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Aylssa Nicole Kennedy my cheerleader met a character in high school. They went to college together. They married and had a child. A daughter Melissa Ann Kennedy. They soon became grandparents in their later years. They both lived to their 90s and died a few hours apart in the same nursing home.
I've done some thinking. There's a three-way tie. Strap in, I like to ramble.

My first roleplay: I joined a group where I'm almost certain nobody knew what they were doing, and instead of a crap ton of fighting, like "MY character is stronger than yours!" and other things edgy preteens do, we just had a good ol' chaotic time exploring this world we were almost completely making up as we went along. My OCs in that story were named "Misty" and "Stalker." Can't remember Misty's personality that well- I think she just did whatever I wanted her to - and she has since been retired. I can't think of any characters I play now that were even remotely inspired by her. But now that I think of it, Stalker acted a lot like Drake. He was a mercenary-type dragon slayer who had kind of a perverse streak except he managed to be even creepier until he spontaneously (Like...I think literally almost spontaneously. Can't tell you what motivated him.) switched to being go- wait. I think I vaguely remember him developing a crush on another player's character, heck, was Drake's motivation to change sides in his first RP. Oh my God, I think Stalker just turned into Drake.

ANYWAYS, my second roleplay was one I did with two friends over a year ago. I had gotten a lot better at RP at that point, and I was running three "core" characters and threw in a couple more shortly before the game kinda just petered out. This one was also great because of all the hilarious chaos. I have a list:
  • Lisa and my friend's main guy, a uh...minor Hetalia character who might as well have been an OC with all the headcanons she made up for him, had great platonic chemistry.
  • Drake was nominally a bad guy for the first half of the story because this same Hetalia character just straight-up did not like him, and my friend had a second character who for awhile was just...afraid of EVERYONE. Then we had a third player join (friend #2) and he may have flirted with her and didn't appreciate that? Can't remember, but for some reason she hated him too.
  • Speaking of friend #1's second character; his initial conversation with my character Lisa went something like this:
      *Lisa knocks on a door*

      Guy: "No one's in here!"

      Lisa: "Well, if no one's in here I guess it's okay for me to come in."

      *Guy screams and dives under desk*

    Never had Lisa's typical role reversed on her like that before or since.
  • Lisa got to be REALLY sarcastic in this game, which is rare anymore because she gets too stressed out to make jokes. For example, "Wow. I really appreciate that my talents as a door holder are finally being recognized."
  • It was mostly funny and only lightly dramatic for the first half and THEN we decided to turn it into a horror story. That was a great emotional whiplash.
  • Mrs. Puffin. Just Mrs. Puffin. (played by friend #2) I'm amazed she never got killed by the Hetalia guy. Like I think it was threatened, but it never happened. If the game had gone on longer, it might have actually happened. I could see her being sacrificed to the monster we threw in halfway through and Hetalia Guy going, "Whoops! Clumsy hands." (He tried to do something similar to Drake when he suspected a room was trapped. And it kinda was.)
  • This one of the last roleplays I did with these specific friends, and now I'm feeling kind of sad. GREAT.

Moving on, my most recent group has been a blast so far. My friend had this great idea awhile ago and we tried it in another place, but it didn't pan out. After we both joined here, she eventually decided to give the concept another shot. This all started early last summer. Although we hit a few bumps in the road and struggled with some seriously bad player turnaround early on, we got it together quickly and now we're on a wonderfully wild ride; lots of twists and turns and great character chemistry, suspense, exciting fights, clever players...No, don't even get me started on all the players. Love them to bits. Several of them have friended me here, and they might be reading this now, dangit. My secret's out.

Fine. I love all of you. Except The. If your fairy calls my mercenary cute one more time, we're throwing hands next weekend.
The is my younger sister and I can tease her if I want. She's actually pretty alright; you even might like her. Go send her a friend request for me.
Hmm.... I've been in so many over the years. I'll limit this to 'The best roleplay I've ever had on RP Repository'

Even that is hard as there are and continue to be, so many and I'll just say that one where my character Steve got together with Katherine and they had a daughter named Stephanie and we're now RP'ng in a future date with the daughter with the parents taking a secondary role. So far there are four RPs written over a year and a half tied together with this saga.

I think the Lord of the Rings one I had going with Durian and 'Phaether' was a good one.
Scarlett sara dylan has had a fabulous musical career. Endless shows and tours. She's my 2nd most popular character she is recently engaged.
I would say Reverence Edoan. she was the child of my main original character i had played for ten years. A friend got me involved in a big group campaign to protect kingdoms and defeat the evil lich. Reverences ended up swapping sides and became the herald to the Lich. It was my first time playing a villain and from then on i have mostly played villains.

Funny enough the guy who played the Lich is my now husband <3
I have this long term RP partner that actually got me into it. We had these two characters that eventually became a couple, but it was just so meant to be. So much so that everyone in the group had been shipping it for over a month. pretty sure one cried when they finally made it official xD

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