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Here we go, hopefully I’m posting this right XD

Here are my basic ideas for an OC:

- Fantasy genre

- Female gender

- Secretive owner of some sort of unusual magic shop

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with :)
A bit sci-fantasy, but an artificer that gets her artifacts and such by secretly traveling from a fantasy world to a high-tech sci-fi world, brings stuff back, and reverse-engineers and disguises it, or adapts it. Distant-talking stones inscribed with runes, coffee makers powered by trapped fire sprites, storm-in-a-bottles providing illumination through whole castles.
She's secretive because her shop acts as a safehouse. She has a magically hidden rear room where wanted beings can lie low for a couple of days. Whether she is hides good beings being chased by evil forces, or is an evil being herself and is the front for a smuggling den, theives hideout etc - well that's up to you.
Perhaps the secret lies in her blood. She is one of the last of a noble line, remembered only in tales and legend, that once maintained peace and order between worlds and brought prosperity to all. Though that time is long past, she would still delight in trading with the many worlds. A special family heirloom, a book, crystal, creature, or something else allows her to travel to many different worlds, brings otherworldly merchants to her, or both.

If word got out about the heirloom, the other worlds would be at risk of being harmed or even exploited by darker souls. Rival merchants would try to buy it or send scoundrels to obtain the object for themselves. She would have her ways of keeping it safe be it illusions, traps, or other means.

A strange idea...probably intrusive...perhaps as a world traveling merchant she could trade objects across the many worlds in RPR?
Kim Site Admin

Maybe it's a bakery, and the magical items are little cakes with minor effects, à la the Alice in Wonderland Eat Me sweets that cause growing, shrinking, the ability to cry a literal ocean (or in this case, maybe just a nice koi pond for your garden...)
Kim Site Admin

Another suggestion: Set her in Victorian England? :D
DyingEmbers Topic Starter

Ooh, all these ideas are so creative :D

If there's any ideas regarding appearance or personality as well, that would be awesome :)

Thank you so much!
Hmm....a noble-blooded Victorian baker, who is secretive, hides people and things, possibly travels or at least communicates to/with other lands, maybe even other times... She could probably be some sort of scryer, or something, and she makes magical cakes... Hm. Perhaps reddish-purple hair, a sort of shimmering, billowing wave of it, with bright silvery eyes, and a stony grey-gold complexion? Or maybe mahogany. Something sort of grand. Regal. But playful! She wears cute earrings, I bet, made of coral or blue stone or something. Mm... She's a baker, so I would say on the heavier side or something, but she's also the fantasy equivalent of a secret agent, right? So maybe she's ...sort of slim, but chubby? Has a babyfaced? That would be funny. She'd be super cute but kind of embarrassed about it. Also, maybe she's kind of buff.
Ah, Victorian dresses! Hmm. I would go for grey, pinstripes, dotted with tiny beads. Lovely necklaces, comfortable cloth, airy neck opening but a high collar. Floral prints. Has a handkerchief and smells lovely, like lilacs.
Whee! I bet she makes amazing croissants. When you break them open, you can hear the sound of the sea, so children love them, and some adults do too.
Singing truffles, that are like a sweet delightful ball of cream, but they make your voice smooth and airy. It's still your voice, but so much lighter! Cookies that make you more dexterous. Maybe. Fruit tarts that make you cheerful. Something that makes it so when you walk around in the rain, you don't get too wet-- -Just wet enough! Because who doesn't like a rainy curl to their hair. :P
Maybe she has fortune cookies as well. Oooh. And crackers. Just, exceptionally good crackers.

Also, I just wanna say how nice her necklace is. It's so shiny and pretty. OvO
Kim Site Admin

She dresses well, because she knows that it is unusual for a woman to own a business and she wants to be taken quite seriously. But the dust (if an item shop) or flour (if a bakery) are a major issue for her nice dresses, so she owns a wide assortment of large, wrap-around aprons. She's a bit embarrassed of these aprons because of the way she wants to present herself, so she is always hurrying to take her apron off when someone comes into the shop.

But the aprons are super convenient because they have a wide assortment of pockets, which isn't just helpful for running a shop/bakery... You can fit a lot of spell components into those pockets! ;) So they are almost like her wizard robes, and she does wear them when she is helping other magical creatures to escape.
Wooah, that's cool... I bet she has something to keep it unstained, too, so it's nice and clean all the time (except for maybe some residue of the flour she uses consistently).

Maybe she has something else interesting in her shop, like a cuckoo clock or bright'n'shiny animal figurines. Not anything that would draw too much notice, but a cool little piece of art to look at.
Aileen Serimandes (played by DyingEmbers) Topic Starter

It's taken a little while to pull everything together, but here she is! I want to thank everyone for the amazing ideas, they were really creative and intriguing concepts! I hope you all like how she turned out :D
She looks great! I like the profile design, as well. Thank you for your consideration!

I did notice, though, it says on her profile that her earrings 'danged' instead of 'dangled', unless that's some new verb I don't know about. ^_^ Heehee. Anyway, it'll be exciting to see her out and about in the roleplay world (worlds?). She's an interesting character for sure!

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