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CopperField High is a normal school to the outside view. It’s for advanced children placed in a High School on the outskirts of California. Also, there are tons of clubs to join! There are common classes like different leveled math, reading, science, social studies, and art classes. But on the inside… the classes are more like disguise, espionage, and weaponry. This is really a school for training assassins~

I’ve had this idea for a while and I thought it would be cool to see if anyone else thought it was cool! So, if you want to join all you have to do is PM me with a character and ask to join! There is magic allowed! Please keep it to a minimum of one power please! Thanks~

Edit: Also, we need a couple more students not so much teachers. Smut is sort of allowed but I don't want graphics floating around the forum. Cursing is allowed but please use *. Thank you~~
Slowly I walked up to the big looming building. I took in a deep breath and tried to relax. it was fine. I would be fine. I had heard the rumors of course but it was the only school that I could afford. This had to be a good school. And the rumors couldn’t be true. right? I hummed to myself as I walked up to the building trying to keep myself focused on something.
Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

((Could Neemus join? He’s more of an experienced assassin, so he’d be a perfect teacher.))
((Ooh pick me pick me ^^ I can use Asura or Silah. Silah is a huntress so shifting to assassin is great, Sora is a ninja or Asura who has the power of Darkness and can basically vanish and use for both defense and attack))
You can both join! You can reply to the forum I believe I will be using this one so whenever you want to reply is great!
can you perhaps link it here? thanks
i mean like can we create a group for it? it is easier to keep track of
Sure one moment let my try and set that up.
excellent thanks ^^))
I'm not sure how to invite people? Tips?
Wait here! It's a little bland sorry~ I'll try to make it better in the future.
Olive Koitl (played anonymously)

hello, could i join with this character? i have not roleplayed with her yet and i would like to further develop her character.

she is a ghoul, which means she is only able to eat human meat and drink coffee. but i was thinking of making her a lab made ghoul, inattempts at making her without that hunger.
That sounds perfect. Could you be a student? We are in need of characters for students. The link is right above your post in an OOC post made by me. Just join the group and start RPing~

((Btw I love her pic :D))
Olive Koitl (played anonymously)

yea, i wanna be a student-- um it wont let me, and it says it is an invite only group
Oop sorry.. let me invite you and see if it works? I'm really new to groups this is my first one. And sorry for getting back to you so late~
Olive Koitl (played anonymously)

's alright, Miss, take your time

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