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The homecoming king who never noticed me😭.
My dear wife Nicole.
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I love my boyfriend, Slick.
He's been such an important person in my life.
This year we bought a cabin together, and now we're working on our first child together.
I love his daughter from his last relationship very much as well, and I wish we had her more.
People may think he's a bit of a dick, but I wouldn't have my grumbly-love any other way.
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

“I’m feeling like I may be falling in love with the new live tour guitarist of my band! He helped my out when I crashed and burned and was at the lowest of lows heading down into the pit of my self-destruction. I think he loves someone else though.”
My mom.
Melissa Ann Winona Kennedy wrote:
My mom.
“Awww....” :)

“U have a hard time with opening up so when a boy does show interest in me, I’m afraid I reinforce walls. That said, a boy said ‘hi’ to me today in the locker bay at school. I actually said ‘hi’ back and blushed as I managed eye contact with him. My usual reaction is to throw my hair back as I turn my head away.

Not sure if I’m “in love” with him but I am a bit infatuated as I seem to be thinking a lot about him the last few hours.”

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