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^^; ...there's literally only one other topic for this so uh, my awkward butt hopes I do this right. I've a bad spot for a while and need something to distract myself I guess so...

I'm looking to make a character that is:
--Male (or identifies as male, that counts too...)

I'd prefer him to:
--have a dark/troubled past


--NOT be completely evil/corrupt

Yup, those guidelines sound about right. Let me hear ALLLLLLLL your ideas peeps~!!
This young man is part of a tribe/race/religious group who have been oppressed for many generations. Your character meets demon and finds out that they share a common enemy. The demon would profit greatly if the oppressors were finally defeated in battle. So would your character, and all his friends and family. So, he makes a reluctant pact with the demon - the power to finally free his people in exchange for "owing one"
A former gang member that split ties after getting caught and doing a prison sentence. Trying to stay clean and straight, has a baby mama and daughter that he's fighting to see. Could get caught up in some supernatural business, depending on how you want the RPs to go
Transgender man whose family kicked him out not for being transgender, but rather, being unwilling to pretend to be his twin brother (though fraternal, they always looked alike, even more so now) who mysteriously disappeared 5 years prior. The family keeping it as underwraps as possible, convincing the public eye that he simply grew assaranged.

the unknown of this idea that can be added onto: His whole life he mattered less than his brother. Was in the public eye far less. So it would not be a terribly difficult task to get away with, however; he does not know exactly why they want him to pretend to be his brother. The answer of 'because they miss him and want to supplement with me' does not seem quite right to him. So what is the reason?

Other more basic appearance ideas:

5'8" tall.
Inky black hair.
Has heterochromia (one blue and one brown eye)
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

*forgets to breathe for a moment then gasps due to lack of air and remembers to breathe again*

Aw man, I was diggin' Jay's idea a lot but holy wow. Mercy...

My mind is now blown ladies and gentlemen, Mercy is either a mind reader, did scary amounts of research on me, is the worlds luckiest person with guessing things, or has a strange bit of interests that I also happen to share as well. O.o
I can't think too well now, I was gonna say something else but my mind got blown so
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

*dances out of a nearby closet singing maneater by Daryl Hall & John Oates*
~thanks Jay, I saw you post some lyrics on another topic and I've been dancing all over my house singing this song ALL DAY because now its burned into my brain.............right beside the image of a cliché lady vampire covered in blood from a recent feeding........................please explain to me why I now wish to re-watch Queen Of Hell but only on mute while this song blares on repeat from my radio for no real reason *dies* XD
So, what I have thus far... (still trying to smash puzzle pieces into place, this may change by the time this is over) a Transgender man whose filthy rich family kicked him out not for being transgender, but rather, being unwilling to pretend to be his twin brother who "mysteriously disappeared" some odd years prior. The family keeping it as underwraps as possible, convincing the public eye that he simply grew estranged...but really this "brother" was a demon who his family had conjured up and "enslaved" forcing it to mimic what their son would look like because of the fact that they didn't want the public to find out their son was an associate of the mafia and had been killed so the demon had been forced to take his appearance and place keeping up appearances with the mafia but the demon grew tired of it and eventually er...purposefully pissed of the mafia. The mafia retaliated by threatening the family because they couldn't find the missing man/demon who was on the run. The family then resorted to trying to force their remaining child to replace his this point he doesn't know about the demon but the two grew close while the demon held the appearance of his brother and that eventually "forces" the demon to reveal himself to the character which triggers a secret war on the city streets at night where chaos reigns until sun up...

OK a little sloppy/less consisely detailed at the end but this is my general skeleton of an idea after putting the ideas offered so far into my brain blender for a few hourssss...or maybe a whole day because I had to find a necromancer to revive my brain first...

...Low-key, I legit don't have any solid ideas yet, this was my attempt to wring my quickly drying creative juices out into a cup and splash them onto this post asking for more ideas ^^;
Kim Site Admin

Building on some of Mercy's physical ideas: Maybe he dies the tips of that inky black hair bright neon colors now and again, and you never know what color his hair will be streaked with when he turns up on a given day.

Maybe he does wheel pottery to relax.
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

I was thinking blue and brown heterochromia, but with blonde/dirty blond or maybe even brown hair...images of men with heterochromia are hard to find and I'm no artist so...if I DO end up going with blonde I might consider the dye idea since blonde hair is so easy to dye.

Now uh...
Wheel pottery? Huh......................

That's an interesting idea I NEVER woulda thought of...I was thinking of giving him some kind of artsy hobby but that's rather unique. I definitely will add that.........

...heck, I'd like to try out that myself at some point...

*spaces out in deep thought and disappears*
Kim Site Admin

It could also be colored with hair wax, if he has dark hair -- that would also let him change it almost daily. :)
Maybe the twist is that his brother isn't actually a demon at all; he's human as the rest of us, but has somehow been conditioned to believe he's something he's not. The stories woven around him suggests a demon or otherworldly trickster entity and that's what his family want to believe: that they've summoned something powerful and given their firstborn in exchange for it.

What they have in common and what will bind them is that they've both lived lives pretending to be something and someone they're not. There's undue expectations on them both - and those expectations have changed them to the core.
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

Ooooh that's a great idea wilts, I was kinda having trouble fitting in the demon idea...this makes it all make more sense, things are starting to fall into place now!

Switch out the Mafia's presence for that of the Yakuza and everything fits together a lot smoother as well... *spaces out in thought*
Kim Site Admin

Maybe it's not conditioning at all, but mental illness?
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

I was going for something like that, the way they conditioned him was with torture and "mind games" which eventually mentally broke him and in an attempt to prevent insanity his brain created an alternate personality..."the demon" is the alternate but it believes its the main, it lives his life and it was his decision to join the Yakuza.

I'm gonna sprinkle in a background of mental illness and I'm thinking about having my character have some sort of mental illness (no idea what type, any ideas?) as well. If their parents were mentally able to allow themselves to believe they had sacrificed their firstborn to summon a demon that "replaced" him and and be perfectly OK with it until it goes sour where upon they try to force their second son to take his brothers place as a cover-up there's obviously something wrong there.

I was considering the idea that my character and his brother form a deep bond after he realizes what's happened to his brother and goes to try and help him which ends up being an idea that gets him in the middle of Yakuza business which puts him in enough danger to coax his brothers main personality out (because he truly loves his brother and doesnt want to see him hurt) long enough for his brother to save him, betray the Yakuza, and leave them both on the run....
Kim Site Admin

Depression or bipolar spring to mind, though I caution that with RL mental illness, a lot of research should be done first. :)
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

Uhm, well ya see...
^^; I wouldn't really have to research those because I suffer from both myself actually...

I was thinking something...a bit less close to home if you get that...and something that doesn't affect his mood so much as either of those...something less widely known/more rare, hard to diagnose, and/or less likely to be noticed so quickly by others he meets (something it may take people months or even years to notice even without him trying to hide it)?
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

Heavily researching Derealization now, seems like that may be something my character could potentially suffer with.
Duri Suthers (played by Orrik_Zynn_x2) Topic Starter

Woo! So um, yeah...I was kinda working on this character all day since I woke up at 3am and only took four short breaks during this time so I got a lil headache now but HEY LOOK AT THIS! I'm already finished!! :D
Check it out y'all~
Kim Site Admin

Wow you were ON IT Orrik! :D :D :D
Orrik_Zynn_x2 Topic Starter

Yup yup :3
I love him! Good job, he looks really intriguing. *heart eyes*

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