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Edit: Hey so I got Actual Desktop Imgur to load on my tablet (whereas it was mobile Imgur before), so I may have fixed my issue! :3

No, this isn’t about RPR galleries.

After a very long hiatus I started digitally drawing again, which means I can go back into my ancient character profiles and start updating splash art and customized decoration imagery.

But alas Imgur, what I usually would use, seems to be forcing people to its app—which I’m not keen on doing. There isn’t even a desktop upload page anymore! :(

So does anybody have any alternative image upload websites they could suggest to me? I have broken image links from bygone eras that direly need replacing.

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So far I haven’t had an issue with my desktop uploading to Imgur, but have noticed their encouragement to use their app.

So I’ve been looking about for something else as well. Currently checking out Image BB at the moment. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Edit: no good. 32Mbs limited.
And yes, what Claine said below. Imgur is still good on desktop on my laptop.
If you have a Deviantart account (like me), then you can use to store character images if you need to have a link to them. It's what I do.
Claine Moderator

Desktop Imgur should work. There's a 'New Post' button in the top-left button.

If you're forcing desktop on mobile you'll get a lot of angry grumbling and errors but it does upload eventually.
I would still try to keep on Imgur, if I were you. It might not have an alternative on mobile but you can easily upload an image with no hassle just by copy and pasting the raw image, or even dragging the file to the browser tab you're have it on. As far as it works on Firefox or Chrome for me, at least.

A while ago, I used to upload my stuff on Cubeupload which is a good no hassle alternative.
I think Gyazo might be a viable alternative and though I've never used it myself, a good portion of my friends/people I came across used it.
Oh, and there's Discord, too. You can make a private server of your own to upload images that are fewer than 8MB in size. You can pretty much upload any sort of file into it, not only images.

And for your own sake, stay way from Imageshack and Photobucket. Those two are extremely unreliable, if the later still exist, and they delete your uploads after a certain amout of time. If you have browsed the internet for a good while, you possibly came across


Those are the only services I know from the top of my head. Also, this might sound ignorant of my part, but you will be surprised on how a quick Google search might come up with good alternative to those.
Copper_Dragon Topic Starter

EDIT: I managed to force up the actual desktop version of Imgur on my phone! There’s hope for me yet! New Post exists via that. Huzzah!

Yay, thanks for the replies, y’all!

Part of the problem with Imgur might be the fact then I’m on mobile, now that I think about it; using Safari on my phone, and Chrome on my tablet. Another words I’m not trying to access it on your standard laptop/desktop computer.

Although I have no idea why on earth I’m having issues while I’m viewing it on Chrome, but there’s literally no new post clickable button for me, and as I said in my OP, what was once the Image Uploads link is now a case os Page Does Not Exist. -shrug- I know it’s supposed to be there, but it literally isn’t there for me.

“But Copper, why not just boot up your ol’ laptop?” one may ask! I’m doing digital art from my tablet, and I’d like to be able to upload directly from that. Convenience.

But I digress a bit! I haven’t tried to access deviant art in literally years, so I may need to see if I still have an account with them.

I hadn’t considered making a private server in Discord just for the sake of art uploads either, but I can give that a shot, I reckon!

And thank you Churchutary; I know how Google works, but I also figured the warm and friendly folks that make up the RPR might have good suggestions—sort of like suggesting a new video game. :3

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