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It was her first day, her first day of boarding school. She hadn’t want to go here, but her parents had died. Her uncle couldn't take care of her anymore so she got send here.

The building was very big and very old fashioned, Youna thought it looked like a haunted house. Outside it wasn’t very crowded, it was a little late she assumed the others might be eating dinner or where in their rooms.

There where many windows,so Youna realized their most be many rooms. Sometimes she saw some people watching outside. She waved to them, before entering the building. Her uncle had already left, he had an important meeting he couldn't miss.

The headmaster was waiting in the hallway, he was bald and old. He had a beard which was gray. He looked very stern to her, Youna thought the man never had laughed before.

“My name is Theodore Malum, headmaster of this boarding school.” Youna slightly nodded “I am Youna Cerin.” She stuck her hand out which the man firmly shook.

“Your room is upstairs, your uncle informed me that you prefer to sleep alone is that correct?” “Yes it is.” “You can consider yourself lucky then, since most students share rooms.” He pointed to the stairs. “There it is, second door on the right. After you have settled down, go to the dining room.” Youna nodded and rushed upstairs with her suitcase.

She noticed many mirrors on the hallway, when she looked in one she thought she saw an elder lady. When she blinked she was gone and a spider was on the mirror, it made her scream a little.

After that she walked to her room placed her stuff in it. Then she put her uniform on and walked downstairs to the dining room.

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Flara Summers (played by SpiritHero)

A red-headed girl was wearing the same exact uniform as the girl who walked in aside from it looking unorganized with wrinkles and her top button was missing, exposing her pale collared skin. She was seated at the dining room table, waiting for her food to get prepared. On her face was a rather fearful expression. Her head was being grasped by her own skinny fingers with an average arm of pale that may have been a result of her spooked personality. Her mint-green irises glow against the entire room, trying to seek out for Flara's own wary mind, expecting something spooky in her current residence to arise.

Flara eventually got her food by the waitress, who then replied to her. "Eat well, okay sweetie?" Flara whined. "Mhm." She just stared down at her food. Served to her was a salad shredded up alongside with cheese with a side cinnamon roll for breakfast. Flara pushed aside her food, waiting for an appetite to kick in.

Still her eyes gazed around the room. Alone at her table, surrounded by three open seats around this squared wooden table, she expected a conversation out of nowhere, but kept her bored and fearful state. Eyes widen, nose tingly, and mouth sealed, this girl upon first glance looks too boring to hang out with, but cute for her facial looks gazing down upon her freckles on her cheeks, and a curly styled hairdo contained in a blue headband.
Medea Zerynthia (played anonymously)

Medea had arrived for the beginning of the year a week ago, shipped to the boarding school after driving her parents up the wall and they had finally cracked after so many years. They had finally had enough of her speaking to ‘spirits’, her constant need to wear gloves, and avoidance physical contact. Medea had held a persistent grudge against them since she had arrived.

Her arrival had taken a rocky start from the get-go, almost instant butting heads with some of the teachers as there had been classrooms that she vehemently refuses to enter and sections of the grounds where she would dare not tread. There were already rumors about her circulating with the other students and she tended to be avoided by those that considered themselves 'normal'.

Dressed in her uniform, Medea didn't take the time in the mornings to follow the strict dress-code that the school demanded that students adhere to. A wrinkled white button shirt tucked beneath the hem of a dark plaid skirt the first 3 buttons undone and missing her tie. Her cardigan was open, sleeves scrunched up around her forearms, showing the pale skin of her forearms to the start contrast of a pair of slim black leather driving gloves. Her pale legs clothed in dark sheer black stockings and her shoes while black were scuffed with dirt at the heels.

In the dining hall, she had picked up her tray, gloved hands winkling as her grip tightened as she looked around the crowded space. Her eyes settling on the lone figure of a ginger girl sitting by herself being served her own meal.

Medea set down her tray and dropped into a seat beside Flara, her own plate completely different from the rabbit food that the ginger woman had. Smoked kippers, toast, a poached egg, and a small bowl of raw carrot sticks, accompanied with a cup of fresh black tea.

Picking up her teacup, she cupped the warm porcelain in her gloved hands as she took a sip of the steaming liquid. The fragrant tea, a scalding on her tongue but a soothing balm against the chill of the cold morning, she watched in silence for a few moments. Setting the teacup down, she picked up her fork and knife and began to eat her breakfast.

Swallowing around a mouthful of fish and toast Medea looked down at the plate in front of her table mate, a curl of the lip showing her distaste towards the plate of salad. Looking down at her own plate noting the ooze of egg yolk soaking through the toast and smearing across the plate. Medea had seen the exchange between a member of the staff, noting the apparent special treatment that the girl had received. "They're not your staff you know, it is their job to keep you fed, not to spoon-feed you like a child,"

"I recommend losing the scared bored rabbit look, people aren't likely to come up and talk when you look ready to bolt the second they open their mouths." Medea mused pointing the end of her fork at the girl with her left hand, picking up a carrot stick in her right hand after setting down her knife she bit down through the middle as she leaned back in her chair with a teasing smile on her lips as hazel eyes narrowed a fraction in delight. "I just don't care.
Kojela (played by Capriola)

Compared to the last two jobs she'd had, this one wasn't even that bad.
Being a lunch lady didn't include nearly as much human contact as she'd feared; a lot of the other students barely glanced at Kojela behind the counter, seemingly not realizing that she was supposed to be one of them.
"At least there's no dog poop to scoop up", she told herself for the hundreth time that day, trying to keep up her spirits.

She'd spent the morning stacking crates of vegetables and sorting through yesterday's leftover pieces of fruit. The boxes of rice and flour she'd had to carry were heavier than the cartons of garden plants Kojela was used to lifting for the village's florist on Mondays, and the muscles in her arms were still burning from the effort.
"At least here they won't fire me for doing more than was asked of me...", she mumbled as she let a big spoonful of baked beans splash onto a plate - the student carrying it didn't even look up.

Kojela could be sure of not being fired, since it was no other than her estranged Mom who had given the job to her - not exactly with Kojela's consent -, but that didn't mean there weren't other punishments in store for her if she decided to screw it up.
Luckily, there weren't many opportunities to mess up by mistake. This job was just mindless lifting followed by mindlessly feeding the equally mindless pupils. The only vaguely interesting moment had been when her mother had asked her to deliver a specially pre-made dish to a red-headed girl sitting all by herself. There was a note on the tray with a sentence she was supposed to say to the girl; her mother had murmured something about allergies and the girl needing to know that her food was made by someone who was in on the details, but Kojela couldn't help but feel like the code meant something different, something more sinister, perhaps...

"Hello? You awake?" A girl was snapping her fingers in front of Kojela's eyes, bringing her back to the present. She mumbled an apology and let an egg fall onto the toast on the girl's plate. "Correction.", she thought bitterly as the girl raised an eyebrow and walked away. "This *is* worse than my other jobs."
Amaya Kirei (played anonymously)

A girl with fluffed, shocked-white strands of hair and pale teal eyes stepped into the dining hall as if her dark and overly simple school-given shoes were not even on. Despite the awkward requirement of each of them being made to wear the exact same thing, Amaya did her best to differentiate herself in some way - sleeves pulled up to just above the elbows, top button undone, and a pair of braids falling to either side of her face. The young woman had been punished by her clan before, but never like this.

Here, Amaya was limited just to her one form - though still able to see and hear the things that mortals could not, it was a monument of irritation that she herself couldn't do anything, owed entirely to a silver band with deep runes etched into it settled onto her right ring finger.

A brief glance about the room showed several students picking up their food, some kind of fish with toast, eggs, and sides the spirit-made-flesh didn't care for. She'd make her way into the line, slowly moving forward until a backup had the student in front of her rudely snapping in the face of the daydreaming server. A frown tugged at Amaya's lips, though it certainly wasn't the worst behavior she'd ever witnessed. The snow-haired girl was next, scooting her tray forward and overhearing the lunch lady's complaint.

"At least it's not dealing with body fluids," her comment may have seemed somewhat less inappropriate in some other lunchline, but this being a school for disturbed young people probably was not the best setting of choice for her to loose that particular combination. Realizing this, Amaya's cheeks briefly began to flush and she followed up as the egg fell onto her one slice of toast, "Uh, that is... nevermind," what she'd meant wasn't worth ruining appetites or drawing more attention.

Turning away from that disaster, Amaya scanned the room and found most of the other tables already filling up. "Okay..." A sigh escaped as she approached the least busy table, one redhead and one brunette the only students seated there. The somewhat lanky young woman made to seat herself not too close to the end of the table, enough not to be rude anyways. She noticed the very different plate in front of the redhead, but didn't comment on it, instead picking at the fish and taking a forkful of the nicer bits into her mouth.
Cookiesareyummie Topic Starter

Youna had chosen eggs and some bacon, it was very tasty and a little salty. She sat down next to Medea and Flara. “Good Evening.” Flara seemed to be very bored, Youna felt bored to, but didn’t want to show it. She thought it was rude to do that.

And then she thought she heard footsteps upstairs, it was very loud.Nobody seemed to care besides Youna “Did you hear that?” Some girl from the other table said “That’s the ghost, there are ghosts here. Sometimes you hear them or see them in the mirrors. Nobody knows why the ghost lady is trapped here, but we do know she exists.” “Jesus Emily, you gonna tell that girl those ghost stories of you on her first day.” The girls continued eating.

“That’s cool, ghosts and stuff like that. Let’s take a look after dinner shall we? My name is Youna by the way.” Youna was excited, excited to discover what made this boarding school so scary and mysterious. Cause something definitely was off here.

And then she heard a voice, a cold raspy voice like that off someone who smoked a lot or someone was very old ‘Youna.’ She could hear it, the others probably heard the voice saying there name as well. But the voice quickly stopped talking.

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