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Nori (played by Mernaga)

When he saw another new person walking up to the group, Nori relaxed slightly and made his way over. “H-hey, I’m Nori.” He added on to the end of Chess’s introduction, relieved he didn’t have to be the one to interrupt the conversation. “It, uh... it’s nice to meet all of you.” He glanced between them all a bit shyly, rubbing his right arm in a nervous tic.
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

I was perfectly fine with interrupting conversations. In fact it created a quite chaotic first impression. I laughed quietly at my own joke. I rather enjoyed it. "Hello Nori." I responded politely. I pulled my arms behind me and clasped them. "It's nice to meet you." I noticed him rubbing his right arm and filed that information away for in the future. I always made it my business to get to know people, their tics, what annoyed them, and how to annoy them the best. I was quite chaotic evil.
Nori (played by Mernaga)

“...R-right.” He nodded back at her. “It’s nice to meet you, too.” He said quietly, and gave her a shaky smile. “Have you ever been here before? I’ve never gone to a camp.”
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

"Here?" I repeated slowly. "No, not here. I've been shipped off to other camps though by my parents. They hate me." I finished with a grin. "Do you have a stutter? Is it rude if I ask that? Are you very shy?" I paused and shook my head. "In any case, no. I've never been here." I widened my grin. "Not that any of the other camps worked."
Nori (played by Mernaga)

Nori hesitated at her question and glanced away. “...Just nervous.” He answered quietly, his tone a bit odd as he very consciously tried to keep another stutter out of his response. “I don’t really know what to expect here, my foster dad just told me last night I’d be going...”
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

I noted 'foster'. "Well, you don't need to worry, I'll help you out. My parents didn't tell me until they dropped me off here. They even packed my clothes..." I scowled. Hopefully they weren't too unfashionable. "We can hang out together." I suggested kindly. "You know, I mean I don't know anyone else around here so why not?"
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Edd let out a soft sigh as he put the rusty machete away. “Fine fine, I’ll just ehm...” he paused for a minute sticking his tongue out slightly as he tapped his chin and foot trying to think of another solution. “I’ll just calmly approach them. But if I get grabbed or something, make sure you’re ready.” He gave Sox a nervous look before he slowly crept deeper into the forest.

Camp happy trees forest didn’t exactly have happy tree’s in them. The pine needles and occasionally maple tree looked a bit more spooky, even in the afternoon light. Edd let out a slight shiver as the singing got louder, meaning they must be getting closer. “I don’t know if I’m wrong but don’t a certain species of sirens breed during the summer? What if the singing is a mating call or something?” Edd shrugged softly before his gentle smile reappeared. “Eyes in the sky... so do you have a friend who can fly? That’s really neat.” His smile grew a tad bit before he stopped in front of a thick bush and slowly pushed through it. Luckily his shortness and surprisingly strong and durable shorts and tshirt made the shark sticks bearable before the two came across the reason for the singing.

They came across a small short girl with short fluffy hair. She was sitting on a tree stump singing an awfully sad tone that made anything close cry, or at least tear up. Her hair was white and her eyes were covered by her long but fluffy bangs. She had the legs of a bird and wings of a bird as well, tho the rest of her seemed normal despite her pointy ears. Edd backed away as he drew in a breath. “It’s a siren, but luckily the land and air ones are a bit nicer then the water ones.” He slowly approached the short siren who actually looked young. Adult sirens usually have bigger feathers and legs, tho she seemed short. The child sirens also have spots in their hair and this one had noticeable grey spots in her hair.

“Hello, are you lost?” He tilted his head as he kept up his gentle smile. The siren flinched as she quickly turned her head towards Edd and stopped singing as she fell off her tree stump. Edd let out a small gasp at how fats she was but quickly lowered his voice to a soothing small tone. “It’s alright, I won’t hurt you, and neither will my friend.” The small siren child seemed to have calmed down a bit, but not fully. She sat up before shaking her head. “Good guy, yes?” As she spoke, her voice sounded weak and frail, but she also had an accent. She must’ve been a siren from Germany by the small accent. Edd nodded his head before he turned to Sox and then back at her. “My flock is... gone...” The small siren started to gently tear up causing Edd to move closer. He hesitated a bit before he hugged the short and small siren. She surprisingly hugged him bag as he smiled sweetly. “We’ll try our best to help you, right Sox?”
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

I looked into the trees behind. Interesting. There were sounds and motions coming from inside it. Carefully, I wandered over to the forest and looked inside as far as I could. Taking a deep breath I started to push branches out of the way and towards the sounds. It was terrible and my face got scratched, I think it was bleeding, but I think I figured out a pattern that allowed me to move inside of the forest with minimal damage.

Eventually, I reached a clearing with some odd characters in it. I made sure to stay in the forest and duck behind foliage but I let out a soft gasp at the characters that held present. There was a beautiful bird, creature with white hair like mine, but mine was more... solid maybe? There were also a couple humans that appeared to talk to them. One was rather short and seemed to have an old machete strapped to it. One of them didn't seem to be human either. It was furry, like a fox, and had multiple tails. It also carried a snout. This confused me. The bird creature seemed...afraid. And it was crying. All of a sudden I felt sad, lonely even.

I tilted my head slightly as I heard what they were saying. 'A flock?' What did that mean. I made sure not to move and almost didn't breathe either. I felt too close to the edge. I started to back up into the forest a little more but I heard a snapping under me. I ducked to the ground and froze. No,no,no,no. They couldn't have heard that right? My mind flashed back to the machete and panic flashed across my face.
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

((One of them is definitely not a human. Far too floofy, and too many tails. Whole snout thing, too))
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

((Got it, I changed it~))
"Correct. approach calmly, speak politely," Sox confirms with a nod, "And don't worry. I'd be ready to defend myself if I were alone, so I can handle things if something goes wrong."

At his question about siren breeding, Sox replies with, "several are summer breeders, laying in winter and hatching in spring. Only the one species locally, though, yeah. I... I'm not a parabiologist, but I think the mating calls are usually less.... mournful? More operatic, if that makes sense."

"More than a friend, actually, but yes. She's a very fast flier," Sox says with a smug smile, "As in, 'if you hear a rumble like thunder on a clear day, it could be her shockwaves washing by' fast. She usually sticks to high altitudes, though, so things tend to disperse well above ground level"

Sox stayed quiet as the scene with the young siren played out. Namely, her sharp ears were keeping track of the person following her. Sox might have been raised mostly in the city, but her hearing was as good as any other kitsune's, able to pick out a rabbit moving through grass from a dozen meters away. Detecting a person-sized creature pushing through branches was easy. They seemed mostly interested in observing for now, though, so Sox was mostly happy to just listen. Probably just some curious forest dweller, no need to get jumpy.

When prompted, she does speak to the siren.

"We can definitely help. If you can tell me some names of your flock members, I can... probably have them found, I know people who know people who should know these things, and in the meantime you could probably join us at the camp. It's safe, and there's more than enough food, water, and beds to go around," Sox says sweetly, "Not the most comfortable matresses, admittedly, but I'm sure we'll figure out how to fix that."

It never hurt to pour on the kitsune charm. Sure, her kind had a rep as tricksters, but they were just as good at being reassuring, warm, and welcoming, and Sox was particularly good at that bit. She usually just seemed trustworthy to people. If she was lucky, this little feathery gal would feel that way, too.
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

Cautiously, I got to my knees and then crouched on the ground. Taking a deep breath, I glanced back into the clearing. I had heard most of her answers and they seemed to be very interesting. The bird creature was a siren. I had heard folk tales about them. I knew basically what they were about. But I hadn't heard of a land one.

I put the hood of my black and white sweatshirt up as I listened to breeding habits and when the fox-like creature asks about how to help her. I sat down on a fallen tree and lay back. I kept my eyes alert as I tried to listen to what they were saying. They weren't exactly being the loudest. I frowned for a moment. It's fine. I was the one being nosy in the first place.

After a minute, I wanted to get another glimpse of the creature with fur. They were very eye-catching. And curious. I wanted to learn more about them. I stuck my head carefully out of the bramble and looked at them. They really Did look like a human fox. Maybe there were some kind of hybrid.

As she talked about helping the bird creature, her sweet tone caught my attention. There was definitely something off about that. Something...unhuman. Was that a charm? Hypnotism? Something similar to mine? I wasn't even sure how to use mine properly just that it sometimes poured out. And skin contact was necessary.

My eyes wandered over her tails. First of all the fact that she had tails was out of the ordinary but that fact that she had multiple was even more so. It made her look like... a kitsune. I had heard of those in folk-lore as well. If there were sirens were there kitsunes? I glanced at the short human. I stifled a giggle. Was he a dwarf then? I decided if I got the chance to ask, I would skip that part. It was probably offensive.
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

(( When you're 18 and 5’3 :,| ))

The small Siren looked at Sox before she rubbed her eyes with a sniffle and still held onto Edd. “No name, the colors are like mine. Funny voices, so some children say.” Edd nodded slowly before he stood up with the small thing. Tho he was short, the child was shorter, only coming off as half his size. “Camp? Like a... Nest?” Edd shrugged before he allowed her to sort of hold his hand, taking how she didn’t have fingers and had to wrap a wing around his hand. “Well, not necessarily a nest, you’ll see once you get there.” He looked up at Sox before giving off a gentle smile. “I’ve heard broken English like that before. And the voice is a bit too deep to be German. So she must be a Norway siren. It sort of makes since since they do come here for mating season and look a lot like our sirens here.” He looked down at the small child before he gave her a gentle smile. “Do you have a name?” She paused for a minute before she looked at Sox and then Edd. “Its... Vinge.”

Edd let nodded as Sox before he smiled again. “So wing? What a lovely name.” His eyes then trailed off as he saw something in the woods. He frowned before Vinge stood in front of Sox, as if studying her. She was walking around her like a small puppy would when they meet a new human to sniff, tho this little bird hybrid was certainly not sniffing Sox. Edd slowly walked up to Sox before he pointed at a small glimpse of black and white. “Do you... See that?” He looked at Sox with a worried look before the frown slowly curled into a gentle smile, despite the worrying still remaining in his light brown eyes. “Do you think it’s that weird but kick ass mutant bear people said escaped from the zoo?” He tilted his head before Vinge looked at where he pointed. She shivered a small bit before Edd shook his head. “Should we head back now?”
((I am very confused about what is going on. '^v^))
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

(( So what im understanding is that Edd and Sox are taking the siren back to the camp after they calmed her down and that’s when Edd spots something in the woods- ))
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

As he glimpsed me, I felt my heart drop. Had he seen me? Had he just glimpsed this direction? What had he just said to his friend? I felt myself panicking and froze. More movement will only draw attention to yourself. You had to know how to sneak. I was terrible at sneaking. My hands reached the ground and started playing an absent piano tune. They always did that. It could be annoying at times.
"I didn't see, but I heard, I think," Sox says with a shrug, "Someone's been following us. I've been keeping an ear out. They don't seem hostile." Her tone was very matter-of-fact. Whoever was following them wasn't being trouble, so she had no reason to react or pay them any mind.

"Anyway, yes, let's head back and see if we can get everyone set up all the way. We should figure out how to divide up the cabins, too. Is there a proper procedure for that?" Her thoughts are buzzing with logictical planning, working out how to run the camp semi-optimally in spite of all the weirdness that seemed eager to crop up.
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

I carefully backed up slightly, making sure to not step on any branches this time. I went a little further into the bushes. I didn't want them seeing me again. How had they seen me in the first place. Wait no, that was obvious. I wasn't the sneakiest. I had heard them talking about me casually. Should I show myself? Probably not, I couldn't be sure of their reaction and the siren seemed fragile right now. I didn't want to risk scaring her, she was probably dangerous when agitated. And I couldn't exactly control my controlling them so that was out of the question. I didn't love skin contact anyway.

((Btw, is it against the rules for me to broadcast my group on here? Someone is telling me to get more people and I don't exactly have connections.))
Edd (played by Pen_Tsunami)

(( I don’t really know if anyone will join the group- unless if anyone says there interested and ask you for more info. I personally don’t really wanna be in a group right now. ))

Edd drew in a breath before he turned to Sox with a smile and let Vinge wrap a small wing around his hand as she trembled a bit due to the cold. “There’s a cabin for boys and girls. Also another cabin for children. We have a few kids at the camp, you wouldn’t mind sharing a cabin with them will you?” He spoke softly to Vinge and she paused for a moment before she softly nodded her head. “They won’t... Hurt me will they?” Edd then shook his head and let out a small chuckle. “Oh good heavens no, if they do then you come tell me or Sox ok?” Vinge nodded and returned a soft smile to Edd before she smiled at Sox.

Edds gaze returned back to the thing he saw, but then just shrugged it off as he followed Sox and Vinge out of the woods. “Oh right! The celebration cake!” Edd clasped his hands together as he let out a half drooling smile. “I made it special for the grand opening of the camp! I wonder if we got more kids tho...” He shrugged before shaking his head letting out a sigh. “We might need to spend tomorrow cleaning as well. The cabins aren’t exactly ‘clean’.” When Vinge heard this she threw up her wings and smiled widely. “I can clean! I do that!” Edd smiled as he patted his head before shaking it slowly. “How old are you, Vinge? Just so I can group you correctly.” After Vinge heard this question she paused and put down her wings. When she opened them, Edd and Sox could see the unique orange and brown color that blended with her normal beige color of her feathers, despite her skin being a light caramel color and her hair being white as well. She then started counting on her feathers before she looked back up at Edd. “I’m 5.”

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