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Cici Henry (played by Astrobeans)

Nami Kankaku wrote:
“Hmm… depends.”

"I don't really mind. Getting your middle name named after a very glamorous celeb is quite nice", she giggled.
Yami decides to take a nap. “Hey, Lambert, when you want to test the magic some more, wake me up.”

(Bro, idk what’s up with my brain. I said text instead of test, and message me instead of wake me up… lol)
Xeno (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

"magic?" He said looking at yami "I practice magic"
Yami looks up, yawning. “Really? What kind?”
Xeno (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

"necromancy" he said
Yami’s eyes widen. “Hmmm, that appears to be quite similar to my Cursed Shadow Magic. Mind giving me some lessons?”
Cici Henry (played by Astrobeans)

She ate a slice of Hawaiian pizza with a grin and did a cheese pull.
Xeno (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

"in necromancy?"
Yami nods, her eyes wide with excitement.
Monstro II (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"I am going to bonk your head or whatever the rest of the line is-" Monstro II yelled out.
Xeno (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

"It's kind of hard to teach--"
Isaac Moriah (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"That's my line you piece of scensored!"
Monstro II (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"That's it, ya getting another bloody drink! Along with Azazel!"
Azazel (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

Isaac Moriah (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"Pff. Look at this dude right here."
Greed (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"I'd be quiet if i were you, Isaac. Monstro's reaching for his grenade launcher."
Dunks monstro
Monstro II (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"You fcensored know what scensored. agian.?! Fmore censored-ness. IT! FToo much censoring. IT, I'M SPLITTING THE DRINK WITH YOU TWO! GO Fcensored YOURSELF!"
Jacob: "Monstro, WAIT!"

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