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Hey hi hello!
I am Cami, or Cammi, or Apothic, or Anathe
and I am a template designer here on our wonderful RPR.

Firstly: I am upgrading old code from my older templates, so if things seem wonky on a template of mine that you're using that's probably why! Please just shoot me a DM and let me know so I can fix it.

Secondly: I am accepting custom template commissions. My commissions start cost between $30 and $45 USD + the cost of any assets I have to acquire (don't worry, I try to find free ones first!) I am willing to do art trades on a case by case basis (please DM me first before assuming I will accept the trade!). To commission me all you have to do is fill out the form below and DM it to me.
Template Commission Form

Your preferred name:
Discord?: (I use this as a way to keep you up to date on your commission)
Template Name:
Colors: (pick between 3 and 5)
Fonts: (go here and pick 3, if your font isn't available I will find one visually similar)
General Theme:
Narrow content box or wide?: (I tend to favor narrow which is why I ask this)
Where do you want your content box?: (left, right, center, etc)
Account wide or one character?:

And finally: Along with updating code on my old templates I have also begun releasing new templates with my updated code. The first set is called Marble and comes in Gilded (gold), Sterling (silver), and Rose Gold. Depending on interest I may also release Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Amethyst. I will be using this thread when I release a new template for public use as well as keeping track of my commissions!

Cami Topic Starter

Ritual has been released!
Cami Topic Starter

Three new releases

Black Velvet

White Velvet

Star Dipper

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