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Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

( Anyone who wants to join can do so without submitting a character. as long as your introduction fits with whats going on and as long as you read the rules found Here )

The time where most kids find freedom since its 3 whole months off for school allowing them to do anything as long as their parents let them. Like go to parties, sleep in all day, stay up all night or simply just drink cola eating yummy snacks while escaping the heat the summer brings.
Unfortunately such things as 'summer camps' exist. sadly some uncool kids parents exist and they sign that god forbidden permission slip that is always passed out to each student in elementary all the way to high school. Those kids spend 3 full months in a summer camp expecting to 'have fun' and maybe even make a friend or two. Or for the kids who are actually into that thing go with friends and have a nice summer.
Or you're a counselor. An 18+ kid ( Or adult! ) who needs extra money. At least there giving you strawberry flavored employee t-shirts with a happy tree on it! This summer camp is not only for humans tho... Fantasy characters and humans with special powers attend the summer camp to chill out and be themselves. While also following the camp's rules.
Why not try it? anything can happen.

Welcome to Camp Happy Tree.

Edd was a shorty. He was actually the shortest boy in his class, possibly the whole school even. Yet no matter how much yummy snacks or cola he consumes he never grows. Instead, he remains the same somehow normal weight human. His mother dropped him off too early at the summer camp, a bit too happy to see her son leave and it sorta hit Edd a bad way. At least he was getting paid tho so he could care less at this point. All he was currently doing was drinking cola while trying to catch tadpoles so he could poke them with a stick. Ah... Entertainment... The counselors were suppose to come a day early to set everything up before the grand opening and tightened his favorite green hoodie around his really light beige shorts as he was wearing the t-shirt and tall boots with socks that almost reached hid knee's. he had a jar attached to a rope that was attached to a stick as he was sucking a lolipop dunking it into the pond and back out trying to catch the tadpoles. He decided to just wait for at least some people before he started fixing the camp up. He wouldn't be surprised if parents dropped their child off a day early or if other people came early as well. But until then, he was just 'fishing' at the small pear near the pond.
An imperial-red sports car pulled into the camp's parking lot. Once parked, the driver's side scissor-door opened, and the driver stood up and let her long-snouted, fluffy, fiery-furred face take in the warm light of the sun. She breathed in, absorbing the fresh scent of the forest. It was a lot better than the stuffiness of the building's she'd been stuck dealing with for the past couple weeks, and being explicitly away from dealing with her family's company was a more than welcome break.

Neyesha Sunspark, though everyone called her Sox, was.... distinctive. She was of fairly average height, but her graceful vulpine face, luxurious fur, digitigrade legs, golden eyes, and three voluminously fluffy tails set her apart from most of the population. Even without those, though, she'd be somewhat attention grabbing. She was visibly fit, athletic, and toned, as well as boasting a mild hourglass figure and very ample bust. Overall, fairly conventionally pretty in an athletic way.

She pulled out a large laptop case she used as a bulky handbag, slung the strap across her chest, closed the door of her car and locked it, and walked into the main part of the camp, looking for where the... she was pretty sure the message she had gotten when she applied to spend the summer working here had told her there was a building she was supposed to go to to get her shirt and more information, but she couldn't see it immediately. She was sure she had been told to come here today to do a quick orientation, at least, even if other details of the message were a bit less than clearly written. She fiddled with her bracelet a bit as she walked further into the camp's property.

"I hope I can at least get that shirt soon," she mutters to herself, self consciously crossing her arms over her chest as she wandered toward the water. She was preeetty sure only wearing a sports-bra, in particular a somewhat low-cut sports bra, as a top wouldn't go over well if a particularly fussy parent showed up a day early to drop their kid off for some reason.

She caught sight of Edd as she approached the short bit of dock leading into the water. "Excuse me," she asked, noticing the word 'Staff' written on the back of his shirt, "I'm hoping you could tell me where to pick up my shirt and what needs doing for setup, since you've gotten yours already."
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

After Edd heard a voice he spun around and let out a small gasp almost falling into the pond of it wasn’t for a pillar. He looked up at the what appeared to be a kitsune presumably? He could be wrong but oh well. He hugged before smiling sweetly. “Oh, you’re a counselor! I was told to hand out the shorts manually tho I’m not quite sure why.... Oh, even tho their edible you still shouldn’t eat them.” He knelt down besides a really heavy looking bag and dig through it before finding a clipboard scanning through it with his light brown eyes. Since the sun was now starting to come up, it reflected off his brown hair and he stood up handing her a shirt with a smiling tree on it labeling the campsite name.

“Sox is it? My name is Edward but please call me Edd.” He smiled as he put the clipboard away and tugged at the heavy bag. “So apparently there’s suppose to be more staff coming soon, I guess we’re both just early.” He gave her another sweet smile as he picked up a backpack that was presumably his since it had cute kitten keychains on the side, along with some other characters from a cartoon show. “We have our own cabins as well since there only suppose to be 5 of us showing up tho there’s only 4 names on the clipboard... I guess were a bit understaffed if we get a whole cabin.” He shrugged but smiled as he led Sox to the cabins. “They said to expect more campers during the week since most parents still need time to prepare.” He rapper his chin for a moment before pointing at a medium sized cabin with an old looking door on it.

“That’s yours, it may be a bit messy but hopefully not too messy.” He shook his head before taking a sip of cola and then nodded. “I suppose I gotta give you a clipboard as well... uhm, the main cabin where employees hang out in and plan activities is in the middle of the-“ he spaced out for a moment as his smile turned into a frown but then it reappeared quickly as he handed her a map. “This should help!” He then turn around and spun back towards the pond, not really ready to give up his summer yet, but knew the time would have to come. Sooner or later. Before he did he called over his shoulder. “If you need help with anything come and find me!”
Sox lets out a light-hearted and friendly laugh at Edd's friendly greeting. "Technically my name's Neyesha, but I always use Sox. Nice to meet you Edd!" she says warmly.

She listens as he explains their somewhat minimal levels of staffing, pulling the shirt on while he talks, adjusting it once she's done. It turns out to be a bit short on her, though stretchy enough to otherwise fit fairly well, neither being too tight nor particularly baggy.

She honestly hadn't bought anything on a linear 'Small, medium, large' type size scale in a while, either wearing properly fitted business clothes when she was shadowing one of her parents or their colleagues, or wearing custom athletic wear made to maximize her comfort. She probably shouldn't have been trusted to choose her own sizing.

Noticing the slight bit of exposed fur it left above her shorts, she decided there was probably no harm tying it off a bit since there was already some midriff happening. She made the knot toward the back and on her right side, bringing the hem of the shirt up to around the mid-point between her hips and the bottom of her ribs.

They were at the cabin at this point, and Sox looked up at it once she was done making sure her shirt was sitting right in its new configuration. She smiled politely as she accepted the clip-board, saying a gentle and cheerful "thank you" at the same time. She's briefly concerned at Edd's change in expression, remaining a little concerned once he snaps back to normal and he presents her with the map.

She could actually figure out where things were now. Bless.

She stays slighlty stunned at his oddness as he walks off again, but does get out a "thank you again!" before her gets out of sight down the hill. She turns toward the cabin again, and opens the door.

Inside is six sets of bunk-beds, for twelve spots total. A folded card table and a few folding chairs rested against one wall under a metal box labelled as a first aid kit. The box was locked, though, and no key was immediately visible. Another wall had thin mattresses leaned against it, though there were pillows on all the beds. There were cobwebs and dust all around the room, but overall the cabin wasn't too bad.

Sox let mana course through her body, and will the next several minutes hefting matresses into place on beds and chasing dust out of the room with one of her large crimson fans.
Eli as was furious. His raging gray eyes were glaring at his mother, while a fire raged on his scalp. "And why am I being forced into this?" he asks before licking his lips and intensfies his glare. His mother sighs and keeps her eyes focused on the road, used to his mood-swings. "Because it'll be good for you," she glances over at him before looking back at the road, "Do your breathing excercises, love."

Elias growls before shaking his head from side to side and then started to take deep breaths. The effects were gradual, his hair going back to their typical red just as his mother parked the car. Elias sighs and gets out of the car with his baggage in hand. He shakes his head and gives his mother a smile, "See you in a few months, mum."

His mother smiles before driving away from Elias and the camp. Elias groans, his shoulders sagging as he looks around his immediate area. "Wonder whether I'm the first camper here," he hums to himself before licking his lips and sending his hand through his hair.

He then adjusts his bag before walking off in a random direction, determined to find someone.
Sox had ended up setting up most of the other counselor cabins, caught up in the work. Doing something more physical than walking through hallways and occaisionally vaulting between flights of stairs to get up faster felt good.

She walked back toward the parking lot, a bounce in her (admittedly unusual) step, humming tunelessly. She had intentionally left her main bag with clothing, toiletries, and other things like that in her car, figuring she should get oriented before setting up all of her stuff.

As she trotted back she caught sight of an irritable-looking red-haired boy coming the other way.

"Hello there!" she called in greeting, giving a friendly smile and a wave, "If you need a hand with anything, I'm just about to go get a few things from my car, and then I'll be right back!"
Elias had barely been walking around for 5 minutes when he noticed a feminine figure, with what seemed to be three tails, walking towards his general direction. He tilts his head and starts walking towards the approaching figure, curious as to who or what it was.

As he gets closer, his eyes widen slightly, he had not expected to see a kitsune. He then saw her wave, he shrugs before putting one of his bags down and waving back at her.

He nods at her words, before looking over her outfit. His eyes widen in recognition, "You're a counselor, right?" he asks before picking up his bags once again.

He contemplates walking with the Kitsune, befofe shrugging and deciding to follow through. He waits for her to walk by before turning back and walking along side her.
"That's right!" she replies cheerfully, "You can call me Sox."

While introducing herself, she swings her leg extra far forward for one step, letting her easily gesture to one of her long teal stockings with an arm clad in matching fabric. It explains her nickname clearly enough.

She hums as they walk, not minding having someone to walk with.

"I was just sorting out some of the cabins before getting my bag," she explains, trying to start up small-talk, "Making sure nothing urgent needed to be done before I got settled in and ready to do other setup. I take it you're one of our campers?"
Elias hums and nods at her, and just as he was about to question her nickname he saw her gesture. He nods in understanding.

"I'm Elias Phenexson, you can call me Elias, I guess," he tells her with an uncaring shrug. He then licks his lips and looks around the camp, beforr looking staright ahead.

He glances at her as she starts talking. He nods and looks back ahead as they continued walking.

"My mum just dropped me off," Elias says before growling slightly at the memory, a few patches of his hair catch fire, without his notice. "I'd have preferred to fly, or not come at all," he licks his lips and stares straight ahead.
"Well, Elias, I'm hoping we can help turn that feeling around," she says gently as they approach the parking lot.

"I get the feeling you aren't much of a swimmer," she says, gesturing to his hair, "but there will be lots of fun things to do. I'll make sure of it."

She fiddles with her bracelet as she walks toward her out-of-place looking speed-machine of a car. The windows un-tint and the passenger door swings up by itself, giving easy access to the duffel bag strapped upright into the seat. The bag has googly eyes taped to it, apparently to make it look like it's looking out the windshield, it's large zipper tag hanging between them like an odd nose.
Elias snorts slightly before raising an eyebrow at her. "You are welcome to try," he says and then licks his lips. He glances towards where they were headed before looking back at her.

He groans as she gestures towards his hair, before pausing for a split-second at the mention of swimming. He shudders before shaking his head, the fires in his hair snuffing themselves out as he did so. "I'll stay as far away from water as possible, thank you very much."

He then whistles appreciatively at her car, "I'll be honest, this was not what i was expecting," he says sending a hand through his hair. He then raises an eyebrow at her bag, before shrugging and giving her his attention.
Liliath was very excited to go to summer camp, the eight-year-old never had been there for and she hoped to make friends and have fun!

”Wel Liliath I hope you have lots and lots of fun here.” Her foster mom spoke,”I hope it to.” ”Don’t forget to make fun and to keep in mind to stay calm, nice and polite. That's the way you will have the most fun!” Liliath opened the car door and walked with her luggage outside ”Bye mom!” She happily waved and then hurried over to Sox and Elias

”Hello.” Liliath said excited
She looks over to Elias when he gives his little rebuttal. "You know, it's easier to have fun if you're looking for it than if you're denying it. I know we'll be able to find you something to keep you from going too crazy with boredom."

She smirks slightly at his repulsion to swimming. It made sense, even without the hair, his aura was full of fire, through and through. Like she had indicated, she wasn't surprised. She got the feeling finding ways to let him burn off negative energy would be good. Exactly how, she'd have to figure out.

"Yeah, she's a flashy gal," Sox says with a slight purr, running a hand over her car's sleek frame as she reaches in to get the bag, "I feel bad driving on dirt roads, but I think it should be fine."

She snorts as she pulls out the bag. "Don't mind the googly eyes, I think my girlfriend thought they'd be funny," she explains, "She's a bit of a dork."

That's when Liliath comes running over. "Welcome!" Sox says in greeting as she turns to face the young girl, "Lucky for you I happened to be back here for a bit. If you'll wait just a minute, I'll be happy to walk you with us into the main part of the camp. I'd just like to check my bag and drop off my handbag before we head back."
"I am not totally opposed to having fun," Elias says with a light shrug, "I just prefer more modern methods of having it, you know?" he licks his lips quickly and grins "Parties and whatnot."

Elias lets out a low growl as he notices her smirk, before sticking his tongue out at her defiantly. He rolls his eyes before humming.

He raises an eyebrow at her before pointedly looking around, and then bavk at her as he says, "I don't think you'll be driving much this summer, Sox." he says adopting a smirk of his own at the end.

Elias shrugs, grinning at her before chuckling, "I didn't say anything," he shrugs before he looks towards the little girl tgat had greeted them.

He chuckles and shakes his head, giving the child a smile and a nod before replying with a "Hello." of his own.
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Edd was poking a jar with at least 10 tadpoles in it when he heard commotion from across the pond near the entrance and turned his heard toward that way before he shook it, picking up the stick with the rope and jar of tadpoles at the end and his backpack.

“Hello, are you a camper?” Edd tilted his head and he looked up at the other male. “We’re still waiting for some more employee’s to show up and then we plan on setting up things.” He smiled as he blew some bangs out of his eye. “Also, I suggest not firing up unwanted flames with anyone, especially employees.”

Edd took a sip of his cola before he stared back up at Elias and shook his head. “Oh right, my names Edward but please just call me Edd. I already know your name since the manager gave me a clipboard of the people who are attending this summer name’s.” Edd then turned away looking back at him. “Imma go put these baby’s in cabin and finish up setting up my bed, I believe the campers cabins are over by the far right.”

And after that sentence Edd already started walking towards his cabin with fast steps. It didn’t even take him 2 minutes to plop his backpack inside and set the jar of tadpoles on the porch railing. After that he noticed the child and took a breath as he greeted her. “Hello there little one, are you lost?”
"Sounds like fun!" Liliath said excited "No I am not lost, a lady told me welcome and she would walk with me to the main part of the camp. I am Liliath who are you?"
Sox opened her bag, quietly reviewing the contents.

"Sleeping bag, clothes, hygiene, first aid, emergency survival, swimsuit, other fan, spare blanket... okay, all looks good," she mutters before re-zipping it and re-engaging in the conversation.

"I wouldn't call parties strictly modern, you'd be impressed what people even thousands of years ago got up to, but I understand what you mean," Sox replies to Elias, "I like to hit up clubs or the track, too, but sometimes, and this might be my species talking a bit, those things detach us from nature and ourselves, while being out here lets us reconnect with the parts of us we distract ourselves from."

At his snark about not driving much over the summer, Sox quirks an eyebrow as she replies, "actually, the application indicated that they may need someone able to drive into town in case someone gets injured or we need to re-supply on first-aid gear or need to hit up a hardware store for something. I know it isn't a high-capacity SUV or truck or anything, but it will still probably do. In record time, too."

((Okay, quick point of order. Liliath's post had her approaching Sox and Elias in the parking lot. Edd now seems to interacting with her over near cabins, as if she were not at the lot. Did I miss a post where she moved? Just looking for clarification here before trying to interact with her))
(( I don't think she moved?? IDK ))

Elais's eyes widen slightly as he looked down at the short human. He tilts his head to the side and watches him, curiosity taking over as he stared, unblinking. He shakes his head and anaps out of it ti hear the bit about not setting any fires, "Uhhh, my hair going up in flames is just a reaction, its not Uhhh on purpose." He tells him.

Elias nods slowly as he watches the human, Edward, closely. He nods at him "Sure, thanks, Edd?" he says unsure. He then watches Edd move away from them and turns his attention back to Sox with a frown and a shrug.

He hums in thought nodding to her words. "Sure, I guess you could say that," he licks his lips, "Phoenixes really don't have much of that nature stuff, i guess," he adjusts his bags slightly and smiles, "but then again, we don't have the best relationships with each other either." He pauses for a moment, before nodding to himself, "There aren't that many of us either."

Elias raises an eyebrow at her before shrugging, "Phoenix tears can heal almost anything, y'now?" he says before sticking his tongue out at her again. "But i see the wisdom in having a vehicle that looks like it can go faster than a Serial Killer," he shrugs and smiles at her. "I meant no offence." he says and chuckles.
"I'm pretty fireproof," she tells Edd before he walks off again, "It's not a big worry around me."

"Heh, so Avi wasn't wrong when she said she was different... Though she is pretty literally out of this world, so that makes sense, I guess," Sox muses, "I get why she uses the word, though. Light and heat, life and healing... anyway, not important, sorry." she snaps out of her distraction with a shake of her head, a motion that reveals that Sox actually does have slightly longer hair in the back, almost like a short mane.

"Okay, my car is more a thing of style than practicality, but I've had some excitement with it," she admits, "less random killers and more corporate mercs, though. Long story. Anyway, we should go find you your cabin and get you settled."

With that, she hefts her bag onto her back and makes to head off toward the main part of the camp while her car closed and locked itself, windows tinting over again.
Elias's eyes widen slightly at her claiming to be fireproof. He grins at her, "Awesome," he says before chuckling.

Elias tilts his head to the side, confused. He stares at her, eyes alight with curiosity before sighing and shaking his head. "Who's Avi? Is she a Phoenix?" he asks Sox a curious lull behind his words.

He hums at her, momentarily distracted before nodding and raising an eyebrow at her, "I would like to hear that story sometime," he grins at her "Sounds interesting, I'll tell you about accidentally burning down one of my schools as fair trade," he says, before laughing slightly at the memory.

Elias stares at her car, curiously watching it lock and secure itself before running after Sox,"Wait for me!"

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