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Oliver South (played by Tugboattom)

Seth ran through the woods, his heart racing as the adrenaline pumped through his veins. He looked behind him, searching for his pursuer. He wasn't sure who it was, or even what, all he knew was that it wasn't friendly. He looked back in front of him and came face to face with large red eyes. As the air around the red eyes shimmered a creature materialized. It's long black writhing tentacles stretched out around him as fear froze his blood. As it's slippery tentacles began to close in his primal need for survival overrode all other emotions. He snapped out of his paralysis just in time to unsheathe his dagger. The tenticles tightened around him and pinned his arms to his sides. He writhed and fought the monster trying to escape.The monster began to squeeze, constricting Seth's blood flow and shutting off his brain. His vision went dark and his last breath left him in a puff of moisture in the cool air The sounds of the creature ripping into his flesh could be heard throughout the woods.

Oliver walked into town, ignoring the occasional stares, He knew that his strange hair and eyes attracted attention. His hand strayed to the obsidion pommel of his sword. He breathed in, dispelling his nervousness, before walking towards the market. He had heard of several missing people in the country side. He looked around for someone that might know about this vendeta of his.
Astride, jones,and isaac (played anonymously)

Jones was in the market looking for a new sword.
He had heard of people also going missing he had lost a friend who had gone missing so he was trying to find out why also.
Why you ask? Because it was his best friend and they were gone. It hurt him alot and wanted to find out who was responsible for it.

As he was walking he noticed a man walking on his own carrying a sword.
' Hmm strange...' he thought
He started to walk over to to him but stopped when he saw a sword in the market he stopped and bought it and wrapped it up and then went
to the strange man.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

Oliver nodded in greeting, running a hand nervously through his shamrock green and midnight black hair." Hello." He held out a hand for a shake." So, what are you doin' round 'ere?" He asked. Then realizing that this person could be local." You local?" He asked, just to make sure. His hand strayed from the pommel of his sword after all he assumed he was on friendly ground. His green and black eyes sparkled in the light.
Larisa wandered through the market looking for anything that would catch her eye. A smaller pair of daggers do such. Haggling over the price she bought them. Walking away from the merchant she nearly bumped into Jones. Sensing the emotions pouring off the man she unconsciously followed him. It was a downside of her animalistic nature, sensing emotions though she could never tell exactly what they were usually differentiating between good and bad.

Her amber gaze followed the path up to Oliver. He too seemed emotional, but she could only tell from his body language. So she slipped out of sight into and alley, only to return as a red fox carrying a small leather bag. That was the downside of her abilities she couldn’t shift with objects they remained the same. Fortunately she had learned that when she was young.

Now the red fox skirted around the edge of the path. Making certain to avoid getting stepped on and yet keeping her target in sight. Perhaps this stranger knew what was going on in the woods, she primarily lived out there alone and did not enjoy feeling endangered. The fox sat down and head tilted slightly, watched the two men.
Astride, jones,and isaac (played anonymously)

" Yes I'm a bit local as of now" He said.
He shook oliver's hand.
" My friend use to live around here before he went missing you wouldn't happen to be searching in about that?" he asked.
If this guy new anything about this missing people situation it would bring him joy, and delight.
He noticed a red fox from behind but ignored it. Wouldn't be the most strange thing his seen so far.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

Oliver's gaze slid from the man in front of him. A streak of red slipped past his vision. He looked back up to the person he had been talking to," Hey... uh. I'm gonna go check on something." He said, his feet already walking before he had finished speaking. He turned around for a second and fell on his face. He blushed furiously with a quick growl of frustration. Atleast most other black colored lucklings could spread bad luck. He was cursed with bad luck, and he only made others luckier.

He looked over to where the red had been. His brow furrowed, where had it been. He was unsure as to where he could find the streak. He shook his head, perhaps he had only imagined it. He pushed himself up and stood up. He blushed sheepishly," Guess I'm a bit unlucky." He shrugged." Yeah, I'm kinda involved." He tilted his head, thinking," Although for different reasons then most."
Narcisa Artenie (played anonymously)

Narcisa was out and about, sticking to the shadows as she wandered around the market, occasionally pausing at a stall to look through their wares as she went out of her way to avoid unnecessary mingling. She was outfitted in all black, with the hood of her cloak pulled up to cover her face as always.

Strangers in town was nothing out of the ordinary, though to see them gather and converse could be, especially when they didn't arrive together. Oliver and Jones had caught her attention, though she didn't care enough to get any closer. Fortunately, she didn't have to get any closer to hear what they were saying.

It was not unusual to have strangers, or even locals gossip about the strange happenings surrounding this town, though something seemed slightly different about these two. Perhaps it might be worth her while to figure out what they wanted, but for now, she would wait and listen.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

Oliver nodded in greeting to the woman in the cloak. Atleast he assumed it was a woman. He chastised himself, he should never assume anything. Always keep yourself open to anything, that way nothing could surprise him." So," He asked Jones," What's your name? He asked conversationally. He didn't really care, he was just trying to start up a conversation. After all, being alone was rather well... lonely. He swirled his hand, as if mixing the air with it. A slow purple mist began to follow his finger. It eventually spun itself into a small force field. He relaxed his hand and the energy was dispelled. He didn't often use magic for fun, he believed it was only useful for battle.

He looked around himself. The vendors seemed edgy, nervous. There were dark baggy circles under their eyes. He shook his head sadly, he understood being kept up every night by fear. It tore at your gut, before eventually it began to tear at your mind. Every shadow became a monster, every flicker of light a wraith. He understood all too well what these people were dealing with.

One of the more lively vendors called out," Hey, you, weirdo with the hair!" He called out." I've got an illusion scroll, to disguise your... predicament." He said with a less than charming smile. Oliver just raised an eyebrow and tilted over, so as to call around the stranger in front of him, rather than tgrough. He gave a rather dark glare to the vendor," Nobody asked you about anything, and I rather like my hair. And I don't do illusion magic!" He called back angrily. He looked back to the man before him and smiled awkwardly. He rubbed the back of his head nervously," Sorry," He apologized," I get those kind of comments all too often."
Astride, jones,and isaac (played anonymously)

" It's fine I get worse" He laughed.
" My name is Black arrow" He said.
He never told anyone his real name since it was not something he does. Due to Jones wearing his armor you couldn't really see his face or what he looked like all you could tell was that someone was in the armor.
Call him what you like, hollow armor, wandering knight, Empty head, Idiot, Bastard. He didn't care,
he would only care if you hurt someone he cared about, hurt a child or was entirely rude to him. Black wasn't afraid of much besides angry women, they frightened him the most due to you couldn't tell if they had magic or if they didn't, To him he rather bet that they didn't have magic so he could run away and be safe.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

Oliver nodded," Generally I ignore them but..." He shrugged," I'm here to help them and they treat me like... well, like 'at." He explained unhappily. His youth showed in his anger and quick flare of emotion. He balled his fists unhappily," I just... I wish... gr..." He continued to steam for several moments.And then he breathed in to calm himself before answering," And mine's Oliver." He bowed his head in apology," Sorry, I suppose I should've told you that before." He looked up sheepishly. Then his youthful eyes squinted in question," Black Arrow, that's not a name I hear all that often." He stated.

" So, are you doin anything here about the missing people?" He asked, as kindly as he could." No offense if you aren't." He added hastily, trying very hard not too offend. He was rather inexperienced and was sure this man could easily tear him limb from limb." I'm wondering?" His expression told a different story. It said that he was uncomfortable here, and wasn't entirely certain what he was doing. He was new to this whole adventure thing, he had always been rather sheltered. Well, as sheltered as one can be in dark times like this.
High Priest Morkhan Arlsmith (played by WelchsGrapeJuice)

Morkhan walked through the crowd of merchants silently. Despite his large frame, he weaved through the street easily. He had been tracking an unkindness of ravens for almost 3 weeks. As he walked through the crowd, he put off a small, nearly untraceable path of magic residue as he used a short-range scrying spell to follow the ravens while still keeping his eyes on the road around him. The ravens unleashed a harsh call shortly before dispersing. His scrying scroll was jerked to a strange luckling with mottled black and green hair. He moved closer to the luckling, cutting off the scrying spell with a quick tap of his staff against the ground
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

Oliver's head spun at the sight of a man with a staff tipped with a skull. He raised a single eyebrow before reconsidering his reaction. It appeared he was not the only one here with an odd appearance. He lowered his eyebrow and decided while it would be polite to address the newcomer, he was already speaking to one stranger and would prefer not to confuse the conversation.

An elderly man walked forward to the priest," Why 'ello." He said before looking around and chuckling," I s'pose coverin' one's face is rather fashionable 'ese days?" He asked before pointing to the man in armor," Both of ye's are wearin' some kinda coverin'. " He shook his head unhappily before walking away.

A vendor began to take down his things. He opened up his pouch and began to throw his wares inside with a quick glance towards the setting sun. He glared at the purpling colors and fiery oranges. His eyes skipped between his wares and the sun nervously. His eyes flicked over to the priest and he let out a hiss of frustration before his eyes darted to the man with the strange colored hair and the man in armor. He shook his head doggedly.
Astride, jones,and isaac (played anonymously)

" I need to figure out who keeps dealing with these missing people" He removed the helmet of his armor and sighed.
" Another horrible day" He sighed.
He was annoyed.
" Nice to meet you Oliver" he said bowing a bit back.
" So Why are you here?" He asked.
He really needed to know because his friend was missing because, His friend's wife was pregant,
and he needed to find him soon.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

Oliver once again raised an eyebrow," I might be looking into it." He admitted with a tilt of his head," Although I would rather not end up doing thus alone." He shrugged, he didn't want to admit that he needed help, but neither did he want to go alone into this. And he wasn't entirely certain he knew where to start with this." I'm here to deal with some... unfinished business." He left it at that. He was rather unsure he wanted to tell his whole backstory. It wouldn't go well if they knew who, or what, he was.
The red fox slowly crept out of the shadows as the crowds dissipated. The leather bag was still in its jaws. It’s focus was on the green haired man and to a lesser extent the armored figure as well. She had never communicated telepathically to people she didn’t know or at least talk to in her human form. But then again she did live in the woods as an animal half the time, she rarely needed to communicate. “Sir I think you should look into it. I can show you some of its tracks. You too Metal Man.” she added, hopeful they could rid the land of whatever it was that was eating things. Larisa did not feel any resistance when she sent her message out, which boded well she thought. Now she sat at the feet of the two men, looking at Oliver.
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

Oliver's eyes went wide with shock as he banged the side of his head with his wrist bone. He shook his head, trying to be rid of the voice in his head. He looked down to the strange red fox, so he wasn't crazy when he had seen the red earlier. He groaned inwardly," So, are you talkin' ta me?" He asked the fox expirementally, trying to figure out what was going on. He sighed, nothing had been the same since. Well, he wasn't sure. He looked up to Black Arrow," Did you hear 'at?" He asked cautiously, hoping he didn't sound completely insane.
amber diaz (played anonymously)

Amber wore a nice beautiful gown that curves her body nicely with her long soft hair in a bun with her bronze skin with her royal blue eyes, with the smell of her shampoo, perfume, with a diamond in her navel wearing high heels she was walking with two body guards she notice a lot of people looking at her, she went over to the couch and sat down, she was drinking some grape juice she notice somebody giving her a death glare
High Priest Morkhan Arlsmith (played by WelchsGrapeJuice)

Morkhan walked forward with a purpose, after watching the shop keep and hearing from the old man. He could feel the tension all around him, fear mixed with concern. The Goddess was never wrong, so he greeted the boy in armor and the luckling. he noted a fox with magic just tinting their aura, possibly a druid? Something was going down, and he would not be one to miss it. He approached the group, and spoke in a deep, oddly soothing voice, "Good evening, strangers. I wanted to know if any of you could tell me what is going on? As you can see, I'm a traveler, so I'm not quite sure what happened here to cause this much distress". The scent of cinnamon and pine rises from underneath the cloak, adding to the strangeness of this masked wanderer
amber diaz (played anonymously)

Amber looked at him with a warm braces smile some kind of deadly sword battle between the guy and some body else from a different kingdom
Oliver South (played by Tugboattom) Topic Starter

amber diaz wrote:
Amber looked at him with a warm braces smile some kind of deadly sword battle between the guy and some body else from a different kingdom

(( heyo, this is invite only. sorry for any confusion, I would add that to the title but I can't because I didn't the first time. If you reply to " I need a to for my boi Oliver" then we might be able to talk about things. Although I would still need atleast a paragraph.))

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