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So this is my first forum game I've made here on RPR and I'm excited to see if people are actually interested in it lol! This is very similar to the game "Steal a RP character from the person above!"

What you are supposed to do is:
From the person above you, take the character who is most attractive to you and reply the name (and maybe the reason why, if you want) of the character.

Please be nice to others!
And of course, you're not actually going to take the character. It's just for fun!

There is nobody above me so I can't choose any character. Enjoy the game!

Well... Stacie Warner because she is from Chicago and is a photographer like Jamie, and she is beautiful!
It will probably have to be Steve! :)
Ember obviously

Wesley beumount

Melissa Ann Kennedy!
Such an awesome young lady!

Heather Greene
Captain Jacqueline Sparrow *hugs*

Captain Vann
Apocalypse Angel...She's kind of my favorite.
Zapsalis Topic Starter

I’ll choose Sol!
Aww. John is cute.

Isabella king
Hmmm! Ardyn Izunia!
Hmmm! Ardyn Izunia!
Claine Moderator

oooo such a hard decision, but Alexander Case :D
West is a solid 10! ;) I'll be taking him now-

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