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The homecoming king who never noticed me😭.

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Wayne Harrison (played anonymously)

My dear wife Nicole.
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I love my boyfriend, Slick.
He's been such an important person in my life.
This year we bought a cabin together, and now we're working on our first child together.
I love his daughter from his last relationship very much as well, and I wish we had her more.
People may think he's a bit of a dick, but I wouldn't have my grumbly-love any other way.
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

“I’m feeling like I may be falling in love with the new live tour guitarist of my band! He helped my out when I crashed and burned and was at the lowest of lows heading down into the pit of my self-destruction. I think he loves someone else though.”
My mom.
Heather Greene (played by Deumeawyn)

Melissa Ann Winona Kennedy wrote:
My mom.
“Awww....” :)

“U have a hard time with opening up so when a boy does show interest in me, I’m afraid I reinforce walls. That said, a boy said ‘hi’ to me today in the locker bay at school. I actually said ‘hi’ back and blushed as I managed eye contact with him. My usual reaction is to throw my hair back as I turn my head away.

Not sure if I’m “in love” with him but I am a bit infatuated as I seem to be thinking a lot about him the last few hours.”
"Any man who's a pirate"
Aimi Satou (played anonymously)

I have this thing for a guy from school. He's super sweet and protective of me, but... I'm not sure if he likes me back.
Haruka Saigo (played anonymously)

"I was just created today, so I don't really have a love interest..." Haruka shrugs. "I guess I'm in love with *Kendo."

*Kendo - Japanese swordfighting with bamboo swords.
Gilang (played by nindyaru)

“A girl that sits next to me in class.”
Vanessa Desavala (played anonymously)

I'm in love with Alan, the unpopular, nerdy kid no one else likes, but who's sooooo sweet.

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