention now. He ran over but kept some distance due to the gas. Would such a trick work against someone blessed by a volcano?
He balled his hands into fists before deciding to circle around.

The alarms and gas set her mind wrong once again as she bolted towards the back door now, covering her mouth and nose. " I've had enough of him!"

A terrible sound came from the city now as the buildings in the center sank, crashing into another. Cracks spidered out across the ground sending lava into the air.
"Warning, please evacuate out of the city in an orderly fashion" Cerebrus would say out loud as it observed the chaos. It was immune to all the elements, but it couldn't save everyone. Clyde made his way to the back door and aimed at it, as the gas got stronger, waiting for Niju to come out

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