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So, I recently made a group. I wanted to change the icon since that's the first thing people see when they're interested in your group so I went to the page and uploaded an icon. I clicked save changes and it told me I can't without uploading something for the banner as well. Ok, no problem. I uploaded a cool picture I thought would work well with my group. It cropped out the top half and bottom half without giving me any say so, but whatever. It turns out, it didn't look good with my group. So, I decided to change my banner, and leave the banner part transparent so that it remains the background color I set for my group. It won't let me. It says that I have to upload an image for my banner and if I leave the page with no image, it just reverts back to the original image. Is there a way to make it transparent again? Or crop the banner in a way I'd like to?

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I don't know about reverting it to transparent, but you could use a cropping website (such as iLoveImg to crop the image into 960 x 250.

(im pretty sure those are the banner dimensions; they worked for my group)
Are you saving your banner as a PNG? PNG's can have transparent backgrounds so you can create an empty PNG and save that as your banner leaving it transparent and 'empty,' while still having something uploaded.

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