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So a while back, I created a group as a placeholder for something I was going to be working on. I have recently been working on it, but as I was editing things, I noticed there are a few things I can't change.

When I first created the group, there was a space for the "setting" and I just filled it in as "TBA", because I planned to go back later and change that. However, I cannot figure out how to do so. I have looked through all of the options available in editing, but just don't see where to edit that.

Similarly, there was a section for the Rules, and I also filled that in as TBA for the same reason. I added a text widget and was filling in information. But when I went to see how it appeared to others, it still has the TBA on the page at the top.

So if anyone knows where exactly I can edit these things, I'd greatly appreciate some guidance. I can also provide more screenshots and details if more clarification is needed.
Ya know... I thought I knew the answer to that, but now I can't find it either... <.<

Hopefully someone can point it out!
Arekkusu Topic Starter

Yeah, I spent a good 30+ minutes looking through every single option in the edit area, thinking I had overlooked it. But unfortunately, I couldn't find any way of editing those specific sections. Even double-checked to make sure it wasn't in the text widget for the page. But they were already there before I added anything to the pages. Not sure if it's a bug and I should message Kim about it, or if it's just in a very obscure location in the edit section.
Kim Site Admin

Both of these should just be text widgets. If you're not seeing those, please submit a bug report.

An invite to your group and giving me edit permissions just for the time being will help me troubleshoot faster, too :)

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