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Ask my characters a question and I'll draw the answer!

I've done this once before, back when it was popular, but I got a little overwhelmed and worn out. But I've gotten more confident with my art skills and I want to give it another shot!

That being said - I'm not doing first come first served! I may skip questions where the answer just isn't all that interesting, or if I'm struggling to draw it, I may come back to them later. Art is also not going to be heavily refined!

So these are the characters open for questions

From an original universe:

From the Shadowrun Universe

(In both cases, you don't need to know too much about the universe - they are light sci-fi with magical elements)
What would Roach wear if she had to dress in formal attire? ;)
What Disney Princess would Barame be? (every gender can be Disney Princess ^-^)
Claine Topic Starter

What's the one food Son Seong-Hyeon has a hard time turning down?
Claine Topic Starter

Claine wrote:

HAHA I love it, I was actually pretty certain it was going to end up being either the non-princess but absolute warrior queen Mulan or masc-Elsa.
how does Sol react to hate and/or supportive comments on his blog?
Question(For anyone)

How would (He or She) react if they woke up as the opposite gender?

(I didn't know who to pick,so its your choice to pick the character)
Claine Topic Starter

What would Barame do if he find himself stranded on a deserted island alone in the middle of nowhere?
Claine Topic Starter

Got some free time so back at it!!



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