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Leo (played anonymously)


WARNING: Possible Supernatural Elements

Setting: Modern
Time: Roughly 9:30 PM (already rather dark)

A house that had been 'abandoned' for quite some time suddenly seems to be full of life. The lights are on, the front door hanging wide open, with music pouring into the night air. The occupant, though very much not alive, decided that it was time to take a risk and attempt a party with the living. He couldn't invite anyone, because he couldn't leave the house, but he hoped that the door being open would lure a curious soul or two.

"Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?" a dark haired male was singing. His gravely voice, though soft toned, was catching quite the reverb due to the spacious area he'd set up in. He didn't have his band anymore, and none of them even knew he still even 'existed' anymore, so he had to do it solo. He'd planned this for weeks now, only able to work at night when his body became 'human', like some sort of twisted gargoyle thing. He grinned around his words as he noticed a few souls start to creep inside, beckoning them in with an enthusiastic wave of his hand. "Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me~" he was singing, excitement bubbling into the edges of his words. There was people! Actual ones! How long had it been since he'd had interaction with anyone??

He closed his eyes, that raw emotion caressing each new word that left his lips, "You can't wake up, this is not a dream~" Leo was dressed in a black button up shirt with a blood red tie, the sleeves rolled up to reveal a plethora of leather bracelets. Simple black slacks and black leather boots completed the outfit. The most notable thing about the man were the deep, nearly purple dark circles under his eyes, clashing heavily against his hauntingly pale complexion. Dark mocha eyes opened as the song tapered off and he drummed his fingers on the mic a couple times to stall briefly, as he got a grip on his excitement, before speaking to the living people that had made it to the 'party'.

"Good evening everyone, my name is Leo. Welcome to my home," he greeted, eyes alight with excitement. The inside of the house wasn't all that decorated because he didn't have the means to really do it. However, he'd cleaned it, dusting and making it rather cozy; all things considered. "I don't have much to offer, apart from a show, so if you like music.. I hope you stick around for a little bit. If not, well, that's okay too." He glanced to a table full of pizza and soft drinks that he'd managed to order with a bit of creative thinking earlier, adding with a nod in that direction, "Oh, and there's food, if you like food. But yeah, enjoy yourselves. I'm uh.. I'm gonna stop talking now and start the next song."

The massive room was also perfect for dancing, and as Leo started a second song, the lights above flickered a couple of times before finally dimming. A couple of people hesitantly started to dance to the music, earning a slow nod of encouragement from the man on stage. "Tell me if it's wrong, if it's right, I don't care~ I can keep a secret can... you?" he was singing smoothly, those dark eyes scanning the crowd curiously for anyone that stood out more than the others.

OOC: This event is meant as a concert/party for anyone brave enough to venture into a house rumored to be 'haunted'. The warmth of summer allows for the doors and windows to be left wide open all night, hopefully catching the attention of people passing by. The night will be filled with music (both from Leo and a sound system a bit later: so that I can interact properly with guests). I do ask that your character doesn't immediately realize that Leo is specifically a ghost, but have no issues against others suspecting that something is 'off'.

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It was not the sound of music that drew Asher originally. There were rumours about the house he had been approaching that night -- and he did, in fact, invite a couple others to come with him to check it out -- his best friend, Javier, and a newer friend, Manaka. After all, having people that practised in espiritismo as a brujo, or was what they themselves called an 'aruki miko' from Japan might have been good in addition to his being a shaman and getting a read on things.

"No one's going to give a shit about a haunted house unless someone goes up to it or lives there. I don't have for it anyway." Manaka's not so elegant way of putting things was what Asher was met with when he brought it up to her initially. So that effectively crossed her off the list.

"Dunno, corillo. I got The Seaside to run tonight, but you know I'd be down any other time. We got that other band in tonight that you sometimes play before, and it'd look bad for me to not be there." And that was what Javier told him when it was brought up, crossing him right off the mental list as well.

Even without them, though, Asher walked along the path up to the house and ascended the stairs. The most peculiar thing was seeing other people that had come to the house. Maybe Manaka was wrong about the interest of the house -- but it did not really look like the people here were there to experience the 'haunted' aspect of it. That sight made a pang of embarrassment run through Asher. People would really drum up anything to draw interest from others, it seemed.

Chuckling to himself silently to brush off that feeling of personal embarrassment, Asher figured he was here anyway and might as well have checked out the gathering. It seemed like a party from the look of things.

Getting into the house, Asher made the observation from the doorway that the music that had been playing was not just something playing on a cranked up radio system, but was actually a live performance. Though, it seemed like it was sans the rest of the band. Not that that was a bad thing -- as Asher himself was well enough acquainted with.

Besides, the cover itself had Asher bobbing his head to the rhythm slightly as he watched the performance. He could wait till it was done to see if there were beers or some other kind of drink available.
Leo (played anonymously) Topic Starter

(Sorry about that, took a minute to realize I had a reply. :) )

His dark gaze landed on Asher when he walked in, having paused at the doorway to observe at first. Leo grinned around his words as he sang into the mic, still beyond thrilled that his insane plan was even working. What was he going to do if he blew it tonight? What was the worst that could happen?

After wrapping up that second song, Leo switched the sound system for now, speaking into the mic, "I'm going to take a little break, enjoy the music and I'll be 'around' if anyone would like to chat. Please, enjoy yourselves." He picked out Asher again through the small crowd once his feet hit the hardwood next to the stage, heading in that direction curiously. "Are you a music lover as well?" he mused, approaching the newest arrival casually. His soft spoken voice was likely hard to really hear over the thudding of the music, especially without a microphone. This was the moment to really dust off those people skills, considering the man hadn't been social in way too long; hopefully he wouldn't come across as 'weird', but only time would tell.

"If you missed it, I'm Leo," he added warmly, speaking around another smile as he added, "I've got pizza and drinks over there too, but uh.. it was kinda spur of the moment, so that's about it. Just one of those sudden urges to jam out, ya know?" Smooth enough lies, maybe. He delivered them genuinely enough. "Been awhile since I've done a concert, so I sorta missed it," he said honestly with a light shrug to his shoulders.
OOC: All good. :> I can really only find time to reply between packing for my move, eating, or sleeping at the moment. Haha, so I apologise if there's any delay in my own responses.

"I caught the tail end. What I did catch sounded pretty great," Asher said to Leo with a small chuckle. "My name's Asher, and you could say I'm definitely a bit of a music lover. I actually play a bit on my own every now and then -- acoustic and electric guitar."

Were he here with the rest of his band, he might have actually talked about Tenfold to Victory. But no, without Zander, Frankie, or Ross, he was just Asher. Which was never really a bad thing when it came to one-on-ones. If it came up, it came up. But for now, Asher the guitarist was fine being himself -- which was a vast improvement compared to how he was in the past.

"I totally get the feeling -- of just wanting to jam out. Sometimes it just hits, and you gotta sate that appetite," Asher affirmed. It was how he met the other members to Tenfold to Victory and a number of other people in his time growing up with his sister and finding time between part-time jobs in the past.

"So... this your place, or are you here to perform for the owner?" Asher asked, glancing around briefly. Mostly to take in the surroundings, but also to see if he could spy where the pizza and drinks were that were touched upon not that long ago.
(i don't usually participate in these, but this one seems interesting and it's a good opportunity to use the beloved grape chaos gremlin, Ouma. by the way he's not actually a chaos gremlin, he's a short thief who enjoys making others confused and suffer)

Hearing music on his way to the grocery store was not something Ouma expected, more or less what he wanted to hear when he was planning a robbery. However, his curiosity ended up getting to him. He found himself at the source of the music. 'This is a great opportunity to get some valuables.' He thought. And by 'get', he meant 'steal'.

Ouma would much rather listen to some of Kikuo's darkest songs than this. Actually- he liked Kikuo, but he was trying to make a point. He stood out a little with all that dark purple hair of his. And his weird outfit that he was not going to change out of anytime soon.

After stealing money and even entire wallets he hid under his hat, which was black and had the logo of his friend group which consisted of 11 people, Ouma being the leader, he got bored. But he couldn't go for anything big- he'd get caught. So he just waited. 'Yes, hiding under a table is a normal thing normal people do.' He lied to himself.
Kinoko (played by LuckyStarr349)

Kimono went inside the house, attracted to the music, enters the house. She seems a bit unnerved by the house's general aesthetic, but she looked around nonetheless. She begins to grumble to herself. "Ugh, I'm hungry... Is there any food here..?"
Leo (played anonymously) Topic Starter

(Nice! Should be more responsive myself now that the holiday is over. :3)

"Yeah?" Leo grinned at the compliment, "I'm glad you thought you." He nodded warmly at the given name, another grin tugging at his features when the man confirmed that yes, he was a music lover. "For real?" his brows rose as he learned that his company was even a fellow musician, "That's awesome. Guitar is my choice too personally, but I decided to play it lazy tonight and focus on vocals." Lazy was Leo's excuse so that he didn't have to risk dropping the guitar if he turned translucent too soon later in the night.

"Right?" he laughed, rubbing the side of his neck, "Usually hits out of the blue, too, sometimes even from left field. I used to carry my guitar around everywhere I went, just in case." Slam the brakes Leo. 'Used to' is past tense. Better explain that, he thought, adding with a shrug, "I don't leave the house much nowadays, so no need really. I'm pretty much a shut-in." Not by choice, but he could easily fake a convincing smile regarding it.

"It is," he confirmed. It had been his when he was alive, and just hadn't been re-sold yet, so technically still was. Some of his things were still here, stashed upstairs, but most of the valuable things had been taken by family or auctioned off years ago; much to his dismay. "Do you live around here too?" he mused curiously, "Or just passing through?" The house itself wasn't spectacular, and had definitely seen better days, but it was cozy in a haunting sort of way. Out dated furniture from a 'Victorian' era decorated the current room they were standing in. The hardwood was worn, but sleek enough to indicate that it was still taken care of. All of the doors leading in or out of the room were closed, and locked, for the sole reason that Leo didn't want anyone finding the faded, but very much still noticeable, blood splatter that still stained the floor of another room. This was supposed to be a night of fun and music, not one of horror.

"Want a drink?" Leo asked when he noticed Asher glancing around towards the food table he'd set up. The young musician started towards the table himself to see if his new acquaintance would follow. He caught sight of the guy that thought he was hidden under said table. In a house like this? Table cloths weren't a thing here. The furniture was far too out dated to really conceal him, and once closer, Leo called him out curiously. "Uh.. What are you doing? If you'd rather hide than enjoy the party, you can leave," Leo said firmly, despite the friendly smile on his face. "If you'd like to stay, I insist you get out from under that table, and talk to me," he offered, "I'm Leo, the owner of the house." He snagged a bottle of soda for himself and held one out to Kokichi, "Here, have a drink." Had Asher followed him over to the table, the ghost would give him a skeptical 'what do you make of this guy' type of look.

If the newest addition turned her attention towards the table that Leo had just found the man hiding under, she'd find plenty of pizza and bottled soft drinks for the taking. "So sail me down the river~" the music was reverberating off the walls of the spacious room, the echo becoming somewhat eerie as the lights flickered again ominously. A few gasps rang out, a ghost of a smile tugging at Leo's lips before it faded just as quickly. Spikes in his energy usually caused a plethora of strange things, but if he could stay cool and collected then the flickering of the lights would likely be the worst of his problems tonight.
Kinoko (played by LuckyStarr349)

Kimono turns her attention to a table covered with an assortment of food and drinks. A faint smile forms on her face, but it quickly vanishes. She grabs a plate and gets some food, trying not to draw too much attention to herself.
Now, upon being noticed, Ouma stood up. He took time to adjust his checkered scarf and cape, but refused to touch his hat. Mostly because he hid what he had stolen under it, but also because it looked fine.

Once he was done with that, he smiled. Not a friendly one. More evil, and unnaturally wide. 'This is perfect.' He thought. "I'm Kokichi Ouma." He said in an obnoxious voice. However, he could not help this, as it was how he sounded. He walked away and stole a few more people's things and came back, scanning the table for grape soda. It ws his favorite, after all.
Leo (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Leo glanced to Kinoko as she headed over to get food. Her demeanor seemed withdrawn, so he didn't call her out or approach just yet, shooting her a warm smile instead in greeting. Eyes going back to Kokichi he realized that it seemed he had drawn an unwelcomed guest upon opening his door to the outside world. Lesson learned, and noted. Leo's arms crossed, a brow rising as the man gave him a wicked smile. Instantly, his guard shot through the roof and he frowned. "I'd say it's a pleasure, but we both know that would make me a liar," he cleared his throat, a hint of an eyeroll given at the tone. Who did this guy think he was? And did he seriously just turn and walk away?? "Hey!" Leo called after him. He'd suggested that he talk to him, not just say his name and do as he pleased again.

Leo sighed heavily, watching as he stole from the party guests. The audacity of this guy... Nope. That was that. "You're done. There's the exit," he nodded towards the door, when Kokichi made his way back to the table, "Rudeness is one thing, but to blatantly steal from my guests in front of me is unacceptable. Take your leave, and take the soda with you. Have a nice night." The lights flickered again dangerously a few times before settling once again.

(I'm sorry, but I can't continue to Rp with you if your character is just going to keep casually stealing from the NPCs. Please don't take offense, but this event is supposed to be easygoing, and I'd rather not get into any further heated confrontations IC'ly. Kokichi has kindly been asked to leave for those reasons, as well as due to blatantly disrespecting the host.)
"Oh! Neat -- nice place you got, then!" Asher said. The lack of furniture probably made the acoustics a lot better than if there were pieces of furniture to soak up the sound. "As for living around here -- I actually live closer to Los Angeles. So I'm mostly passing through. Would have had some friends with me, but I'm the only one with a free schedule for the next few days."

Chuckling softly, Asher continued: "and no worries. I used to carry my guitar everywhere I went, too. Mostly because I got a lot just by busking while looking for work. Ever since leaving my guitar at home, though, I've gotten significantly less people going, 'Hey dude! Play Wonder Wall!'" He rolled his eyes after the statement.

Asher had followed along after Leo to the table with the refreshments and food set up. He was about to make casual conversation until there was some disturbances being made not too far away. Understandably, the host was none too pleased with what was happening, and Asher could really only furrow his brow and give a disgruntled look at the guest that had been making a nuisance of themselves. When the lights flickered with the host's emotions rising, however, Asher glanced up briefly.

Maybe there was some credence to the 'haunted' aspect that Asher had heard. Not that he was going to make a big deal about that now of all times.

Hopefully the message was received loud and clear on the guest's end that had been pilfering from other guests. Clearing his throat, Asher turned his attention back to Leo, shaking his head. The audacity of some people.

"Yeah, I'd love a drink. Thanks for the offer," Asher said, reaching over for a bottle of soda and cracking it open. It was probably best not to have a beer or two if he was going to walk back home. There was no way his sister would have let him hear the end of it if he came back home even slightly inebriated.

As for the guest under the table, Asher could really only give a look of bemusement to Leo in response that was accompanied with a shrug. It was weird to think that there were people that would hide out under tables. Maybe they where the ones that had been more in the mood for a beer or two instead?
((no, it's fine! i actually can't tell you how many benefits this has for both me and Ouma. and this is probably the best reaction i've gotten to him doing stuff like this! plus i probably should have used Rantaro, but anyway, thank you so much!!))
Leo (played anonymously) Topic Starter

(Thank you for being so understanding! ^^)

"Thank you," he grinned brightly, quite fond of his home and noticeably appreciative of the compliment towards it. How many years had it been since he'd been outside it? He'd lost count now, but it hadn't for one second felt like a prison.. yet. It was just far too quiet is all, until tonight of course. "Ahhh, I see!" he nodded in understanding when Asher mentioned L.A. "Damn," he said when he mentioned his friends' busy schedule, "Maybe next time, if you're ever in the area again when I'm doing one of these things." He shrugged casually.

"Yeeeesss, that too!" he chuckled. Ohhh busking... the good ol' days, and so many fond memories to go with it, "Yeah I get that, busking was where it was at sometimes.." He burst into laughter at the mention of Wonder Wall, his fist moving to cover the amused grin, speaking around it as he commented on that, "Oh man, of all songs." A shake of the head was given and he shrugged, "If it makes you feel any better? I played Best of You by Foo Fighters so many times on the streets that I used to have dreams about it. It followed me home, mate."

Once the sticky fingered guest was taken care of, the host drew in a deep breath and released it slowly, glancing back to Asher just in time to hear him speak again. "No problem," he grinned, opening one for himself as well and taking a drink of it. Was it weird to cherish the taste of something as simple as Coca-Cola? Of all the drinks on the table to have picked from, the pizza place brought a variety with his order, he chose that one. He couldn't drink them in his ghostly form, and it had been so damn long since he'd had one because he didn't really have the need to eat or drink anything anymore. He smiled around the rim of the bottle, that light betraying him again and flickering once.

He glanced up at the intricate chandelier and chuckled as if it were no big deal, "I think my light's about to blow, must be time for a new bulb soon." His eyes turned to Kinoko again, his hand sloooowly nudging a random drink her way without a word. Perhaps it was his way as offering interaction if she wanted it. If not, he'd let her enjoy the party as she was. Perhaps she was shy? There was no way of knowing.
Kinoko (played by LuckyStarr349)

Kinoko notices Leo smiling at her and gives a small, timid wave. She glanced in Kokichi's direction as he was being kicked out and briefly shakes her head. "Douchebag... Stealing from people... And in front of someone, too..." She finished her rambling and began to eat, taking in the atmosphere.
"That sounds doable, honestly. And again, maybe I'll be able to drag some friends along. My friend, Ross? He'd probably love this place, just as a drummer, to be honest. Might disturb the neighbours if he ever had a chance to drag his set with him," Asher chuckled. He was liking how natural it felt to talk and actually be open with some of his thoughts at the moment. He had to pat himself on the back mentally recollecting how awkward he felt when he was first getting used to learning how to talk to others to stand up on his own feet.

"Oh god, not that," Asher laughed in regards to the Foo Fighters song that Leo mentioned, taking a sip of the Coke afterward. He glanced down to Kinoko for a moment when she waved. He gave a small wave back, and luckily being in a good mood meant that he had at least some kind of an amicable expression.

"I've gotten plenty of people that have also teased or mocked me with that," Asher went on to say to Leo. "If I had a damn dime for every time someone's come up and just goes 'the best, the best, the best of yo~ou!' Like, come on. The song's not even that bad, it just gets meme'd to death in real life and online. Gotta feel bad for Dave Grohl -- bet he gets it worse from fans." Asher shuddered slightly at the thought.

Glancing up to the chandelier, Asher scoffed in amusement with a somewhat cocked smile. Reaching for one of the slices of pizza, he simply said: "I actually thought you were leaning into it. Maybe for show in some sense or another, or maybe to have a kind of haunted house theme. Which, being real, in the middle of summer is actually kind of nice. I don't get to enjoy Halloween except for maybe playing for my friend's bar."
Leo (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"Haaa!" Leo laughed at the mention of disturbing the neighbors, "By all means, they're used to it. I'm always playin' music late into the night so I'm sure they hate me already, what harm could it do to add to that?" The natural feeling was mutual in this regard. Leo assumed he'd be awkward and socially incapable after having been locked away so many years here alone but maybe it was like riding a bike?

A laugh bubbled past his own lips when Asher laughed again regarding that particular song. "Yes, that," he scrunched up his nose in confirmation. He caught a muttered something from Kinoko's lips, but he wasn't quite close enough to hear her. Didn't seem aimed at him though, as he didn't catch any malicious vibe from her, and he turned his attention away when she started to eat; still content with allowing her to approach first if she chose to.

"Really? You too?" his expression became amused, brows rising with interest as the man continued. Another laugh left him as Asher quoted the lyrics, nodding in understanding, "Or that opening line, just yelled off key at the top of their lungs. 'I've got another con-fession to mayyayayake~' Right? I don't mind the song, it's kind of catchy, but definitely hit with overkill. Oh man, he probably does.. Poor guy." He grimaced sympathetically at the notion himself.

"Yeah?" he mused, considering that as an excuse to use in the future. He bit his lip roughly at the 'haunted house' theme suggestion, brows knitting in thought as he continued. "Huh.." he mused, "Hadn't thought of that. Halloween in summer isn't a bad idea at all. Damn, that sucks though. Always busy around that time, I take it?" He hadn't enjoyed it either in years, for obvious reasons, but he wasn't about to say it out loud. His expression hinted that he understood, however. Holidays in general were a thing of the past for Leo, but he didn't dare dampen his mood by thinking of all that right now. Instead, he picked up a piece of pizza of his own idly, picking a pepperoni from it that had started to slide off and popping it into his mouth as he waited for Asher's response to his inquiry.
Kinoko (played by LuckyStarr349)

Kinoko finished eating after a while, and figured she should introduce herself to the host. She was pretty socially awkward, but it was the polite thing to do, after all. "Here goes nothing..." She got up and walked towards Leo. "Um, excuse me... sorry, I should probably introduce myself... um... I'm Kinoko... I'm guessing you're the one hosting this party..?" She seemed fidgety and somewhat nervous; she was never too good at interacting with people she hardly knew.
"Man, that makes two neighbourhoods, then," Asher said. "My friend usually plays in his garage in the late morning when he's not working -- thankfully has a graveyard shift, so he can at least play when not as many people are home. But hey, I'll definitely get you two introduced at some point."

Asher capped his bottle of soda before he accidentally spilled it as he started laughing at the impression of people and how they call attention to certain songs. Indeed, that was another thing he had heard from time to time. Taking the pizza slice he had, he finally took a bite before looking to Kinoko since she had made herself more apparent this time around.

Taking this time to eat more of the pizza, Asher opted not to jump in and distract either of them since it seemed Kinoko was making an effort to talk to the host.

Asher's phone buzzed in his pocket, and retrieving it revealed that his little sister was texting him to ask him where he was since some big trouble was happening at The Seaside. That... usually meant that there was something supernatural happening. Though, he was not going to just dine and dash from the place.

Clearing his throat, Asher said: "uh, hate to interrupt. My sister's in some trouble back home. But hey, maybe we can swap numbers or e-mails before I gotta run, Leo?"

OOC: I hate to cut my interaction here since I've really enjoyed playing Asher here! Though I figure the next post I make after this one will be my last one since I have today till Friday to pack up some of the last things I have that are still out for my move this Saturday. Thanks for the thread, OP! :>
Leo (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"Makes sense, yeah," he nodded in understanding, grinning brightly, "I look forward to it, sounds like a cool dude."

As Asher laughed and took a bite of his pizza, Leo's attention turned to Kinoko as she finally took a moment to approach as he'd hoped. "Heya," he smiled warmly, eyes softening at the fact that she seemed nervous. "It's nice to meet you Kinoko, I'm Leo," he offered softly, nodding at her question, "I am, yes. Are you enjoying yourself so far?" His posture was relaxed, hoping to help ease the nerves of his newest acquaintance, eyes moving back to Asher briefly as he noticed him check his phone.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, of course," he answered, pulling his own somewhat outdated but still working phone from his back pocket. As they would exchange numbers, he'd create a new contact. "I'm more likely to respond after dark," he was saying casually, adding with a shrug, "Not really a morning person and I'm hella nocturnal. Shoot me a text or something anytime mate. Go take care of what you need to do, though, and it was nice havin' you."

Whenever Asher took his leave, Leo would turn back to Kinoko with another attempt at conversation since she'd moved close enough, "So what kind of music are you into Kinoko? Anything specific?" His own taste in music was all over the place.

(I'm glad you had fun! Thanks for stopping in! :D)
OOC: Final post to seal the departure post aspect for full Soiree credit. :9 Thanks again~

Asher beamed to Leo as they shared contact information and pocketed his phone. Taking up the last of his pizza slice and drink with him, Asher bid Leo and Kinoko farewell.

"See you when I see you next! Have a great rest of the night!" Asher said, turning and making a hurried effort to get out the door so that he could tend to whatever Lucie and most likely the Romeros needed his abilities for.

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