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| โ‡„ โ—ƒโ—ƒ โ–ถ โ…ก โ–นโ–น โ†ป | ฮฝ ฮฟ โ„“ ฯ… ะผ ั” : โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฏ โ†  โฟแต‰หฃแต— หขแต’โฟแต โ†บ สณแต‰แต–แต‰แตƒแต— โŠœ แต–แตƒแต˜หขแต‰ |
โ ๐šƒ๐™ท๐™ด ๐™ป๐™พ๐™ฝ๐™ถ ๐š๐™พ๐™ฐ๐™ณ โž โžŸโžŸ ๐˜ญ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด๐˜ด ๐˜ต๐˜ณ๐˜ข๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐˜ญ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฅ
(a FFXV 1x1 between EucalyptNyx & Dark_Rose27)

Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and especially Ignis didn't know what would happen to them on this road trip to get the Crown Prince married, but it wasn't where it ultimately led them. While calling it a scavenger hunt seems somewhat condescending, it was a simplistic way of describing what they were doing. Ignis loved Noctis and was devoted to whatever he needed of him, whether it was as simple as driving or cooking for him. But even he, as human as he is, longs to know what another life would be like. Guilt sometimes accompanies those thoughts, but he isn't one to wallow in such things. It would only hurt the mission.

But life had other plans for the boys. Perhaps it was a test from the Gods or one to see how devoted Ignis actually was. But when a mysterious stranger appears, they find themselves with an extra passenger. Or two. Prompto jokes that "the Regalia needs more seats" but honestly, after this addition, Ignis might not be able to disagree.

Main Characters in the RP ::
ยป Ignis Scientia - EucalyptNyx
ยป Gladiolus Amicitia - EucalyptNyx
ยป Noctis Caelum - EucalyptNyx
ยป Prompto Argentum - EucalyptNyx
ยป " " - Dark_Rose27
*The young woman sighed in content as she sat at a table reading over the map that she had along with a book by its side. Her eyebrows scrunched in slight frustration.*

"How am I supposed to find them at this rate?"

*She whispered softly to herself. The young woman had long brunette hair in a curly pattern, dark skin that had a lighter tone, and dark brown eyes. Her outfit was that not usual in the area. Knee high black boots, a leather coat to match that went to her mid-thighs, a corset type top along with black shorts. On her hands were black fingerless gloves.*

*However what did stand out was a ruby colored teardrop earring. Sighing softly, she stood up and stretched and looked out to the forest not far off.*

"Hmm...who is to say it's not there..."
Ignis Scientia (played by EucalyptNyx) Topic Starter


ใ€ I G N I S โ—ˆ S C I E N T I A ใ€‘
290872prjek2pxqf.gif 290872prjek2pxqf.gif

"Hey, Specs!" Ignis looked towards Crown Prince Noctis, squinting as the sun glinted off his glasses. The young prince stopped running and placed his hands on his knees as he attempted to catch his breath. Ignis evened his own breathing before coming up behind the prince and placing a reassuring hand on his the boy's back. While they weren't blood related, he saw the prince as something of a little brother and though it was his duty to make sure he grew healthily into the next king, he felt partially responsible for allowing his state to get like this.

"Yes, Noct?"

"Can-" he gasped for air. "Can we not leave the Regalia in Lestallum next time?"

Before Ignis could respond, Gladiolus clapped a hand on the prince's shoulder. Not wanting to get the impact, Ignis pulled away just as Gladio teased, "What? You can't do a simple hike?" Noctis groaned at the much larger man, only for Prompto to finally speak up through wheezes of his own. "A simple hike?! Maybe for a chocobo!"

Ignis listened as the three lightly bickered amongst themselves, smirking while scouting the area around them. The sun didn't seem like it was super close to setting, but nightfall was definitely closer than farther away. Was it just him or did the day seem shorter than usual?

"We should make haste or we may very well find ourselves in dire straits." Ignis didn't like being the voice of reason when the three of them were having fun, but he also didn't want them in a risky situation after just going through a tomb. Who knew that a tomb lied behind a waterfall? It was something out of a fantasy, but when they traversed it, it sure didn't feel like a fantasy. If anything, it felt like the Gods were testing their combat abilities themselves.

Noctis groaned, but said nothing more as he started his trek back to Lestallum. "Could really use some chocobos right now," Prompto muttered before following after. Gladiolus chuckled and just said, "Less talking. More running." Always the personal trainer. It was true that King Regis chose the best three to accompany the prince because who else would be willing to push him in the ways he needed but them?

It didn't take long for the group to make it back into the forest outside of the tomb. But from Ignis's calculations, they wouldn't make it back by the time the sun set. And the last thing they needed was to fall prey to demons right after braving the Tomb of the Wanderer. The icy caverns were quite perilous and demons would surely take advantage of their fatigue. Ignis tapped Noctis on the shoulder and when the prince's eyes met his own, he gave a solemn look to show how serious he was. "I think it best we find camp. After the tomb, I believe traveling at night might be overkill."

Noctis's face showed his thought process, which didn't last long, before he nodded his confirmation. Ignis felt relieved and already began thinking over what he would cook for the night. Since Noctis had been shouldering so much recently, Ignis decided to make one of his favorites: Mother & Child Rice Bowl. It was a dish that they recently discovered, but Noctis definitely enjoyed it the first time Ignis made it. So why not treat the prince for all of his hard work?

Prompto groaned something else about chocobos as they neared the last campsite they discovered, only for Gladio to tell him to quiet or pay more for rental next time. Noctis remained quiet. Though he seemed to be alright, Ignis knew better. After watching his royal highness for so many years, he knew the tell tale signs of Noctis's fatigue. True, he had grown stronger recently, but he still showed when he was tired. Even if he didn't want to.

Is worrying over the prince going to be my whole destiny? Ignis pushed that intrusive thought quickly away. A surge of guilt washed over him as he realized he questioned his mission once again. Noctis was going to be king and much more. The least Ignis could do was worry over him, right?

I can't afford to be ungrateful for I have been gifted many amazing things in this life. What more could a person want than to be next to their best friends like this? "Sleeping out under the stars tonight," Noctis said once again. But this time, it didn't sound resigned. Just tired. While it was prudent to return to Iris and Talcott, rest was necessary to even get there. And a part of Ignis saw that Noctis realized this.

"Kinda early, isn't it," Gladiolus asked. Prompto was already beginning to set up the camping gear, just happy to be headed to rest. Noctis started building the fire as he said, "It's fine." Ignis, waking himself from getting lost in thought, began going through their provisions and started getting ready to cook for the group. Nothing would sate them all more than a game of King's Knight and some good food on their stomachs. He was even tempted to make everyone their favorite dish rather than just Noctis. Because a part of him knew their journey might only get harder as they go. So why not?

Ignis decided he would do just that, as a celebration for all of the relics they've gathered and how well they always supported each other. Even when it wasn't easy to do sometimes. As Ignis cooked, Prompto showed everyone the pictures he took that day and Noctis ultimately decided which ones he wanted to save for the journey home. Ignis didn't like some of the pictures Noctis chose of him, but if Noctis liked it, he couldn't complain.

Gladiolus was shining his weapon when he looked up, his vision scanning the nearby trees. Ignis knew that look. That meant he heard something. Camp was usually a safe haven. But who or what could've found them? I hope they wait until this food is done.

290872prjek2pxqf.gif 290872prjek2pxqf.gif

ใ€ Health ใ€‘ :: โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ 100%
ใ€ Location ใ€‘ :: The Forest outside of the Tomb of the Wanderer
ใ€ Mood ใ€‘ :: Tired and Contemplative
ใ€ TLDR ใ€‘ :: After going through the Tomb of the Wanderer, the group traveled to the adjacent forest and started making camp. Ignis questions his current life path, but disregards it and even feels guilty over it. He quiets his thoughts by cooking instead.
*The young woman sighed as she wandered through the forest. Granted many told others never to wander at night as there were daemons that were around. However, this didn't bother her too much. It was then a a growl sounded and she quickly dodged the limb near her.*

"Shit.."*She muttered as she skidded on mthe ground. It was a daemon. Looking it over, it didn't seem too powerful. A coeurl. It growled and hissed at her. Smirking, she smiled soon.*

"It is way too late at night to be dealing with this..."*The Coeurl lunged at her and with using her magic, she casted a fire spell and summoning her spear she hit it over the abdomen, before kicking it to the side rock wall. It staggered back up and ran at her. Before she could dodge it sunk its claws into her side. Crying out, she stabbed it with her spear watching as it fell to the ground.*

"Great...and I'm far from Lestallum."*She stood up and sat against a tree holding her side. She didn't want to risk running into another daemon.*"Just...have to rest..a bit.."

*As she closed her eyes, the earring she had let out a small glow. One that could be seen among the trees.*
Ignis Scientia (played by EucalyptNyx) Topic Starter


ใ€ I G N I S โ—ˆ S C I E N T I A ใ€‘
290872prjek2pxqf.gif 290872prjek2pxqf.gif

"It's just a coeurl probably getting some dinner." Ignis stated, trying to not pay attention to the sounds in the forest. He knew the glyphs around the campsite would protect them from the daemons lurking, around but even he felt a small bit of anxiety if he thought too long on the matter.

Suddenly, the sound of someone crying out was heard. Gladiolus and Prompto stood from their spots, looking into the darkness. "Someone is out there," Prompto exclaimed. Noctis, who was standing comfortably near Ignis, turned towards the source himself. And without a word, he left the camp to find whoever yelled. "Noct!" Prompto was the first to follow, then Gladio. Ignis made sure to cover the meals he had made so no bugs would touch them while they investigated and then sprinted after the group.

Fighting daemons right now wasn't the smartest decision, but it wasn't like they could leave someone out there to fend for themselves. The last thing they wanted to do was hand over a hunter's tag or discover something far more grim.

At first, the four weren't sure if they were headed in the correct direction. All they knew was that they were close to whatever path they needed to take. It was only when they saw a soft, red glow did they know they were near the fight. But they sure didn't hear any combat noises. "What if this is a trap?"

"Daemons aren't that intelligent," Gladiolus stated. Prompto chuckled nervously at that. "Yeah. That's true."

They made it to the source of the light, only to see a girl resting against a tree while her earring shone unnaturally in the darkness. "Ummmm..." Prompto nervously muttered, but Noctis was quick to interrupt. "She's injured." The Crown Prince knelt before the woman, trying not to look at the glowing earring as he looked at the wound.

Ignis followed the prince's gaze and saw the claw marks in her sides. "We should get her back to camp. She's been poisoned." Gladiolus didn't hesitate as he gently grabbed her and lightly laid her across his shoulder, his right arm cradling her side to make sure she didn't fall. The group walked through the forest as Ignis made sure Gladiolus didn't stress the wound while he also applied an antidote to the it directly. Ingesting worked, but with a wound that large, he didn't want to waste any time. He just hoped it didn't hurt too much when she finally awoke.

"Who do you think she is," Prompto mused. "Clearly a fighter seeing as she killed whatever attacked her," Gladio quickly answered.

"Totally not what I meant, big guy," Prompto teased. Noctis rolled his eyes until he saw what Prompto was doing. "Is it really the best time for that?"

"What? Like I'm not going to take a picture of the strange woman we found in the woods with a glowing earring." Prompto angled his camera as he trailed behind the group a little. "And Ignis looks so cool and focused. It's a great shot."

"From that angle, I'm sure we look like kidnappers since you can't see the wound from there." Ignis chuckled at his mildly dark joke. "Only a little." Prompto stuck his tongue out at Ignis and continued what he was doing.

When they finally reached camp, Gladio placed the woman into one of their chairs and grabbed a water bottle. Ignis checked on the food briefly before grabbing some bandages and one of their potions. They were low on curatives. Again. If they had more, he could've fully healed her but until then, this would have to do.

"Should we rouse this stranger? Or should we let her rest until dawn?" He wrapped the bandages around her torso, being careful not to touch the wound itself. The other men were quiet, unsure of what was best, until Noctis offered his sleeping bag for her. Ignis wouldn't hear of it, though, and stated he would offer his own so that the prince had some proper rest. After all, the prince was in the thick of it back in the tomb. Ignis would much rather Noctis be the most rested so if something were to happen, he would be able to run.

Noctis denied it at first, but after Ignis refused to budge on the decision and even made a spot for himself to rest outside, he conceded. "Wait," Prompto exclaimed, "Maybe we should wake her. She might be hungry and..." The group looked at the amount of food prepared. "There's plenty tonight."

Ignis cleared his throat as he stifled a blush the best he could. "I merely thought it a good idea to have our favorite meals tonight. As a congratulations for a job well done."

"You big softy." Noctis chuckled as he lightly tapped Ignis's shoulder. Ignis brushed it off as he served the food. It wasn't as hot as it was before, but they would still be enjoyable.

Noctis said he didn't want to wake her, but seeing as food would definitely help the healing and they could administer the potion more effectively, he decided it best to do so. Ignis nodded and grabbed the smelling salts from his pocket and waved it lightly in front of her face. He made sure his expression was calm and welcoming. He didn't want to frighten her the moment she woke up.

290872prjek2pxqf.gif 290872prjek2pxqf.gif

ใ€ Health ใ€‘ :: โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ 100%
ใ€ Location ใ€‘ :: The Forest outside of the Tomb of the Wanderer
ใ€ Mood ใ€‘ :: Serious, Considerate
ใ€ TLDR ใ€‘ :: The group found the young woman and carried her back to camp while tending to her wound. They weren't sure whether to wake her or let her rest until morning, but due to having dinner available to share and needing her to down a potion, Ignis went to rouse her with some smelling salts.
Thats all she remembered after being attacked. She knew she should have been more careful at least. But in that moment she did what she had to do. A strange scent entered her nostrils causing to lightly sneeze. Shaking her head, she opened her eyes to see four men. Her eyes widened as she blinked looking at them.*

"W-Who are you where am I?"*She looked around, but winced slightly from her side.*

*Her eyes kept weary as she made sure they wouldn't attack. But sighing softly, she didn't sense anything. Looking to them, she tilted her head.*

"Hmm..your clothing says different. But I won't press...thank you."*She motioned to the bandaged wound before bowing her head slightly.*

"I apologize you had to trek to get earring at times will send off a glow. I didn't want to kill the Coeurl...but something set it off. I knew it was in pain as well."

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