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Hi! Long time no see. Haven't been very active as of lately. Thought I'd let you guys know what I'm up to.

I've turned to anime and plants in these hard times of quarantine and responsible social distancing. More particularly Coleus plants. They're fantastic little things- comes in every shape and color (except blue), grow fast and are easy to propagate- just snip snip and stick'em in the dirt with a plastic bag around it, and they'll sprout some new roots in no time! I suggest these for anyone who's looking for easy, fun plants. Some are more suitable for beginners due to pricing and light sensitivity and what not, but overall they're super easy and chill little buggers.

Pictures of my precious babs!!





Hey Spook welcome back :D

Your little babs are so cute!!
Kim Site Admin

They are beautiful! Do they have names? ;)
You have to name them! :D
@Claine: Thanks! I've been logging on sporadically though, so I haven't been completely absent. Just figured I should let people know I'm alive and doing fairly ok.

@Kim: While still technically the same type of plant, Coleus that is, they all have different names. But no, I haven't given each individual plant a name, if that's what you're asking xD

@RedPandaFox: I have +20 types, that's a lot of names I have to remember xD I am also notoriously bad at naming things. But hey, feel free to drop suggestions! I might write them on the tags if I like them.
Spook, your nursery is absolutely lovely! <3

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