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Wandering through the ripple in space to the forest seen beyond may not be the wisest course of action, but there is a jack'o'lantern through there, resting on a stump the size of an ample dinner table. In fact, the entire clearing beyond it is... decorated. A strange mist fills the air toward the edges, and hints of faces, hands, and vague figures lurk just inside, barely visible in the dim, late-evening light. All manner of strange wood-and-metal machines and pieces of antique-looking equipment line an approximated path, electrodes sparking, flywheels whirling, dim lights flickering, and pistons pumping to create an image of a Frankenstein-style-scientist's workspace, including a scorched and stained bed-sized working-table off to the left where numerous cables seem to lead. The space between the machines and gizmos leads to the base of a colossal tree, and an opening the size of a single-car garage door diving between a pair of the enormous roots and into the darkness.

Anyone who takes a closer look at the elaborate setup may catch the faint glint of crimson runes inscribed on the wood of the machines, barely glowing enough to stand out against the wood at all. In fact, anyone sensitive to magical energy can feel the energy here. The runes of course, the mist as well, but the air in this forest, of this world, even, is positively thrumming with energy.

At least for the first visitors, nobody is immediately visible here, but there is an unmistakable, almost unnerving sense of being watched...

((Meta-notes: I'm probably only able to handle a half-dozen people at once here, though if a well-coordinated group of more is going around together, I might be able to accommodate that if nobody else is here. :3 Also, please, please, please try not to "talk over" each-other too much. '^v^ I'll be responding frequently, but not constantly. Please be courteous and patient with your posts <3))
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

It felt best to enjoy a break from the chaos of the world she looked after. Having been drawn by some power, Kuroi now found herself meandering down a path of unusual gizmos and contraptions. Many of them reminded her of various things the Raixi worked with but that wasn't why she was here.

A season of spooks and treats; she heard one should go in a costume if they wanted treats but as what? As a shapeshifter there were many things one could be. One moment she was a werewolf with a flowing mane of moonlight, then a dragon, and the next a black kitsune.

With each step, the sense of being watched grew stronger. Her ears flipped about, if they could, and she looked about. It couldn't be the magic messing with her senses could it? When the tree was in sight, Kuroi noticed the faint runes and studied them. So unique compared to those she used. Were these the source of the unease?
Victi Aurora Silverfur (played by Avitrathephoenix) Topic Starter

As the shapeshifter continues down the path, the pace of the machines' actions increases. Anything that spins does so faster, arcs of electricity strengthen until they reach an eerie, crackling crescendo, sharp sounds disquietingly dampened by the fog. The combined sound of everything in motion is like a frantic, no, and eager mechanical heartbeat, as if a predator thrilled to have prey.

A laugh rises from somewhere as she examines the now much brighter runes, a cruel, ancient, wheezing sound filled with an unnaturally cruel sense of mirth. Over the few seconds it lasts, it seems for an instant everywhere, then from one point in the fog, then to a point just behind the visitor, and again to everywhere.

"Ancient... Powerful... Courageous... Alone." The words are hissed right next to Kuroi's ears, as if by the mists themselves, "The masks you wear reveal you more than ever could your visage itself."

That laugh comes again, this time following a path as if flitting overhead, but there isn't anything there.

A clockwork winding key becomes apparent on the surface of one of the devices, the small bit of metal previously obscured by the field of sorcery contained in, or maybe containing, the ambient fog. At the same time, two other devices come to prominence or... no, come to lack of concealment. Kuroi is likely magically aware enough to realize at this point that everything here is lightly concealed, meant to fade into the background, but evenly enough that nothing is missed. The effect lifted, however, some things stand out more.

One of the machines in focus is a bulky array of gears, belts, and un-aligned lenses, and the other looks like some kind of generator on a table. A few knobs, a crank handle or valve, and one of those big square levers are between the dormant power-source and a pair of sharp metal prongs at the end of wires.

The hissing whispers return, saying, "Find and open the case, and feast on freedom itself."

It seems someone has left a puzzle for any would-be sweets-seekers.
Cavalia (played by Kim)

The stocky young centaur's hoof falls are muffled by the mossy forest floor, so her approach soon after Kuroi is much stalthier than her normal clomp. Her pony body is wrapped in pink tulle, and her legs criss-crossed in shiny satin ribbon. A crown of ribbons and fabric flowers sit - a bit too jauntily - atop her head.

Her eyes get a little wide as she sees all the gadgets and hears the whispers, but there's a glint there too; the lust for adventure. "If you don't mind," she announces to Kuroi, "I'll go with you, yeah? We can solve it together."
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

She turned to locate the source of the laugh only to find the voice in her ear, locking her into the form of the werewolf. The chilling familiarity was too close to the behavior of an old friend or was it foe? Claws lashed out when she whirled around but found only air. Of course the demon wouldn't follow.

A new yet familiar sound reached her ears now. The sight of the centaur only added to the dream-like aura of this place. Had she simply fallen asleep? " More minds are always better" She said with a nod.

" Do you know anything about machines?" Her attention turned to one of the recently revealed machines. They were similar yet very different to Raixi works. " I fear these are not my forte"
Cavalia (played by Kim)

Cavalia squints at the array of knobs, cranks and handles, wrinkling her nose.

"Welllll... I used to have an, uh, assistant, who was really good at this sort of thing. He was an artificer, you see. I picked up a few things from him. I say we try a few and see what they do; we're starting from zero information here, and some info is better than none, yeah?"
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

" Indeed, something shall give us a clue on what to do" She meandered closer to the switch. If there was one thing the Raixi helped her with, it was understanding what a power source was. " First...shall we see which way the puzzle must be solved?" She stated while flipping the switch.
Victi Aurora Silverfur (played by Avitrathephoenix) Topic Starter

The large lever has a stiffness and heft to it, a resistance to its motion, but it still moves readily when given a solid pull. Something clicks inside the machine, and the generator whirs and rumbles for a few moments. Electricity crackles between the two prongs as the machine whirs, and a path of runes running under the cables leading to them lights more brightly, but it doesn't last very long. There's also a small clatter from the back of the generator.

A long, threaded tube has popped out of the generator, in line with the rotary part inside of the device, likely unscrewed by the device's spinning. Behind it, now revealed, is a narrow, rectangular hole, rounded and widened near the middle. Similar in shape to the winding key brought to prominence elsewhere.

The threading on the tube is unusually thick and deep compared to a typical screw-thread, and is well polished as well. A pair of notches run the length of the inside of the tube as well. Though its closed end matches the dull metal of the generator, the rest of it stands out sharply from the equipment on this bench...
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

Ears drooped with the dreadful sound. Carefully she looked back and raised one ear to find the tube. " Nothing like a crash course on machinery..."

With a sigh she headed over to investigate. The tube was lifted and held to the place it belonged for a moment. " I believe I saw this shape earlier" It was placed back where it should have been before she turned her head about. Her ears perked up when she saw the key. " Ah, there" Kuroi said as it was lifted into the air.

The key was tested in the hole but the rest of tube seemed...odd. " where is this supposed to go?"
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

With recent success on some recent ops, Kamura had finally been allowed to take some downtime from the Wolvan Special Operations Command. Eventually, he had found himself in a realm of reality far from his own. It was not uncommon for the lupe to go on a sometimes fun and even dangerous trip into the unknown. The visual asthetic was enough to remind him of home, his somewhat polluted planet having reminded him of the seemingly magical energy that surrounded this place. It was even able to remind him of the own mana that constantly coursed through his veins.

As for his costume, the Wolvan had merely taken a suit of power armor that lacked any of the active defense systems of normal combat models. It was the best he could do for a costume, even if he technically wore a more extensive model on the battlefield. He could feel as if though he were being watched, not uncommon due to his ability to feel magical presences in some specific situations. The atmosphere is more than spooky, and the wolf wouldn't have his Halloween any other way as he continued down the path in search of treats.
Victi Aurora Silverfur (played by Avitrathephoenix) Topic Starter

((Kuroi, where are you putting the tube? back into the generator?))
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

((Yes, silver))
Victi Aurora Silverfur (played by Avitrathephoenix) Topic Starter

((Oh, oops, misread something. Things make sense now that my bird isn't yelling at me. Thank you for getting me to re-read!))

The key does in fact fit in the hole, and seems ready to be turned. There is more resistance counterclockwise than clockwise, as if a spring is being put into tension.

The tube, for its part, gives no answers. Either more experimentation is needed, or it's time to look at the other machine...

If Ember tries to proceed past the two already present and down into the space under the tree, an unseen barrier blocks his way. At the moment, no other pathways are visible save the seventy or so meters between the spatial anomaly and that opening. It looks like this space is pretty much just for the celebratory setup at the moment.
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

The key was turned until it could move no more. Her tail swayed to and fro while looking over the puzzling contraptions. What had the Raixi called them? Metal life? Wires, the veins. Metal, the bones and armor. Glass...the glint of the lenses caught her attention. Steadily, she walked over and looked over each one.

These felt easier to understand. Their design and structure was reminiscent of various magical constructs in her castle. " True to any energy source...things must be...aligned...properly..." Care was taken as they were shifted.

She lifted her head when a most unusual figure moved in the back. Another creature? Wolf? He was far too dark to be a Raixi but not enough heads to be a Kerberol.
Cavalia (played by Kim)

Cavalia nods in satisfaction as Kuroi seems to have the first machine under control, and wheels around to trot toward the second machine.

"Hey you," she calls out to the mech-suit wearing wolven that has just emerged through the trees, giving him a quick once over. "You look like you know about gadgets. Come here and help me with this!"
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

"Ahem... I didn't quite expect for some kind of puzzle. " he stood back and merely watched the key turning for a moment. "I just arrived here, I may require some context on what exactly I'm meant to do." He responded, more than willing to help even though he had only a single purpose in mind.

"But sure, I do indeed have a respectable level of mechanical knowledge." He responded, having observed them trying to turn the key to little effect. "Have you looked at the other contraption here? Maybe we should start with that." Ember slowly strode over towards the... Taur..? "I'm Ember, in case you didn't quite know my name. Few seem to be familiar with my alias."
Victi Aurora Silverfur (played by Avitrathephoenix) Topic Starter

As soon as the key is released, the generator whirs to life again, apparently running off the tension in the spring. Again, it takes only seconds for it to entirely wind down and make the prongs spark all the while. Knowing how to prime the wind-up generator will definitely be useful.

The array of lenses is obviously out of alignment, and several pieces are missing. It does not willingly respond to forcing, and it emits somehow very annoyed feeling, but non-harmful, electric shocks if forced to near breaking. There's a slot that an angle-toothed gear should drop into (and a pin to slide through the middle hanging off the machine by a string), a gear with a nub on top which only connects to one other gear, another missing gear in the same plane as that one, a pair of short prongs off the middle of a (thankfully connected) pulley which look like they should support a worm gear, and a lens frame at an angle is missing the corresponding piece of glass.

Even with all of these parts absent, however it looks like the mechanism is workable, at least partially: There's a hole identical to the one in the back of the generator on one panel to the side, connected to the rest of the system somewhere in the less accessible parts of the machine, and the chain of mechanical components leads to several wheels housing the lenses, ready to be shifted and rotated into place by the machine.
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

"So it looks like we can fix some of the mechanism, maybe re-allign these lenses..." Ember responded, striding over towards the other machine and taking a short look. Some of these aspects reminded him of a laser repair course he oversaw back in the day, in the officer's academy. The wolf didn't attempt to force it, as that would surely damage the machine in some way. "We might have to gather an external part, or something. Does that pipe come out?" Ember suggested, generally wanting to get an idea on what the functions did when one attempted to activate them. It was probably best to know this, to see which parts did what.
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn)

The stubbornness of the lenses made her flip her ears back but relief washed over her when the centaur called to the third member. " It seems this puzzle is what we must solve for the reward. Feast on freedom is how it was put" Kuroi glanced over the complexity of it all then stepped back.

The certainty in his voice confirmed the other's deduction of his knowledge. " Pipe? You mean what I just put back in?" She looked over to see it wind down. So much to figure but so little time it felt. " Ember was it? You may call me Kuroi and this one is..."
Cavalia (played by Kim)

"My name is Cavalia. It's a pleasure to meet you both. I'd shake your hands, but it seems we're on a deadline."

The centaur begins pacing around the clearing, using her hooves to paw away fallen leaves, searching high and low for hidden parts - cogs, keys, or other bits and bobs that might be hiding around the area.

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