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Thanks for coming by my post, it's really appreciated!

Um, first things first, I'm not new to the site or RP, just a new account. Took a small hiatus, got a new computer and came back after being gone. As of right now, I have no RP partners and on the search for a couple!

As of right now, I only have one character on my profile and he is a new one, so he is still a WIP but I will have my other characters on here shortly!

If anyone would like to talk or RP, feel free to message!

Welcome to the new improved updated 2.0 RPRepository.
Welcome all new players to the new and improved 2.0 RPRepository!!!!!1
Hey Heroic - we've already spoken but, welcome back! :D
I hope you find many awesome RPs and enjoy your time here again.
Welcome back to the site!

Cheers to making new friends, maybe reconnecting with old? Most importantly, I hope you have lots of fun and fantastic RPs!
Welcome back to RPR! I hope you find plenty of pals to write with. x
Hey there! Welcome back! I hope you have a lot of fun here on the site!
Welcome back!
Welcome back~

Welcome to back to RPR!
Ah i forgot to mention in the PM welcome back ^^ thanks for.rping with me

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