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Hello ever since the notification maintenance from a while ago I been unable to see any nothifications in my home page. The only message there is is:

No notifications to display.

I tried using the clear notification cache button, but so far theres nothing. My notifications used to work prior to the maintenance and now I kind of have to guess whenever a topic I subscribed has been replied to uwu. These aren't the push up notifications, these are the notifications from my home page which no longer are displayed, anyone else has experienced this?

I usually rp through my phone and have even updated my browser to try to fix this but so far nothing @.@. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you for your time ^^!

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My forum subscription notifications have never worked properly (which I made a topic about awhile ago). I've checked my settings to see if I had something configured wrong but that doesn't seem to be the case... :(
I get the same "no notifications to display" message, even if I've checked the forum and there really is a reply.
Mine are working okay (and were back working pretty quick after the update the other day). I'd definitely put in a Bug Report if yours are still broken.

Does it make a difference if you use a different browser?
0089 Topic Starter

just tested it and no I have no notifications. switched from chrome to microsoft edge and still nothing. Welp I gonna hit that bug report then. Thank you all!
Kim Site Admin

For those watching this topic, 0089 did indeed submit a bug report and we were able to get it sorted pretty quickly. :)

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