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Open to RP as anything you will want. I can even create a new character I just want something to do so please would anyone want to RP?
can be any character really

IDC about what neither since I have been ghosted by everyone so I am depressed because I thought this would be fun so just throw me anything here
Hi, I know we talked before and we kinda didnt go for the rp then since alot of the things you said you didnt like were things I was kinda planning on... but if you're really looking for any kind of rp, we could talk about it again and maybe strike some common ground? I do have some ideas and maybe we can work something out.

(I'll be making an LFRP post in a minute here, so once I make that you could look there to see what I am talking about. But even otherwise I have some other ideas, potentially.)
Sure, I'm down
NeonBragley Topic Starter

Uhhh if you are gonna send me a message or reply about this, please focus really hard to mention what kind of story are you looking for and any character you desire. I am not gonna say names but almost everyone forgot that meaning they don't read.
NeonBragley Topic Starter

YuriGreyThorn wrote:
Sure, I'm down

Well.....what is it exactly what you wanted?

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