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Throwing yet another alphabet game up. This one is for Bands and Musical Artists.
Rules are simple. I'll start it off with a Band or Musical Artist name that starts with 'A', and the next person will name one that starts with 'B', and so on. It can be either a first name or a last name, and the word 'The' prefixing a name doesn't count as the start of a band name (Example... 'The Clash' would be considered 'C', not 'T', but in all fairness one could use it as a 'T' name if they wanted to).

Anyway, without further ado, let's start! Have fun!

A - Anthem
Black Sabbath

Credence Clearwater Revival
D- Dirty Honey

E - Evanescence
F - Faun

G - Garbage
H - Heart
Somnom wrote:
H - Heart
(Love Heart! Saw them a few times in Seattle bars in the mid 70’s. I was underage but managed to get in anyway. Had a high-school boy-crush on Ann Wilson. Saw them last in 2006. They do a cover of Battle if Evermore that is better than Led Zeppelin!)

I - Idoreth
J - Juno Reactor
Led Zeppelin
O - Overlord
Q - Queensryche
Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones

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