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Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657)

Ended. Never done a forum roleplay but thought I would try it out!
Genres:Romance, Casual, PG 13.
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Who can join? Open to all! Just don't ignore anyone who enters please.

The rushing of rollercoasters and shrill screams could be heard in the background. Surprisingly these harmonious sounds overtook the ocean which was just beside the elaborate amusement park. Hundreds of people swarmed the entrance of the amusement park- Mousey Palace! Many have said this park was nothing more then a cheap knock off of some place called Disneyland , but Lucinda didn't care! She'd only ever seen Mousey Palace, and simply adored the fun roller coasters, delectable food options, and the castle! Surely Disneyland didn't have that! This very Lucinda who regarded Mousey Palace so highly stood in front of the front gates. Her short brown hair kissed her smiling cheeks. Mouse ears accessories sat affixed to the top of her head, perfectly in theme with the park before her. A slightly baggy sweater hugged her frame- tucked into a pair of shorts. Affixed to her left leg was a leg brace, yet that didn't stop the girl as she quickly made her way to the ticket entrance. "Ticket for one please!" Lucinda cried cheerfully, holding her wallet up. The already exhausted booth holder took Lucinda's payment and the girl was permitted into the large and magical gates of the park.

However her first stop wasn't the quickly filling lines of the rides. Lucinda didn't run to one of the lines to get food- she didn't even try to precure a map or water as the day was already shaping up to be a warm one. No, instead she stood by the gates of the amusement park, looking around in the crowd. She was waiting for someone...though she knew not who. Lucy didn't know their face, their height, their voice. Where they a girl or a boy? Perhaps neither or both? Clutching the small backpack she had behind her, Lucy searched the crowd to find who it was she sought. Surely she would recognize them once she spotted them, right?

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Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

Tomori wanted nothing more than to turn and go home the second he was dropped off at his next assignment location. He had turned at his step when the car drove off with such haste, one would suspect the police were hot on their tail. Being abandoned, with a mission at task and no where else to go by choice, the purple-haired male decided to venture towards the ticket booth of Mousey Palace and start his mission for the day. The loud screams were annoying, the children running around, yanking their parents, and screaming they wanted ‘Disneyland’ whatever the hell that was, made his headache and resentment for the amusement park increase.

“Gimme one ticket.” he called out into the ticket booth, receiving a ticket in the most languid pace possible. This place seemed like a life drainer. Once settled with his ticket, the young assassin ventured away, focusing on looking around for his target before walking in. He picked to lean against a pole not far from the gate, watching the crowds move past, go in and out, everyone seemed to rush inside besides one lone female.

She stood there, youthful and a smile on her face, silly ears on her head and a brace to her leg. Tomori wondered if she would be allowed to ride anything with that brace on her leg. ‘She’s not my target.’ he scolded in his mind, yet his eyes kept shifting to her, looking at her and wondering who she was waiting for. After a while, he took a breath and decided to appease his mind and took steps towards the woman. Once close enough, the young assassin leaned his bag against the wall next to her and spoke up, looking where she was looking.

“Your boyfriend isn’t coming, you know?” He spoke out, loud enough for the youthful person next to him to hear, maybe too loud since a few heads turned to look towards them.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Lucy glanced up to Tomori who approached. Immediatly she was struck by his apperance. Hw gave off a cool...almost punk vibe. It co tasted the childish motif of the amusement park. The purple hair really caught her attention, and it looked so floofy she wished she could touch it. Nevertheless before she could he mentioned her boyfriend. At the mention her cheeks brightened in embaressment. Even others looked their way which made Lucy more frazzled. Should she mention that she didn't have one? No. That would only embaress her and this person more. Immediatly she would tey to grab his arm, pulling him away from the gates and away from the wondering eyes.

"N-no..I suppose he isn't." Lucy muttered once she was far enough away. Her finger reached up to toil in her hair.

Was this the person she was waiting for ? They did speak to her afterall, and they did catch her attention. Quickly peering around the person she noticed no one followed them. They were by themselves just like her. "Hmm..well in that case I might as well go off then. But...I wonder. What do you recommend. I've never been here before!" Deciding she wanted to follow this person around, Lucy shuffled closer to the stranger, offering a calm and joyful smile. "My names Lucinda but please call me Lucy. Do you have a name or can I call you Purple?"
Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

Tomori was first stunned if not confused as the woman dragged him away, wondering if he had done something to stand out and his target knew of his coming. Was she a distraction, a play, and a spy for his target? His mind was reeling, casting, and catching until she came to a stop and spoke about how her boyfriend was not coming. Damn he must have been spot on about that, lucky shot. Her name was Lucinda, she was lone and since whoever she was waiting for was not coming, Tomori could use her to appease his boredom and try to not stand out too much within this place all by himself.

“Name’s Tomori… but Tomo for you since purple does not sound as cool.” What was this, a sitcom from those lame old movies. Tomori cleared his throat, looking away and licking his lips ring before looking back at the female with a soft smile.

“Yeah sure, I know a few things to do around here. There is of course the best ride to start with… the Tilt-a-whirl.” Lying was the best option to not stand out. This place was a new to him as ever, but he could recall having a few theme-park related talks with his old gang. He has always wanted to try the machine he mentioned to Lucinda. From being told it was close to being as best as a rollercoaster and how it is fun to watch people walk out of that one. “Yeah… I say start there for a fun time. I would show you around if you want. A gentleman never lets a woman walk around alone in a new place.” Tomori teased with a light smile towards Lucinda, wondering if she would pick up on his invitation.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

"Tilt-a-whirl! I haven't heard of it." Lucy was quite pleased, her face bright at his invitation. Not minding Tomo's personal space, Lucy shuffled close to his side and attempted to wrap her arm around Tomori's. Lucy faintly smelled of cinnamon and apple. "Well thank you. Does this gentlemen also offer to buy me lunch? I've heard Mousy Palace has even better food!" She gave a smirk to Tomo, lightly teasing him back as she began walking forward in search for this mysterious ride. Her mousy ears bobbed in unison with her steps.

Surrounding the two there were several types of rides. There was an entire space dedicated to kids, merch shops, and various themed worlds: Cheesy Paradise, Mouse Traps, Rodent run...some of the names were more appealing then the others but that didn't stop people from rushing here. That was Lucy included. As they passed Cheesy Paradise Lucinda stared at it, drooling a little at the thought of all the delicious cheeses they could possibly have there." Tomo...after Tilt-a-whirl we have to go there! I've always dreamed of having yummy food at an amusement park~." Humming delightfully, Lucinda peeled her eyes away from the "cheesy" displays to see a large ride just up ahead of them. All nearby maps pointed to that ride being the Tilt-a-whirl. Naturally Lucinda continued that way, walking faster as she finally had found it. Somehow she was leading him in the end.

" Oh but...I should consider what you like too. Do you even like cheese Tomo? came here by yourself so I wonder if there was anything you wanted to do? No offense don't seem like the type to really like these cutsey cheesy places." Lucinda hummed, the queue to the line being right in front of them. "Maybe if you had something more spirited...? Like-" Lucy took off her headband, offering it to Tomo. "Taa-daah. Now you'll be more spirited this way!"
Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

Mousey Palace was loud, full of people and the faint smell of cheese was thick in the air as Tomori was practically tugged along by the woman he has met. She was an excited and youthful spirit indeed and Tomori made not that even with her slight disability, she moved with such haste and ease. He wondered for a moment what her story was, who she was and what her entire life was about. She was a wonder, not one which was rare and new to him, but a wonder which stood out from the rest. His city would have eaten her alive.

The purple-head looked at Lucinda at the mention of him standing out and the offer of ears in front of his face. He grimaced, seeing the fluffy and cartoon like ears. What kind of assassin would he be, wearing such a silly thing? His ego wanted to scream, to tell him to throw that thing in the trash and walk out of here, but his rational mind told him otherwise.

“I… yeah you are right. I do need the spirit of this place with me.” Tomori muttered, taking the ears off the hands of Lucinda, and placing on his head. He took a second to adjust it and gave her a soft embarrassed smile. “I’ll get you some better ears after this, so we can both have a spirit of the place. So… How do I look? Is this… Mousey enough?” Tomori asked, tilting his head lightly in hopes of being as cute as a delinquent can be.
Kotomi657 Topic Starter

((Sorry will responded tomorrow ;u;/ I didn't forget. Tomo is very cute haha ))
Kotomi657 wrote:
((Sorry will responded tomorrow ;u;/ I didn't forget. Tomo is very cute haha ))
((No problem! Take your time. Lucy is the cutest ever too!! :star: ]]
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

"Tomoi..." Lucinda muttered, a new version of his nickname coming from her lips naturally. Instantly she clapped her hands with a brilliant smile. "You look so cute! The cute ears actually matches your hair nicely. Maybe you do match the aesthetic of this place afterall." Lucinda did a little hop in her joy, though the hop appeared a bit strange because of her leg brace. Nevertheless she motioned before them. The line for the Tilt-a-whirl was just before them.

Given the reputation of the ride, the line was rather long. Up ahead the tracks could be seen tilting and twirling . Lucinda clutched her bag straps ,watching the quick coaster. The pleasureful(?) screams could be heard even over the chatter of the line. To be honest she was alittle scared, perhaps her face gave it away though she tried to hide it. This would be her first roller coaster afterall. First roller coaster she felt confident enough to venture out and come. Alone, no less. The frequent looks the girl got due her brace were enough to make Lucy wish she could shrivel away.

Thankfully she had run into this purple haired lad. It helped her keep her spirits up. Yet she couldn't help but be curious about the stranger she had accompanied.

Quietly she peered up at Tomori, bringing a smile up. "I bet i'll scream super loud up there! What about you?"
Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

The brown eyes of the purple haired assassin never left the figure of the smaller woman with him. Her small voice echoed in his head, stunning his mode of processing after her cute adjustment to his nickname. It was new, much like her and this entire area. Tomori was not sure if he was ready for this entire mission and to use her. Hearing her speak up, he jolted and looked around, wondering if he was still here.

There were flocks of people, the line was not getting shorter, and the smell of cheese was clinging to his clothes. Yep, still Mousey Palace. "Oh uh… you know… gentlemen do not scream; it will only frighten the ladies too. Besides, I do not fear such a small ride… I’ve seen worse.” Tomori fished off, looking at Lucinda with a warm smile, self-consciously adjusting the ears before looking back at the ride in front of them.

There at the front he could see people being guided out, others running to the nearest trash bin while others steadied their steps out of the ride area, giving space for other people to come in. looking down at Lucinda, Tomori made a note to be careful with her. “But if you are scared…we could have started with something light-hearted for you, Lucy. Like the… Ferris wheel.” The long and slender arm of Tomori pointed off to the one ride he knew by heart, which was a Ferris wheel, themed as cheese balls of some sort, moving at a rather languid pace around with people climbing in it and looking out the large windows to the entire park.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Following his extended arm, Lucy naturally got on her toes to take a look off to the side. Indeed there sat the Ferris wheel- each cart fashioned after a different cheese. The girl's eyes widened, jaw dropping at the sight. "Oh my gosh... I just noticed- look at all those cheeses! I-I know they are fake but they look like the real things! Mozzarella, Pepper jack...Bleu! Oooh~ I wonder if they smell like it too." In her sudden excitement, her hand happened to lightly tug on the man's shirt front. Seeing the large cheeses was perhaps the most exciting discovery of the day. Lucinda could have gone on all day about how wonderous the cheeses were, the food connoisseur she was, but before she could it was there turn to grab a coaster for themselves. Literally prying her eyes away from the delectable creations she moved forward. "We HAVE to go after this. The Mozzarella car is calling my name~." As if the nerves had crept their way up her throat, her excited statement fluttered as she was engulfed with the other passengers who had been permitted to pick their cart for the ride.

Lucinda wondered forward, stepping into the middle two- seated cart. Luckily she was able to get in just fine- brace and all. "Okay okay...woo we got this. Wooo this'll be fun! Yay.." The fluttering voice had yet to leave her as she anxiously watched the other patrons secure their seats. Her hands clutched at her seatbelt buckle- triple checking it was on tight. "It won't even be that scary... It's some ride in a mouse theme park. nfact it's laughable Hah..." Her laugh fell flat in her attempt to sooth herself. Finally her bright hues turned to Tomori. " Oh wait...that's right. I don't have to be scared. I've got someone here with me!" Letting go of her seatbelt she wrapped her arms around Tomori's slender one. Her expression may have been determined and brave, but the grip may have a been a bit tight. "Tomoi and I are here! And I don't know why but I think if i'm with you-"

Before she could answer the coaster attendant began speaking- giving general instructions and well rehearsed spiel. The ride began to move slowly through this. Lucy held her breath, not daring to finish her thoughts. Her lips pressed together- her back pressing into the seats. "T-tomoi you better scream with me. Gentlemen or not I won't be the only one!" Her voice was soon lost as the coaster rushed forward at amazing speed.
Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

The young assassin was rather amazed that the mention of the Ferris-wheel could get Lucinda into such a craze. He wondered her case, her entire story and made a note to ask her about it as he stumbled along into the ride, mind glaring at the people pushing in behind him. He watched with a close eye when Lucinda strapped in before following suit. The small snicker which escaped him at the sight of Lucy’s fear was swallowed when she gripped for dear life on his arm.

During the attendant’s speech and the ride shuffling forward at a pace Tomori wanted to sleep in, he looks towards Lucinda and gave her a gentle smile at her statement. “Okay but this thing can’t be that-“whatever was left to be said was abandoned as the ride suddenly picked up pace. Released as if a bullet in a chamber, the short but fast pace of the coaster caught Tomori by surprise and he gripped into the guard-bar as people began screaming.

Heart held on full pulsing adrenaline and mind racing with various possibilities, Tomori wondered why he started with such a ride when he was on guard still. He could feel everything, the wind, the pressure, the tilts, spins, and gravity defying turns the ride took. People were crying out, was it fear or joy he knew not yet he kept taking glances towards Lucinda occasionally.

His natural instincts told him otherwise about opening his mouth as the tilted to the side and the world became an eye full of racing tracks, people, fake cheese and mice and other park rides. Yet the screams, the laughs in the wind and the occasional smiling faces they passed by before entering a tunnel of darkness and being rushed out of it again brought forth something else. The promise he was going to make came forward and the Tomori found himself emitting a scream, probably soft over the other loud voices in the ride but a joyful cry of some sort none the less.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

From beside Tomori, Lucy was full on shouting. At first her grip remained steadfast to his arm, but after a few moments they lifted high into the air. The rushing wind toiled with her shoulder length hair- pulling it back and to the sides. It thrill lasted for about a minute before it came to a slow down right back at the start. Even at the end her body still swayed side to side, hardly settling down even as everyone around them moved to get off. "Tomoi, is everything spinning? Pretty sure everything is." The girl chuckled as the adrenaline still rushed through her.

Making her way off the ride dizzily, Lucinda made her way for the exit figuring Tomoi would be in tow. "I'm glad I didn't eat before that...I probably would have lost it. " Lucy scratched her cheek, wondering where it was they should go next. As she turned to look off to the left, however, Lucinda caught the gaze of a small group of people just beside some benches. There were a few men and woman, all looking towards Lucinda. At first the girl assumed it was because of her leg brace, but once Tomoi came into view their gazes all shifted toward him. Did they know him by chance? Afterall, to Lucy they appeared to have a similar aesthetics to him. Or maybe it was different? Either way they didn't look to belong to the typical amusement going crowd.

"Hey Tomoi. Are you by chance waiting for anyone or friends? Would someone be looking for you? There's some people over there looking at us."
Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

Tomori made a vow as he stepped out the ride to never climb on it again first. His head was spinning, his legs slightly shaking, and his throat dry from the mild screaming he emitted. Following behind Lucinda in steady and controlled steps, body not use to such fast motion without a purpose, the young assassin found himself lagging behind until Lucinda took a stop and he smiled at her, ready to suggest another ride before she spoke up.

The adrenaline which was spiked from the ride resurfaced and Tomori took a breath. He placed two warm hands on the shoulders of Lucinda, easing his stress by massaging her shoulders and slowly guiding her sight away from the ground of people, looking at a stand. Brown eyes skating about the space, no one was truly looking at them there, that was a safe spot. He began a slow and guided shuffle towards the now safe spot he had pinned down.

“I just remembered I said I would treat you to some cheesy delight and I saw that guy selling a cheese covered corndog and wondered if you wouldn’t mind starting with that.” Tomori stated, pointing at a stand with a light line which had a tall slim guy dipping warm and hot corndogs into a bucket of melted cheese, pulling it out halfway through before serving it to someone. “Doesn’t that just look great to munch on after all that…excitement. Promise we won’t move to another crazy ride after this snack.” Tomori practically whispered, easing in a voice of joy, hiding the anxiety which spiked. His bag was left out, his only weapon was a small blade switch blade he was given before climbing out the car, one he had no true experience in, and one which would not aid in large numbers. He needed a way out, fast.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Spinning on her heels to his touch, Lucy's gaze was brought to the wondrous food sign before them. All at once she forgot the stares from a moment ago. "Cheesy corn dog ?? Oh my, I've never had it. I wonder if mozzarella goes better or swiss? Mmm." Bobing her head up and down happily, Lucinda entered into the establishment and recieved her cheesy fried snack that only an amusement park would have. Once more did the woman show her childish joy.

"Yes~ let's just enjoy this for now before any crazy rides." Lucy smiled, picking out a table for them to sit at as she munched away. Curiously she looked around the shop before her eyes settled on the man. Was it in her mind that Tomori It was hard to say since she didn't know him as much. She only just realized he didn't have a snack for himself. Humming alittle she kicked her right leg under the seat.

"Tomoi?" Lucy leaned on her free hand. "What's the matter?" Even as she asked she was engulfing her snack . Though her pace slowed, as did her energy. She began to appear a bit concerned. "Say...I notice you didn't grab a snack either. everything okay? Isn't amusement park fun about doing these silly things?" In truth she had never been to an amusement park, with her friends no less. Therefore at the thought of worrying or bothering this seemingly energetic and kind person she wore a worried expression. Lucy had no idea this attitude had been set by the group they had seen earlier.
Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

She had called him, Tomori was sure, Lucinda was talking to him, and he lifted his head as her sentence ended, catching the end of it as if a whisper in the wind. His mind was off in another location, and he forced a light smile and nodded his head.

“yeah… these places are all about the fun…let me be honest with you, Lucy. Such a thing I didn’t want to say to a pretty thing like you but…” Tomori leaned forward, looking at Lucinda dead in the eyes, his heart hammering in his chest as his tongue darted to the lip piercings he had before taking a light breath. Then his statement came out in a whisper only for Lucinda to hear. “That first ride kinda scared me… so much so that I need to pee.” With those words, Tomori stood up, abruptly banging his hands on the table they were sitting at.

“So… I’ll be off to the bathroom for a moment. Promise to not talk to any weirdoes and try to just stay here. For your own safety.” Tomori spoke up, looking around him as he spoke. There were still eyes around them, not as much but a decent amount. His lie would be perfect enough for him to sneak out and grab his forgotten bag and do his job. He wondered if he would be able to finish the job clean as he looked down at Lucinda and gave her another smile and awaited to see if she will keep to the promise Tomori asked her to. Even with her cheeks stuffed, Tomori could feel the innocence she held and wondered if her innocence came with being naïve.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Tomori was suddenly looking at her closely. His Oak brown eyes, while dark, still caught a bit of light and shun beautifully. They were pretty. Lucy ceased her munching as she looked deeply into his eyes. For some reason she wasn't expecting the reason he gave she visibly blinked in surprise. Perhaps out of semi embaressment she chuckled and looked away. "It was intense wasn't it ? Haha my heads still pounding from it. Mhmm I will wait here." Giving a small shake of her hips on her seat. It was hers now and she would wait even as Tomoi left.

Once the man was gone she sighed, letting the rest of her overly greasy food fall to the tray it came on. Not the most exquisite food she had, but atleast she tried amusement park food once. She ruffled a hand through her hair trying to fix it.

He kinda seems sketchy. A voice spoke to Lucinda. It was quiet, as if whisper, in her ear. Truthfully it came from inside her head, a voice the girl had frown familiar with.

"Well he's nice at least. Maybe he was just scared and all." Lucy responded quietly, her eyes looking around to ensure no one else was around to hear her speaking to...well herself.

You believe him?

"Should I not ? "

He mentioned he had been on it before hadn't he? Mm.. why did we decide to do something like this? Now we ran into a strange dude-

"Oh shush!" Lucy responded, a bit loudly. It drew a bit of attention. Her cheeks flushed and she grabbed her bag, hurrying in the direction Tomori had gone. "He is just at the bathroom and I'll prove it!"

The group of people who happened to be watching Tomori remained where they were . Though if the familiar purple haired man were to come into view, alone this time, they wouldn't hesitate to approach him. Following behind hin at a leisurely, casual pace as not to draw suspicion.
Tomori Shika (played by PuppygirlK)

Tomori walked towards the bathroom, but quickly vanished within the crowd of people, speed walking to the gate of the park, wondering if his bag would still be where he left it, alongside Lucinda. He wondered, all throughout his race to the gate, if she would stay where she was and not enter any form of trouble or been any source of trouble. She seemed innocent and he trusted her enough to …use her in a sense. Was that guilt? Tomori shook it off, jumping over the turnstile of the front gate, which earned him a glare from the guard before he looked to where he had left his bag.

“Bingo, still there.” He muttered and raced to grab it. As his bag fell into his grasp, Tomori could feel the itch of eyes still on him and around his back. This place was not good for him, this entire location and his identity were compromised. He needed to move fast. Taking a breath, Tomori turned back to the entrance only to stop as someone tugged his shirt and he turned to glare at one of the guards.

“Excuse me sir…but we just want to speak to you for a moment.” If this moment were not important a bullet would have been in his head as the purple head muttered a curse and forced his biggest smile. It was not recuperated, and he knew this was only going to be trouble. He wondered if this might take too long and if he should have taken Lucinda with for her own safety and his cover story. Unbeknownst to him that the female who was chasing his tail had a tail of her own, watching her every step as she moved about, wondering if she was worth ‘checking into’ alongside her ‘partner’.

Either way he had to deal with a guard who was casting eyes, safe and unsafe over the two of them. At this rate his target would figure out he was here. That would just spell trouble for everyone.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Well, your at the restroom. Shall you go inside?

The voice called to Lucinda, who stood right infront of the nearest men's restroom. A line of males stood outside a few casting curious glances to the woman who awkwardly stood infront. Her hands toiled with the strap of her bag, her legs shifting around in their stares. "Well no...I can wait out here for him though."

Would he really be inside? Don't you see the line? He didn't leave that long ago.

Carefully studying the line of men Lucy failed to notice the familiar purple hair. Thinking he may have ventured to a different bathroom the woman shuffled onward to continue her search. Her feet lead her to a center plaza . The brilliant castle back dropped the scene. Train tracks ran through the center, but as no train was in motion the various occupants walked around and over them. The happy voices were deafening, and the many faces failed to be that of Tomori. "Hm...maybe I should go to the information desk? I've lost Tomoi." Lucinda said under her breath, turning towards the front gate. Though just as she passed the rails the voice spoke to her again.

You are being followed.
The voice warned. Lucy turned to spot the familiar group who had been watching her and Tomori before. Initially Lucinda was glad, thinking to ask them about her missing guide. However as she noticed a subtle yet glimmering object in the hand of one of the people she froze. It was hard to tell with the crowd obscuring their hand, but she swore it was a pocket knife...or something else?

Her shoulders stiffened and she watched the group approach her like a deer in headlights. No one else was noticing this...and all that stood between them was the tracks. The girl was so perplexed she hardly flinched as the loud train whistle blew. Bright lights flashed over the tracks. The crowds stopped their walking as suddenly a mouse themed children's train passed through the center. It happened to be crossing just in time to prevent the group from reaching Lucinda. By the time the train had finished passing through, the group noticed Lucinda was gone.

Huffing and puffing, Lucinda stared at the bewildered group from her small seat among the train. Who knew she could climb aboard it so quickly even while it was moving ? The kids who were riding looked at her a bit confused, and the girl offered a small smile.

We should probably report this to the park.

"Yeah..." she murmured.
Kotomi657 Topic Starter

((Sorry kinda long ! Hope it makes sense ))

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