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10 plus years with aylssa nicole kennedy. We recently added her daughter melissa ann kennedy.
Oh wow, ten years is really cool!!
The longest i've ever spanned was a very bumpy ~3 maybe year creepypasta rp between the ages 11?-14 It was fun, but that friendship Was Suck! we've all grown up since, all of us now being literal legal adults lollll, but it did leave a print on baby me's psyche. I really hope I can find something long-term and multi-generational like that again. It was really fun and I miss it a lot.
24 years with my female protagonist Lunella De Vargr. But, to be honest, it's more like 27 years, as I changed her name once.
Consecutively? Probably around two years. Funnily enough it was the first RP I ever did. Me and an online friend just started writing in our chat one day about how much we wished a book had a different ending. So we wrote it, and then some. Neither of us even knew what RPing was, and it was sometime later that I found out that we were, in our own way, RPing.

That said I did take place in multiple RPs, using the same characters/playing with the same people (with a semi-attached storyline) that spanned almost five years. It probably would’ve gone on much longer but the server we were using went down, and none of us had contact info for each other outside of it. In retrospect I have to thank that RP for making me a better writer, as my own writing drastically improved over the course of it.
My longest RP ever was a group RP that was in a sort of X-men/MHA style school for gifted children.

Basically, my character―in real time―went from a freshman to graduation, visited regularly throughout his college years, got his teaching formation, became a teacher to fill in a position another PC has vacated due to old age the following year, fell in love, got married and had a baby. Not sure how long it was exactly but since this progressed in real time (in large part thanks to generous use of the timeskip button since RPs tend to progress slower than real life), we can do some quick maths;

Highschool education: 4 years
+ College teaching education: 2 years
+ First year as a teacher: 1 year
+ Pregnancy: 9 months.

It lasted at an absolute minimum 3 months short of 7 years.

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