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I just need some ideas of how to make a character now please. I can't even describe myself in a few words LOL. Just want to make a simple character now.

Is it possible to upload a picture to show what my character will look like now.

I will be grateful for the help so thank you.

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A good place to start is reading through this page and its associated links.
The link that Rogue-Scribe gave you is an excellent place to start learning how to create a character. When you use the character creator wizard, it will give you some basic information fields that you can fill in for your character (height, weight, hair and eye color, etc).

There is also a gallery widget you can put on your character profile so you can upload images as a visual presentation. Alternatively, you can use a text widget, then use the BBCode [img]link[/img] to display an image. You'll have to upload the image to a site like imgur first, then copy the link for the image into the code mentioned before.
mystery7 Topic Starter

What does one say for the info now? Long story short, I can't explain a few details of myself without getting anxious.
Whatever you want! There’s no stern rules for character design. If you’re using the “let us help” template from at the start, it has some things you can choose or not choose to fill out. Most are simple like hair color, and others are a bit broader like mannerisms. You can even edit the bubbles to put whatever words you want there as well!

There are also many simple character biography templates on like that range from very simplified or even very complex that you can use instead. There’s no right way to do it!
mystery7 Topic Starter

Thanks. That is good to know. Just not good with describing details.

Where I find the "let us help" page please.
So, when you create a new character profile it will give you two options. The first one is “let us help” with a Minotaur! This will give you a template, and if I recall correctly, ask a few questions before loading your character profile with the information you put in! You’ll always be able to edit this information whenever you want and you don’t have to fill out everything, so there’s no stress to have all the answers!

The other is “strike out on your own” which simply takes you right to a blank character profile!
And for simply now describing details, there’s no wrong way to do it! It can look like this,

Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Complexion: tan
Personality: nice
Mannerisms: plays with her hair

Or like this

Hair: Shoulder length curly hair. Light brown with light pink highlights.
Eyes: Round and green, sometimes wears purple contacts.
Complexion: Light tan like she’s been out in the sun.
Personality: Always kind to everyone, has a soft spot for children.
Mannerisms: plays with her hair when she’s stressed or nervous, or when someone cute walks by!

There’s no wrong way to do them, these are just two little ideas if you needed any examples of specially how to describe things!
mystery7 Topic Starter

Yes that helps. I was never good with that as I needed an idea of what to say. You know, you can't put the Lego set together without the directions.
mystery7 wrote:
Yes that helps. I was never good with that as I needed an idea of what to say. You know, you can't put the Lego set together without the directions.

I get that! It can be really confusing and overwhelming when you come onto a new site or place and there's no "how to do everything right right away" pamphlet haha.

I also like to go to the "characters" tab under "Community" and look at characters I think look cool for inspiration, too! It gives me ideas for what kind of information I might want to choose to include, and how I'd like to lay it out on my own profiles.

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