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I'm surprised more haven't done this. This seems like a brilliant idea and great for getting characters beyond our normal ideas...well 3rd posts a charm? Hope it's right.

Looking to add to my fantasy roster with...
  • A male human/beast or mythical creature hybrid.
  • Gifted teen mage
  • Has an amusing/charming, fatal flaw.

Let's see what you guys have.
Mother was a naiad, father a werebear, specializes in combining earth and water magic, narcoleptic, and constantly low-grade smells like wet fur
Kim Site Admin

Fatal flaw idea: Can't contact soapy water or will met, à la the wicked witch of the west. ;)
Thinking along the lines of mythical creatures, maybe a sort of caladrius/crow hybrid or a gorgon/human or other humanoid hybrid.

For the first idea, a caladrius is a pure white mythological bird that brings about healing and is said to know if a person will live or die. If a caladrius looks into a persons eyes, they will recover. If the creature looks away from an ill person, they are destined to die. They can take the sickness from a person into itself and harmlessly disperse it, bringing healing to those succumbed to an illness. In many myths, the crow is known as a harbinger or omen of death. A simultaneous combination of the pair would symbolize both life and death, an interesting concept to play around with and a goldmine for powers and abilities. Another symbol or omen of death would work as well, if you want a more beast like or different creature combination. With the caladrius/crow hybrid, they could appear as a human with one white wing and one black, with various birdlike aspects of both light and dark.

For the second idea, a gorgon is a creature form Greek mythology. They typically depicted in many ways, with either half the body of a snake or snakes for hair. In any case, snakes are a seemingly defining feature of a forngo. In original myths, there were only three gorgons, a group of sisters. However, this could be altered and changed to be a common race of creatures, or monsters. The main reason a gorgon came to mind is that in some versions of the myth, the blood of a gorgon’s right and left side have either healing properties, or is a deadly substance. This is an interesting power or biological idea in my opinion, and again doesn’t have to be a part human combination. The other hybrid parts can be some other beast or mythological creature.
Although this character's parents both appear human, he claims fey, celestial, draconic (or even demonic!) ansestry. And while this may seem like an empty boast for most people, he definintely has the brute magical power to back it up.

The fatal flaw is that he's terrified of bees! Not allergic, just absolutely terrified!
LunarValravn Topic Starter

So many good ideas so far...can I make more than one character with this? My mind is running wild!
Haha! So many cool ones! Uh, I think the caladrius idea is really cool... And the crow thing, too. What if, uh... What if it was a white crow? You wouldn't really be able to tell the difference very well, but if he had magical feathers that were just sort of like... Intermingled? He wouldn't be able to tell very well, either. Heh. Then it wouldn't be very good for his enemies, or for him! :D

I don't see why you couldn't make more characters, @LunarValravn - uness you ran out of slots! Hehe! by the way, what anime is your profile pic from?
LunarValravn Topic Starter

Shinyrainbowlithogra wrote:
I don't see why you couldn't make more characters, @LunarValravn - uness you ran out of slots! Hehe! by the way, what anime is your profile pic from?

Yes, the dreaded lack of character slots! 😭😂 Can always add more thankfully.

My profile pic is from the PS4 game Dot Hack//G.U. Last Recode. The games are based off the anime Dot Hack//Roots and the movie(condensed version) Dot Hack//G.U. Trilogy.
Ah, awesome!! I really like what I've read of the dot hack manga and books. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
vampire/werewolf mix?

Not really welcome with the vampires or werewolves because they are enemies and a hybrid is weird. So the character had to learn magic to survive and became talented.

Fatal flaws: hes clumsy. So incredibly clumsy despite his composed visage (bit cliche sorry)? Or maybe he just always says the opposite of what he means by mistake?
Kim Site Admin

Maybe he has a faun ancestor somewhere back in his family tree, and he has to hide his hooves? :)
Kim Site Admin

  • Maybe he attends a magical school à la Hogwarts
  • Maybe he got kicked out of a magical school à la Hogwarts, because he has a bit of a rebellious streak and kept arguing with teachers -- they wanted him to practice technique, but because he is so gifted, he has the raw power to make things happen even if he's doing them a little wrong and he felt they should stop riding him since he could technically do all the homework assignments.
  • Maybe he has not been kicked out yet but is in danger of being kicked out because he has undiagnosed/undertreated ADHD and can't seem to force himself to do the homework. His teachers THINK he is being defiant, but really he very much wants to do it, and he feels sort of lost about being branded a bad kid despite meaning very well and can't quite understand why he can't seem to get it together despite his raw talent. Is he trying to cover for this bewilderment by starting to lean into the bad boy label in the hopes that people will think he's defiant rather than stupid (he is neither)? Will he keep trying to get people to understand?
Had he an Instagram bio - he'd stake a claim to every ~cool~ creature out there. The truth is far less charming and uninspiring, he's not the dizzying rare blend he markets himself as.

Far from it.

He's part troll.
Espen Vreos (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

So much work and so little time but I present Espen Vreos! Believe it or not, I actually created three characters from this event so thanks, everyone! :3 If I wasn't supposed to make so many for the event, Sorry. There were so many good ideas!

The artwork is most of what has been stalling my progress...Was hoping to have all their pics up by now.

I would like to give special thanks to wilts and JoJoApples who presented ideas that are good but I couldn't quite fit into these characters. I'm keeping the ideas though so you may see a half-troll and/or werewolf/vampire character on my page soon.
Teivel (played anonymously)

Character number 2! Still in process of getting artwork for this guy up. Keep an eye out if you want
Ovoro (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

And Character 3! This guy's backstory is still a mess and need of fine-tuning. Sorry bout that...

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