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Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089)

A lonely dwelling peeks out from the outskirts of town. A house shrouded in mystery as a surrounding myst seemed to perpetually engulf it. Had it always been here? Why was it that far away from the main road? And what was up with that large hat on top of it?! No doubt it was the home of a witch! Or more precisely a shop! One named the Jack'O Porium by a sign close by, one not made of candy as those of fairy tale nor bearing a cauldron outside where potions where made, no, this house had a particular was that of a large, Pumpkin? Yes one large enough to pass as a house, with a nice little wooden door with a golden knob embedded to it.

'Welcome to the Jack'O Porium. Antiquities, Spells, potions, decorations and also Candy!~♡'

There would be a sign hanging from a small wicked tree adorned with that of a smiling Jack'O lantern and that of ornamental bats...they were ornamental right? The way they moved and glared to passerby's seemed to say otherwise!

The front of the house was that of a display of lights, one filles with various decorations. From spider webs to ghosts made out of fabric that flew around as if by an act of magic and that of towers made out of even more Jack'O lanterns, each with a smiley face carved into it. All welcomingly and in high spirit for such special occasion! Yet who would dare knock on the witch's home and risk themselves to be turned into a frog or else for the promise of candy? Well..not all witches were like that right? This was a time for celebration and those that seeked to rest from their weary travels could safely find a moment's rest in here...for now.
U-110 (played by randomentity777)

Wearing a pumpkin costume with a cardboard shark fin taped to the pumpkin hat, U-110 knocks on the door of the Jack'O Porium. "Trick or treaaaaaat. Raaaaawr."
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

Hearing the knock on her door, Yvienne walked her way towards the door. The witch answering the door at the sound of 'Trick or treat' yet instead of the image of a green skinned witch wild a large wart on her nose. The doir would open to reveal the figure of a purplish cat, one that wore a large witch's hat over it's head.

"Mrrrreeeoooww~ Good Evening." The cat welcomed with a happy mewl. "Ohhh!! What a lovely costume! Please don't eat me~ hehehe." The witch complimented. "I've heard of hotspring sharks, but never of pumpkin ones~ hehe." The witch cackled. "A creative costumes deserves a creative treat~♡" The cat assured, waggig her tail, a cyan glow shining from the tip.

"Pum~ Pumkin~ Nya~Nyah~NYAH!"


A Large gummy, one with the shape of a raw chunk of meat with bones peeking from the sides poofed out of thin air. The piece entirely made of soft gummy, one that would resemble that of the classic gummy bears. It stood hovering infront of the lovely pumpkin shark large enough to be held by two hands.

"Tada! Hope you like it~♡" The cat witch purred happily.
she opens a portal and smiles as she walks through with friend him her hand. she went up and waiting at the end of the brush for the person at the door to leave so she wouldn't be intrusive.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

Not so long as she answered the door, there was another one already lined up to call to her door. Did she just saw a portal opening right there? Ohh what an exciting visits she was having to her dwelling!

"Nyah!!! No need to stay back! Come! Come! There's lot more space for you." The cat witch insisted, calling the other to come close if they so wished.
she came out of the brush with a smile on her face. when she got to her door she smiles and said." hello, trick or treat" she said with a smile as she held out her candy bags. she was dressed up as a blue sheep and her friend was a crow hybrid like her
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"My my~ what a lovely sheep." Yvienne complimented the new commer's disguise. "Ohh also a crow, what an unique combination." She looked at the friend brought. "Alright!! Trick." The witch added, a ball of caramel mannifesting, one that flew through a portal...then another as if juggling it. Then it disappeared.

"Tada!!" The witch cat took off her hat as the caramel took the shape of that of a frying pan, one filled with candy.

"Hehe enjoy~♡" The witch added, her nose getting a wiff of the other's scent thus a hint of her baking hobby, maybe? "Sharing is not only for christmass." She added as her treat was made for them both.
Sam (played anonymously)

Sam would walk up to the house nervously. He didn't know how this would work out. Knocking on the door he would hold out his bag. "Trick or treat." He would say. He was dressed up in a little devil costume, with little horns and everything.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

As the first , second and third person arrived there would be now a fourth! Yvienne was getting quite a crowd. It made her witch hearts happy knowing few minded the spooky nature of her home or the fact she was a witch, Halloween was in truth a wonderful time~♡

"Nyah~♡ Hallo. Ohhh!! A little devil comes into my dwelling, a bit far from your usual working place isn't it? Yvienne giggled as she thought what to give the other.

"Mhhhreeoww! I GOT IT!" The witch announced. The playful cat lifting herself in two legs and making a dance. "Pum~ pum~Pumkin~ Nyah~ Nyah ~ NYAH!"

The cat witch said her magic words. Two figures made of chocolate, one white as snow with an elegant angelic figure with the other being a more broenish reddish one resembling a tiny devil. Each appearing over one of his shoulders, just as when one had to decide who's inner voice to listen to.

"Hehe~ always listen to the good one...though, don't forget to turn to the naughty one sometimes." The witch said happily towards him.
" thank you" she said as she skipped away opining a portal and going inside
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"Goodbye you two! Happy Halloween~ Nyah~♡"

The witch waved at the other two that went into a portal.
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane peered curiously up at the house as she approached the front door. Halloween was still a relatively new concept to her, but she had seen how fun it had looked and she wanted to try it out. A pair of black cat ears sat perched on top of her head and she had pinned a cats tail to the back of her shorts. It had taken her a few tries but she eventually managed to paint whiskers on her face that didn't look crooked. All in all, it was a very basic costume, but she thought she had done well for her very first time dressing up. She stepped up to the door and knocked gently, plastic pumpkin held between her fingers. "Trick or treat!"
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"Nyah!!!" Yvienne mewled at the arrival of one of her kin! Ohhh what an appealing sight the new arrival was. "Meow! Good evening fellow kitten. It's good to see my kind on this pleasant evening" The witch purred gleefully. "Though if you don't mind~♡" The witch swayed her tail, making the other kitty's garments come to life, with ears twitching and a tail that moved freely behind. "Mmeeoww~♡ Now that's far better don't you agree dear?" Yvienne tapped her paws togerher only for a flood of candy consisting of jelly beans with the shape of kitty paws to fill her plastic pumpkin.

"Happy Halloween! Enjoy!" The witch smiled after giving the newcomer their share of candy.
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eyes widening, Eliane reached up to touch what used to be a fake ear, letting out a delighted laugh as the ear twitched under her touch. She grinned, twisting slightly to see the black tail swishing behind her and she let out another laugh as she turned back to the other, eyes twinkling with mirth. "This is amazing, thank you!" She said, extending her pumpkin out for the other to fill with the jelly beans. Eliane peered into the bucket before giving the other a beaming smile. "Thank you for the treats and for the ears and tail! I hope you have a happy night!" She said with a cheery wave, black ears twitching in excitement as she headed back into the dark, her tail swaying behind her as she went off with a bounce in her step.
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

"Mmreeeooww~♡ Take care!" The kitty waved at the other with her kitty paw, saying farewell aw the other went their way to continue with the celebration. Indeed giving treats was a good way to make others smile, yet there was more to the celebration than just treats. It was the trick part that often went forgotten such thing that could transform a simple costume into a smile that could light up a room....yes, Halloween was a time to share not only candy, but happiness aswell.

Yvienne then waited for her next visit. Taking the opportunity to gnaw on a jelly bean. She also liked candy!
The young boy walks up to the doors of the Jack'O'Porium, adjusting his costume a bit. He knock on the door lightly and would hold out a small burlap sack. "Trick or Treat." He said flatly, him smelling strongly of rotting fruit. He was wearing a disgusting rotting jack-o-lantern "mask". A small bug crawls out of one of the eye sockets as he paces a bit in slight discomfort. "Like it? I made it myself."
Hayato Kawajiri (played anonymously)

Hayato walks up to the doors of the Jack'O'Porium, adjusting his costume a bit. He knock on the door lightly and would hold out a small burlap sack. "Trick or Treat." He said flatly, him smelling strongly of rotting fruit. He was wearing a disgusting rotting jack-o-lantern "mask". A small bug crawls out of one of the eye sockets as he paces a bit in slight discomfort. "Like it? I made it myself."
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

The witch's nose traced the scent of something rotten and near. Could one of her pumpkins had gone bad? Unlikely they were enchanted to prevent them from going bad..specially on this occasion. The neko went to answer her seemed the night had been tranquil ever since she got her first batch of trick and treaters.

"Nyah! Good evening." The witch turned to see the kid wearing a rotten mask. "Mmeeoowwhh~ Now that's a disguise worthy of a spooky season such as this." The cat witch congratulated the other's effort at their disguise.

"A spooky costume deserves a good spooky treat!" The witch added with a smile. The cat remained silent, twitched her wiskers then let out a long cat yowl like those street cats did during the middle of the night.

Not a moment later a skeletal hand sprouted from the ground, holding a skull, pouring a flood of torrent of gummy worms into the kid's sack, following it gave a single sugar cube to the tiny bug that peeked from the eye sockets of the disguise.

"Mmmrreeooow!!! Happy Halloween~♡" The Witch added to the sweet rotten pumpkin boy.
Avery (played by Cheshika)

It was honestly hard to move in this costume, but it was worth it.

Wearing a metal helmet with a blue feather on top to match the blue cape of the silver knight outfit he was wearing; he had forgone carrying a shield to just have a prop sword hanging around his belt while he busied his hands with a pumpkin green bag where he carried the candies he had received from the other houses. The android waited patiently to be noticed, moving a hand to move up the metallic visor on the helmet to look at the house.

How interesting! It really, really looked magical! Especially the bats!
Yvienne L. Harlow (played by 0089) Topic Starter

Yvienne waited for her next visit. The more the night passed the more the apirit of halloween increased in this day of spooky glee. She was busy ordering some skeletons stash boxes filled with candy. She then noticed the figure at the corner of her eye a knight in silver armor ohhhh!!! They chose the night to test their steel!

"Nyah!!!!! Good Evening dear sir! Are you in a quest to search for your damsel?" The witch cackled. " any good hero you need to fight your dragon first isn't it?" The witch tipped her hat only for the boxes her
skeletons were unloading to open up and unleash a swarm of candy, all gathering up to take the shape of a dragon that roared and exhaled cotton candy instead of fire.

"Enjoy! Take good care of it.
~♡" The witch added gifting out a full dragon made of candy!!! The knight may need a bigger sack. Though on the other hand they may no longer have trouble moving around with that costume if they rode the dragon instead. "Happy halloween!" The witch added happily.

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