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Lately I've been kinda feeling unfulfilled in terms of wanting to do more with my settings and stuff, but every time I try to fill that gap with rp it just. doesnt quite do it. I dont really have RP's last that long or go places I wanna explore fast enough, and even if I did most of the time I'm too unsure about how I even want to set things up. So, I was wondering if anyone wanted to just kinda... discuss worldbuilding, setting details, stuff like that outside of the context of an RP, just kinda, bounce ideas and stuff.

In terms of the actual stuff I'd be talking about... I like making vehicles and weaponry and units and stuff like that, so alot of it is just wanting to share that kind of thing, maybe talk about how it fits into the military hierarchy and stuff. Theres two settings I have, one being high fantasy the other being relatively grounded sci-fi, though I also have alot of 'historic' vehicles and stuff (including some that I'm modelling). Other than my never-ending repertoire of vehicle and weapon designs, I'm also struggling alot with the "metaphysics" in my fantasy setting.
Worldbuilding is definitely a massive undertaking! And I know different folks have different approaches. Some start with what they need and develop from there, some start with more of a plan of how things connect that gets steadily filled out with more and finer details, etc.

It can help to look over other worlds, what they've accounted for and stuff. Fan wikis might be a good thing for that. Or heck, looking at how Wikipedia or other things break down Earth and everything in it.

You also might find worldbuilding tools like World Anvil useful. The sense of having a template to fill out can offer some nice guidance. There's probably simpler template type things to get started with too, if the really detailed ones are too much to dive into right away.
I'm not so much looking for help as to just talk about it and bounce ideas. All that worldbuilding gets stale when it just sits in my myriad text docs without any chance to show it all off.
Well, I'm not that experienced in worldbuilding. Same as my roleplaying that i started taking it seriously since 2018 but until then, I've learned a lot.

Not really much after my arrival to RPR I began working on a huge project and made a Medieval Type roleplay with its own world and stuff. But it was also inspired by real medieval days and it was totally realistic like there were no fictional races like elves, etc. And I can remember I was totally thirsty for these types of roleplays after seeing those recent seasons of Game of Thrones.

I started making that group and the best part for me was making a huge world with a complete map providing villages and towns locations, all fully detailed. Took hours for me to complete the map. but the hardest part was to give a little back story for every village and town. We had almost 20 villages and 15 towns to give them all a little story so when your character gets into it, It doesn't feel like he's entering an empty area with nothing interesting going on. I splitted the work into two parts and gave one to my friend who was also a good writter to take care of it.

After all those works we roleplayed like 20 pages in general forum in that world (I didn't honestly know why i didn't use the group forums to RP, maybe because i didn't know how these group systems actually work.) then we stopped the story after a really important event which entered the whole realm into a total chaos. And after that our high school days made us busy enough to let us forget about roleplaying. However we all gonna get back and continue roleplaying that story we put so much efford in it, probably in next month.

Anyway, I said all these to get at this point. When you give so much efford to something, You have to believe the fact that all those effords you gave to the story and worldbuilding and other stuff are going be returned to you. I don't know if I can use correct words to tell you these. The thing I'm struggling to say is that feeling when you see the roleplay is actually getting somewhere and driving the people into a total and pure excitement and joy.The world is something like a body and the roleplaying is like a soul. Both of these two are nothing without each other.

If you looking for something to spark up your imagination and inspire you, I would really recommend you going to DND or EOS wikies. Just go and check out the world details like the background stories of villages and cities. You can also plan your plot and connect it to some of your worlds locations.

I hope it helped you. ;)
Spiritualeclipse wrote:
I'm not so much looking for help as to just talk about it and bounce ideas. All that worldbuilding gets stale when it just sits in my myriad text docs without any chance to show it all off.
Ah. Well, those resources can still help show it off and make it reference-able!

My own world that has had the most put into it remains a scattered mess. I have bits in different places that say different things, and awhile back I accidentally deleted a lot of info...
To be fair, I've been working on all sorts of worldbuilding with the help of partners, made some fantasy worlds with all sorts of races, their cultures and religions that are part of their traditions. I've done that in many 1x1 rps.

However, in time this became easy for me. It was like a pattern that can be easily repeated and changed. Whatever you do can be justified and make that universe you have created feel somewhat realistic and reasonable, because you manipulate that universe, switch and shift the elements until the form of it finally makes sense. I wanted an actual challenge.

I'm having more fun in the group I'm currently running. Yes, its happening in the modern world as we know it today with a lore that was made in the 90's, however, I kind of use the familiar environments and historical/popular events and intertwine it with something that is hiding beneath the surface. The illusion of this technique makes you feel as if this is actually real, like you're discovering the secrets of your own world you live in. It tackles the atmosphere and shifts it into something supernatural, brings the existential dread and horror that we as mortals have to face in critical situations. It is dark, it is gritty, it is heavy and hella intense, just how I like it hahahah

Aside from worldbuilding, I love taking the role of a storyteller and watching how other players tackle the issues I throw at them and how I challenge the growth of their characters. Its just chef's kiss.
I like building alien races, cultures, biology. that kinda thing.
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