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Welcome friends, character hoarders and art lovers alike! So! I've run into a bit of a pitfall recently. I don't necessarily have a ton of new character ideas, but I still want a ton of new characters. Let's be honest. I have a problem. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one. :P I've done a bit of adopting recently, but finding artist threads for adoptables isn't that easy. A lot of the threads are old, may not have been updated recently, etc. So I had a thought! I create a thread, and you show off your adoptables! Maybe you've got something I didn't even know I wanted! Maybe you've got something someone else didn't know they wanted! This isn't just for me after all. This is so we all can see different artists artwork gathered in one easy to access place and then start throwing money at them!

Already have a thread for this? Link it!

Have a character page with your info? Link it!

Didn't even know you wanted to throw adoptables out there but now you do? Post what you got! (If the images are big please try to collapse them or use links.)

Know someone off site who's selling character art/designs? Link them! With their permission, of course.
Let's go all you artists out there!

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I'm very excited to see where this thread goes and who adds to it >:3

My adopt thread is here // However, it just links to my For Sale folder on TH, so here is that direct link.

If you / any passer-byes are interested in anyone, feel free to throw me a DM <3

I'm so excited, I hope this thread gets some traction heheheh >:D
I have a couple of available designs on this profile!
I have a few up Here!
Just a little bump for people who haven't seen the thread and may wish to buy/contribute!

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