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Casimir Lancaster (played anonymously)

This is for everyone to RP in and gain new connections, network, and enjoy the night's festivities of food and drink. If RP's in here get sent off into private RP's with one another, then this RP was successful! Please DM me if you have questions. Occasionally, a random event may happen for your characters to respond to, which is also dice rolled for intensity. If you wish to roll for your response, you may do so - otherwise it isn't required. I will be NPCing the Inkeeper, who will speak in yellow colored speech.. Cas will be speaking in orange colored font.

It is late at night, and a hellacious thunderstorm has tormented the area for most of the night. The rain, gushing down like a monsoon, soaks every surface it touches leaving puddles and spots of mud in the ground. Buckthorne is a moderately sized village in the middle of a valley where goods are sold or exchanged. It is a central point for many trade routes to and from the capital, which is named Avalon. All the buildings are darkened except for one, where the smell of food and drink and loud voices can be heard. Singing, laughing, and various voices break the silence in Buckthorne. It seems tonight, the inn is fairly busy and packed. The warm orange glow of the Dragon's Tooth Inn radiates outward, enticingly inviting you to enter. All types of people can be found here both good and evil, noble and poor, lucrative and secretive. What you may find in here is anyone's guess. Take a break, stay a night, have some dinner, or participate in a drinking game. Will you enter, or stay outside in the rain?

The building itself is two stories tall, cobblestone and thatch roof, with a pair of lanterns and a wooden sign etched with a dragon. It is very well built, and has a stable to the side for horses. The inn is also has a place were pigs are kept, and it has it's own root cellar and storage in the basement. Bedrooms are upstairs, rentable for two gold a night.

Cas cursed under his breath as he rode in on horseback. His clothes were soaked, he needed a smoke, and it's been six hours since the start of his ride. Ice blue eyes glistened under the shade of his hooded woolen cloak which was brown in color. The man's face was hidden to save the recognition from others upon looking at it. Whether or not he would be recognized out here could be anyone's guess, but the possibility was there. In any event, he needed a room and some food, and his horse needed to rest. The poor bay was near foaming at the mouth and gasping for air. It could be a couple days to ensure that the horse wouldn't die on him, or he would have to sell it for another. Buckthorne was one of those places on his map that was at risk due to the volume of people coming in and going out, but it also meant it had resources and goods for him to restock if it was absolutely necessary.

The stablehand took a hold of the reigns as Cas dismounted. After giving instructions to the stablehand in regards of care to his horse, Cas stomped inside, water puddles splashing as he made his way to the steps. Could the rain get any heavier? Even through his heavy woolen cloak, the drops of rain pelted his skull like a dozen pebbles being thrown at him. While none of the drops hurt, the force in which they came down was utterly surprising. Thunder boomed across the skies as the heavy oak door was thrown open and shut immediately behind Casonce he made it past the threshold. Cas cursed under his breath as the volume of sound changed from the thunderstorm to various voices laughing, talking, and speaking. Cas wasn't sure which was more deafening; the thunderstorm or the tavern's ambiance?

"Evenin' sir. What can I do for ye?" The burly innkeeper asked Cas when he walked up to the counter. The innkeeper was middle aged with blue eyes, balding brown hair with a moustache and beard. Laugh lines decorated his face, though his scars and muscles told of a more tense time in his life. Cas leaned on the counter toward the innkeeper. "I need a room please. Whatever you have. I need it for a few days. Preferably toward the back of the inn, and rather large." With the request, several gold coins were presented in secret, to which the Innkeeper looked down briefly with blue eyes and then back to Cas. "Well, we do have one room available usually used for important guests..." the innkeeper started to say. When Cas presented his purse which contained much more gold, the innkeeper was convinced. "But I think we can reserve it for ya. Give me fourty and you can stay as long as you like." The innkeeper whispered. Cas frowned a bit, knowing it was a steep price if he was only going to be here temporarily, but there were jobs he could take to recoup the loss. The gold was exchanged, and the innkeeper sent off one of his ladies to clean the room and have it prepped for him. "I want the key, also." Cas instructed with a glare, and the innkeeper obliged.

Now, time to settle. Cas took a booth in the back and threw himself into the bench, a rough sigh escaping his lips. Sore muscles screamed at him to get a hot bath going to relax, but he couldn't do that yet. The man needed food first, and to ensure that no one was following him. The soaked, woolen hood remained up as the warmth of the tavern began to soak into his clothing. Cas lit up a pipe and put it to his lips to puff on. The smells of various herbs added to the smell of the tavern as the noise from everyone else drowned out the thoughts circling in his head.

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Moll (played by TheLittleWitch)

Dainty fingers dug into the soft, soaked soil of the leaf laden slope-side, clawing the maiden up the way from the woodland. Inky earth now packed the underside of her nails like black crescent moons tipping each of her fingers, and stained the skin on her hands with a natural darkness. As she climbed, leaves and bits of twigs clung to the tarnished night slip she wore, catching and tangling in the lacey hem, but the girl didn't seem to be bothered.

Once she crested the top of the slope, she paused a moment and listened, swaying gently on her bare feet and gathering herself. The wild wind whipped her wet, long locks across her ashen face and collarbones. It chilled her, lifting goosebumps upon her flesh and summoning forth a mighty tremble that seemed to emanate from her very bones. Cold, dreadfully cold... A deep roll of thunder sprawled over the sky above, as if encouraging her worries with ominous laughter. She embraced herself in attempts of protection from the elements, pressing herself forward towards the beacon in the night around her.

As she neared the structure, whose welcoming lights drew her like a simple moth, the wind began to carry towards her scents of sharp herbs and savory foods, along with the stubborn rain. Briefly, she paused beside a smaller shelter, where she ran her fingertips over the velvet snouts of the horses housed there. Alas, the saliva gathering in her mouth from the tempting smells drove her to bid goodnight to the beasts and carry on towards the promising glow of the Inn.

A strike of white light illuminated the surrounding darkness as the lass reached the door to salvation, pulling it open and slipping inside like a mouse. Ah, the fire. It beckoned her immediately, and she scurried to its cozy call. Fluid, graceful movements carried her across the floor through the scattering of wooden tables, as if she were some ballerina on the stage. Though, the light trailing of muddy water left in her wake was less elegant.

She slipped down to her knees beside the flame of the hearth, reaching her clammy hands towards the flickering licks of orange. Her lengthy tendrils of hair dripped slow, steady drops down her back, while smaller droplets rolled down her cheekbones and dropped to her décolletage. A gentle sigh of relief escaped her plump lips, whispered to the fire.
Thalia was truly not happy with the situation she found herself in. She had arrived in Buckthrone last night to find the last few ingredients for a potion a rich nobleman had requested. She usually wouldn't travel far for a job like that, but he had assured he would pay well. The ingredients were crucial to getting the potion right, and Thalia always wanted to deliver to perfection.

Dragon tooth and black spider paste had turned out to be difficult to find, and she was now forced to stay the night in the inn. This did not find Thalia well. She longed to her home with warm furs and silk robes, but alas the weather was not up for travelling the night. Luckily she had paid for bigger room at the inn, all to a far too hefty price for her liking. She huffed in annoyance with the thought and took a sip of her wine. At least that was decent.

The door to the inn opened and closed as a stranger arrived, making a cold wind breeze through. It was far too cold outside for Thalia's liking. She wrapped her black travelling cloak tighter around her shoulder. Her hands fumbled briefly into her bag where she searched for her most prized possessions. Her reading cards.
She had told many futures and answered many questions with the colorful pictures. Maybe it could distract her from the unfamiliar, loud inn for just a second? She began shuffling the cards in her hands. The colorful cards danced between her pale skin, and she instantly felt a bit warmer, happier and safer.
A hooded figure walked into the inn, face covered except for a long orange muzzle sticking out from the front and two furred ears sticking up from two holes on the top of the hood. Not so odd a figure normally, but what was odd was that instead of having two legs, the figure had four legs, a tail and two arms. All covered in orange fur as well, except the end of the tail which was snow white in color.

The figure walked to a table near the back, and gently moved aside the chair and sat down on the floor, and carefully removed the twin swords crisscrossed across it's back, so as not to unduly startle any other patrons. Then the figure pulled the hood down, revealing the face of a female fox. She looked around the place, as if looking for someone in particular.
The inn door swung open, and a tall figure stumbled inside. Dressed in a trim black suit, the gray wolf looks to be quite affluent, although something about how he carries himself suggests this wasn't always the case. His kind golden eyes glance around the room before he enters. He shakes off his wet fur at the doorstep, careful not to track water on the floor, before taking a seat at the bar, and calling the innkeeper over.
The vixentaur looked up and watched the newcomer enter, her orange eyes slitted as she studied the gray wolf. She noticed he seemed to be out of place in a town like this, more upper-class than the riff-raff that seemed to be hanging around the inn. She watched him call the barkeep over, while also studying the other patrons, resuming her looking for a particular person.
He wanders in, huddling into a corner with his loaf of bread. It's a little dry and gnarled, which is more than can be said for the rest of him, which is wet and gnarled. His cloak drips rainwater, and his hood and nose and hair have droplets running off of them, as well. He leaves a faint trail of water in his wake, clearer and warmer than the scummy puddles outside, but cooling and collecting dirt.
He nods apologetically at various patrons and guests, and makes eye contact (it seems) with the person who looks like they might be the leader of this place.
He shuffles into a nearby corner to eat his bread in the dry rainless hall.

It is faintly dark, and he munches on the bread as candlelights flicker, and his eyes rove across the room full of people.
Casimir Lancaster (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Hey all - I am soooo sorry I did not get back to this sooner!! My goal is to post an update once a week so that this thread keeps going. Now that we have a good crowd going, this will be the start of Round #2! What happens in the rounds? Who knows. Only time will tell!

Cas had gotten comfortable in the tavern as others began to enter. Most were hooded until they stepped inside, so identifying faces didn't happen often. The ice blue eyes glittered in the limited light of the tavern, occasionally locking onto the inn keeper as his deep voice greeted those coming in. "Evenin' folks. Let me know if you need a drink." The innkeeper would turn to Greyson Howler who called him over. "What can I do for you?" he said, setting the tankard he cleaned down on the counter nearby. The warm smile showed itself through his bushy moustache as his blue eyes locked onto the man. "Food? Drink? Information?" The innkeeper said, making the last word softer than the others. It was evident that information was bought and sold here on a regular basis from all types of people, whether good or bad. A few fights broke out here and there, but it was never often enough to ruin the establishments reputation of fine tastes and people.

Cas turned his attention back to the other patrons. One warming herself by the fire, another sitting on the floor looking for someone, and a woman nearby that was shuffling a deck of cards. However, they didn't seem to be ordinary cards from the pictures on their faces. Reading cards? It intrigued Cas as he adjusted himself into leaning forward a bit, given the woman wasn't very far away from him. "I take it you might be a fortune teller, or seer? Cards like that are not often produced from normal folk." Cas said, deep voice booming over the crowd only a little. He kept his hood up for the time being to keep his face hidden. No need to let the wrong people recognize who he was.
The taur looked over at the booming voice. "Not always a good idea to draw attention to yourself..." She mused as she ordered a beer from a server, then reached down onto her bottom half and opened a knapsack, pulling out a folded paper. Unfolding it and laying it on the table, she frowned as she studied it.
"No...not there...that was a dead end...." A dark nail tapped a circled area not far from the inn. "I wonder if he's there...." She mused as she sipped her drink.

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