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Bobby Samson (played by Dndmama)

Alice Walker (played anonymously)

I'm just going to put the first thing that popped into my head...
Anton Madsen (played by j_a7980)

Cassandra Bellerosa (played anonymously)

While the 'old timey' style of this song may not fit his medieval fantasy aesthetic perfectly, I think the words and sentiment suit him well.

Also I just want to say I really really like Anton's character concept. I just want to give him all the hugs! T.T
Ray Slaton (played anonymously)

"Oh my... Cassandra.... lovely and mysterious.... I have to say that you have got me hypnotized...
Sabine Ebonrow (played by Dndmama)

Kathleen Wayfarer (played anonymously)

A bunny duelist is the cutest bad ass thing EVER! I love it
Amethyst Azureshield (played anonymously)

Stephanie (played anonymously)

Jegan (played by j_a7980)

Cause she seems like the type to be here for a good time
"Dunno guy, can't really explain it.. even though y'look neat t'hang wit', y'got that shadowy vibe, y'know. Might like 'tis!"
Alaine Barrows (played anonymously)

Here, have some Magnus x Neoni!

I had a hard time choosing something, Sprite seems like one tough cookie and I thought of several songs that really seemed to fit her :>
Charles Joran (played by j_a7980)

So, this song came to mind because it begins with a subtle grace, much like I think Alaine has by nature but picks up and becomes quite intense as I'm sure she could be when spurred to action, but still maintains that grace

That or I was just talking to someone about game it originally came (Chrono Cross) from earlier so it was stuck in my head.
Calgary Johnson (played by Dndmama)

specifically I could see Cal listening to this reading that his upbringing has him repressing his opinions because of how he was raised, not to mention he likes rebellious music
Jegan (played by j_a7980)

Dexter Domingas (played anonymously)

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