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Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657)

A lovely fall themed group roleplay with, perhaps, a bit of spook factor. Join Lucinda as she spends a day in shared vacation home in the woods. Perhaps you find yourself as a resident, or maybe the strange rumors of a ghost in these woods have caught your interest? Unbeknownst to these rumors- Lucinda is looking to complete everything on her fall bucket list with whomever she may be accompanied by!
Genres:Casual, possible dark themes.
Post Length: Paragraph minimum.
Who can join? Open to all! Just don't ignore anyone who enters please.

The cozy cabin stood in the midst of the golden and scarlet leaves. Not only were the tree tops painted in these warm hues, but the ground was blanketed in these fall colors. A gentle breeze rustled through the early morning air, dancing through the trees and foliage that surrounded this peaceful, secluded share house. Lucinda had only been able to pay for a night in this spectacular cabin due to the fact it was a shared home. She knew not who would be staying with her, but she happily awaited to meet a new friend.

I wonder if anyone's already here? I hope someone comes...I only have keys to half of the house myself. I believe there are some cabins just up the road but... Lucinda pondered to herself, her bright rosy eyes looking down to inspect her outfit. Brown hair sat against her shoulders, small strands of fringe hugging her forehead. A sweater dress perfectly matching the warm colors around her sat comfortably over her frame- ending right at her mid thigh. Perhaps the most eye catching part of her attire was a metal brace that hugged her entire left leg. Metal rods ran vertically along the length of it and thin bands ran horizontally to securely hold her leg in stably. Cute, yes. Capable of walking miles up the road? Probably not. It was already a miracle she was able to catch a ride this far.

Nevertheless Lucinda used her key to open the front door, immediately being met with a cozy- contemporary and windowed living room. "Wow~" she cooed, stepping inside and tossing her bag onto the sofa. The kitchen was just ahead through a hall...and a stairway led upstairs to both the bedrooms. This place was beyond beautiful, though her curious hues looked around in hopes of particularly finding someone. Anyone really.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

A shared cabin in the woods all to himself or so he assumed. Some time away from the city, from work and most importantly, his family. Kiran was looking forward to having a weekend getaway in the middle of nowhere in the best possible season. There were rumours of spectres in the area which also attracted him to this particular section of woodland. Not having much experience he was curious to learn more.

He’d been here for one night already before Lucinda arrived, dressed in a pair of superhero pj’s and perched on top of one of the kitchen bar stools with a mouth full of toast. The tall, pale red head turned when he heard the lock on the front door click and open up. Kiran wouldn’t immediately speak up and announce his presence, giving her a chance to soak it all in and enjoy the view much like he had done when first arriving yesterday morning. Smirking, he’d quietly watch and continue his breakfast of buttered toast. It was an impressive view and the cabin was indeed beautiful.
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

Alwina rolled up to the house, she'd had one other key, and apparently the person in charge of dolling them out had made a mistake and given it to three people. for.. some reason. Either way, she stepped out of the van she came in with and opened the door.. only to see two others. "uh... I think the landlord made a mistake." she said calmly as she leaned back out and looked at the building number. nope, it was the right one. she closed the door behind her. "I'll uh.. sleep on the couch." straight to business it seemed as she looked out the window at the view. "oh.. wow. that is a good view." she said calmly. she was adorned in a black leather jacket, white T-shirt, blue jeans, work boots, and a book attached to her hip with chains. well, she was certainly an odd one.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Before even making her way further into the home, Lucinda jumped at the sudden woman beside her. Being so lost in her own thoughts Lucy had hardly even noticed the car pull up at all! Instantly her hands ran through her locks and she looked herself over once more. Alwina's cool attire didn't surprise her too much. It was a sense of home for her..."Ah? The couch? No no there should be plenty of rooms! This is a shared home afterall." Determined to find answeres, the woman took off her shoes and scurried around. Initially she headed to the kitchen - thinking it was a bedroom, only to see a other person there, a mouthful of toast. It smelled wonderfully. His brightly colored hair and pjs did surprise her.

With her head peaking in, she stared with bright hues. "Oh...your hair ! It matches the colors outside." She mumbled happily bouncing on her feet. So quickly she had met two people...two new potential friends.

"Uhm miss!" Lucinda called back. "There is someone else here. Maybe they can help us with the bedrooms!" Scurrying over to Kiran she whispered quietly. "I am guessing you have been here awhile. Please tell me there are atleast three rooms right?" It saddened the girl to think someone would have to leave. The more the merrier!
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Now another one arrived as well, which was to be expected but he did in some small way mourn the loss of his ‘alone in the woods’ time, never mind. He eyed the new incomer carefully and took note of that book attached to her hip, interesting.

As Lucinda popped her head into the kitchen he was caught mid munch, he smiled slightly at her comment. Only got a comment like that once or twice a year since he was little. “Thanks..” he nodded. “That is a sofa bed in there but I believe there are more rooms. I stayed last night, I believe theres another room yes.” smiling at Lucinda.

Wiping his hand on his trouser leg to rub off any butter grease he offered it out to her “I’m Kiran.” The more he spoke the more that British accent came through. He wasn’t from around here that much was obvious.
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

Followed Lucinda's lead. "oh, hey. I'm Alwina Coldwill." she said with a wave as she propped her elbow up on the kitchen counter, looking them over with her.. purple yes. yep they were purple. contacts maybe? who knows. "Nice to meet you Kiran." she said in a calm tone. chill kind of gal apparently. she'd then look to Lucinda. "and what would your name be?" she inquired as she looked the both of them over with a cursory glance. perhaps she was the more reserved type... or maybe she just needed more time before she'd open up, it remained to be seen, either way, they were there, they had keys, and it seemed that they'd be sharing the home together.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Alaina and Kiran. What unique names! Lucinda repeated them in her head. "Wow..such cool names. How neat I've never heard anything like them. Oh! Me-" reaching out hastily she shook Kiran's hand, glancing between the two of them. "Lucinda! You can call me Lucy though if you want. I...hah I'm beside myself to see two people here. Part of me was worried I would be here alone tonight ~." Swaying on her feet joyfully she shuffled out of the room. Her voice could hardly be heard as she continues to speak despite her leaving-

"I've heard there aren't many who come around here so I am super happy to see people I'm this cabin with me! It's so beautiful in these parts...I really am shocked there is only one cabin nearby. All the others are so far..." Her voice started to grow in volume as she shuffled back in, handing both Kiran and Alwina a plastic bag which contained a leaf shaped pastry. "Here! Cookies I made. Part of my fall bucket list is to...well make cookies. " Leaning against the counter beside Alwina she took out a paper, marking a large X through item 1.

Smiling contently , Lucy peered up to the two. "So..what brings you both out here? Answer wisely or else I may bug you to join me. I'm here to complete my fall bucket list~."
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

“Nice meet you both” he smiled at the two ladies and picked up his plate of toast so that he could swivel on his seat and face them while still finishing his breakfast. Watching Lucinda walk out of the room then return with a plastic bag, he tilted his head curiously but was pleasantly surprised to see cookies. “A fall bucket list?” one eyebrow raised he watched her pull out a paper and tick something off. “Whats on that list of yours then? I’m here to get away from work mostly.” and his sister but he left that bit out for now.

Finishing off his breakfast he set the treat bag on the counter and got up to wash his plate. Rolling up his sleeves to wash up revealed red tattoos along both forearms, on the left two long marks along the radius and ulna with pointed ends and on the right the tattoos looked like teeth up and down his arm. “Would either of you like a drink? I’m going to make tea.”
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

"same as him. My job is.. depressing at best so, figured I could use a break for a while. I'm on road trip." she said calmly as took one of the cookies and nibbled on it. "thanks. these are pretty good. and uh, yeah. I second that question, what all is on the list?" she asked as she took her time with the sweet treat Lucinda had provided, she had gotten breakfast on the way up so this was just a pleasant snack for her. this whole stop though was shaping up to be more interesting then she thought it was gonna be. well, fate did tend to have strange habits after all, and she had seen far stranger things in her life so, no sweat.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

"Well there's things like catching a pumpkin to carve, making a huge leaf pile, roasting smores outside and...find a haunted house." Her cheeks brightened a bit at the mention of the last one. "I figure we won't find much for the last one, but I wanted to include it anyway." Lucy peered up into Alwina's mysterious eyes. The rich color was a mix of lavender and violet. It struck Lucy. Alwina's hues were not unkind though, no, but there was a huge story behind them- Lucy could tell. The case could be the same for Kiran. His peculiar tattoos seemed to span the entire length of his arm, perhaps more hidden from view too? For a polite man his tattoos spoke volumes. What could they mean? Just who was she sharing this home with? Well...oh well. Surely with the two of them, she could accomplish the items on her list. There would be lots to learn then.

Her feet lightly kicked as she sat in a chair. The metal of her brace occasionally whining with the motion.
"Sure I'll take some tea. Thanks so much-" while in the middle of speaking a peculiar sound could be heard outside.

Faint, yet distinct enough to even be called a sound. Almost as if a distant horn...or an animal cry. It was hard to tell. Nonetheless, even with windows closed and the front door closed Lucy happened to notice the strange sound, for it lingered for several seconds. Her lips pressed together as she wondered whether she had really just heard something. "Oh. Do we have bears nearby~¿ " The girl inquired, hopping back onto her feet and going to peer out the window. All she could see was the neverending trees and the fall leaves fluttering to the ground. There appeared to nothing.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Once he’d done the washing the kettle was filled and turned on. Alwina didn’t answer his question about tea but he’d make a third anyway just in case. Sleeves back down once his hands were try he’d turn back to the ladies and listen about this bucket list. All the standard fall activities that he generally did as a kid but not all in the same fall. He didn’t even change his expression at the mention of a haunted house. “I wouldn’t say no to helping out, sounds fun.” Especially the pumpkin carving but he’d more than likely go overboard with it.

Just as Lucy heard the sound the kettle finished boiling which distracted Kiran. Opening up the cupboard to shuffle around in a bag he’d just thrown in there “I’ve got normal black tea and herbal.” he offered to the pair behind him while pulling out a herbal tea and pouring his own drink.

“Bears? wouldn’t surprise me if I am honest…” if and when the tea orders were given he’d make them and put them down on the counter for the ladies to take. “I’m going to have a shower but once I’m sorted and your both settled in we can get cracking on that list of yours?” he smiled.
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

"Sounds like fun to me." she looked over the Kiran. "no need for tea for m-... oh uh. carry on then." she too heard the sound and bolted off to the window. "I don't think bears would get that close though, don't they tend to avoid people if they can help it?" she said as she placed on hand on her book, gripping it tightly like a weapon. "and if they are well. That's.. somewhat concerning don't you think?" she said in a slightly tense tone of voice as her purple hued eyes scanned back and forth along the view outside their window. "so uh. Lucinda, the haunted house, got any places in mind or were you simply hoping." she didn't take her eyes way from the view outside, still scanning back and forth.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

"I thought it concerning too! I would hope there's no trouble though...most of the reviews were high enough." Lucinda stated to Alwina who seemed just as preoccupied with outside as she herself was. However, upon noticing Kiran's fairly neutral reaction, Lucy calmed down a bit too. Perhaps it was nothing too important...

"Erm...herbal tea sounds good. Thank you." Trying to remove the thought from her mind, Lucinda approached the steaming cup- stirring it with its tea bag. The mention of her list was more then sufficient to bring her mind back to the jollier topic. "Oh! Once you shower we can go searching for pumpkins! There's a patch somewhere...hopefully close by. I have so many inspiration pictures saved ooh~." Pulling her phone from her sweater pocket she quickly searched through. "Hurry hurry Kiran. Alwina, come look at this pumpkin! Smokes coming from the eye~. Mm I bet you could make such a good pie with the leftovers." Her smile could hardly get any bigger. "While we look for this...we can look for a haunted house? Honestly I just lumped it in since Fall and Halloween are so close. But I doubt we'll really find one." She replied with a shrug, her hues still sorting through the many pictures of neatly carved pumpkins.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran noticed Alwina grabbing her book, he had his suspicious but stayed quiet and sipped his tea. Having ran it under the cold tap so that he could drink it faster. He smiled at Lucy’s excitement and looking for pumpkins on her phone. He’d wander over and towered over the pair of them which was nothing new to him so he didn’t make it a big deal.

He didn’t have the heart to tell Lucy that the carving pumpkins weren’t designed for being eaten, silently nodding to her while drinking his tea. Having brought some tools with him he could spare a few to carve up pumpkins with.

Tea finished he washed up the cup and set it aside upside down. “Right, well I’ll go have that shower and I’ll be down soon.” smiling as he left the room and headed upstairs. He was glad they both came in and went straight for the kitchen because his bedroom door was wide open on the second floor. Taking the stairs two at a time and quickly shutting it behind him.

“Just as well I prepared last night…” he mumbled to himself while looking over at the polystyrene stand on the side table holding several vacutainers of blood. Having heard the noise he wasn’t going to leave the cabin unarmed. Gathering up his things for the shower and a towel he could debate what to wear afterwards.

Closing the bedroom door behind him he’d have a quick shower then run back into his room with the towel keeping him decent. Then another while passed before he came back downstairs in dark brown combat trousers and a green hoody that had a zip down the front. He placed his backpack on the floor and went to sit on the sofa and wait.
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

Alwina walked over to take a peek at the phone, she'd have leaned over Lucinda's shoulder but well, height difference. "oh, some of these look pretty neat. "You keep looking through those, I'll check for haunted houses. " She said as she took off her jacket for a moment. Seems Kiran wasn't the only one sporting some ink. Her arms were covered in various strange symbolic tattoos colored in flat green ink, all the way from her her upper arm down to her wrists. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and got on to looking. "Hmmm. I see some advertisements for haunted house events but they're just experiences with actors in costume.. There doesn't seem to be any locations that appear to be haun..ted." she stopped, blinking a few times. "Actually, here's one. Delaport manor, reportedly haunted, open to the public for urban exploration so long as visitors do not damage the property. Lots of people commenting about ghost stories.." she looked to Lucinda. "Sound like what you're looking for?" she asked as she turned the phone around to show her and Kiran.
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Lucinda only remembered to take a sip of her tea as Kiran left. Putting her phone down onto the counter she lifted the cup to her lips, taking a sip of the terribly hot tea. Small whimpers ensued as she kicked her legs more vigorously, eventually swallowing the burning liquid. It really took a special skill to drink Lucinda hadn't quite mastered.

Nevertheless, as Alwina brought up haunted houses, Lucinda's interest was quite peaked. This time bending over to see the woman's phone Lucy inspected the images of the mysterious Delaport manor." Oh sweet. Yeah! A real haunted house. That'll do just nicely. Maybe we can stop by, if it isn't too far, once we catch our pumpkins. How exciting!" Things were going much smoother then Lucinda could have hoped. Surely by the end of the night she'd have a completed list on her hands. Perhaps this was what it was like to hang out with friends? Bravely taking another burning sip of her tea, Lucinda allowed the rich flavors of the herbs to take over her mouth before returning to her feet with a squeak of her brace. "In the meantime, while we wait for Kiran we can go outside? Look for the proper direction?" The woman inquired with a tilt of her head. It was only now she had noticed the foreign tattoos Alwina sported. Both people had tattoos...perhaps Lucinda should get one too? Afterall she had been craving to have a sick french fry tattoo on her shoulder...

That'll be on another bucket list for another time.

"You and Kiran seem pretty similar. " Lucy inquired, stepping back into the living room after sometime. To her surprise Kiran was already there. Who knew drinking tea and looking for haunted houses would kill so much time? Regardless she offered the man a kind smile. "All ready?? Alwina said she found a haunted house. We may just be able to finish my bucket list just yet!" Lucinda ruffled in her bag that sat just beside Kiran. Rifling through a few articles of clothes she eventually pulled out a pepper spray. She, too, would be prepared. "For the bears."

If there was no more waiting, Lucinda marched forward to the front door. Grasping at the handle she tried to open the door but was stuck? Giving an embarrassed laugh, Lucinda put both hands on the knob and tried again. The door hardly even budged- opening only a few centimeters before slamming shut again. It was almost as if someone was holding it from the other side. "Gosh! This door can't lock from the outside...can it?" Rolling up her long sleeves, Lucinda was readying herself to try again.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran smiled at Lucy as she pulled out a pepper spray from her bag “It’s good to be prepared, I’ve got a couple of things with me too.” Patting one the many pockets on his cargo pants which made a slight clattering sound like glass on glass. “She did? Thats cool, ready when you are.” He was definitely curious about the whole thing and of the smaller of the two ladies and her book. Had to be some sort of mage he reckoned.

As Lucy struggled with the door he’d offer “Let me give it a try…” if she’d let him he’d grab the handle and give it a strong pull. Frowning, he’d attempt once again with no luck. “It can if you have the key but this is everyone isn’t it?….what about the windows?”
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

Alwina raised an eyebrow and walked away. "Does this place have a back door or a porch or something? or does one of the bedrooms have a window you can open?" she asked as she went from room to room to check for such a thing, hand now gripping tightly to the book as she slung her leather jacket back onto her body. something was wrong, she could just feel it. she didn't like this, not at all. "keep trying the door by the way while I look, it might just be stuck or something might be up wrong with the lock. and also try calling the property manager too."
Lucinda Smith (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

((Sorry I am so tired today! Will reply tomorrow~ >u<"))
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

Lucinda Smith wrote:
((Sorry I am so tired today! Will reply tomorrow~ >u<"))
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