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Me and a friend had just been discussing a recent character of mine that happens to be a superhero. And after sifting through the forums for quite a while (both the general and LFRP forums) I only found a handful of topics that could be considered Superhero based. I’ve also seen a few groups crop up regarding Superheroes, so I think a tab specifically about them in the forum drop menu would get more traction growing for them.. Or at the very least make it easier for Superhero buffs such as myself to find likeminded individuals without writing out a full forum add everytime.

I understand if this is dismissed as Hero RP’s are just a more niche modern RP but I feel like it is different enough to warrant something like this.

Thank you for reading! I hope you take my idea into consideration
Having their own tab is a bit niche, but what you can do is go to the ‘Character’ section under the ‘Community’ tab and there you can put ‘superheroes’ ‘Super Heroes’, etc. in the search criteria. Likewise it will help your characters being found in search results if you go into the ‘character categories’ and write ‘superhero’ as one of their categories.
Kim Site Admin

Nope. General RP is a fairly slow moving board. It does not need subdivisions to facilitate finding active RPs on it.

You are on: Forums » Suggestions & Development Discussion » Suggestion - Superhero RP tab (rejected)

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