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Honey (played anonymously)

So, I have a few mental issues in regards to...well, a lot of things. Anyway, very long story short, I have extreme difficulty creating character details without a preexisting question to answer, so I was wondering if anyone knows where to find blank bio templates? Like...lists of info to give answers to, such as the basic info sections in the character page wizard creation thing

My apologies for lack of ability to properly explain myself ATM. Things are getting lost between the brain and methods of conveying what's in said brain
Claine Moderator

You can find lots of examples by Googling terms like "Roleplay character profile Template". Here is one I found that seemed to be thorough but not too long

You may also like some of these detail lists the community made last year

And some members have made some very attractive BBCode templates for others to use
DevaintART also (at least used to) have a whole bunch of templates! Sometimes if it's a popular fandom you can search up things like "Character Bio Template Naruto" and see a whole bunch based on that fandom too!
Thanks for sharing those links Claine!

Here is a coded generic template used on one of the groups I'm in. I don't use every catagory, and it's easy to change or add to, and it copies nicely into the RP Repository text widget. I put a space in front of the 'b' bold-code so it will show for coding copy-paste purposes.

Character Template

[ b]Name:[/b]
[ b]Nicknames/Handles:[/b]
[ b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[ b]Place of Birth:[/b]
[ b]Species/Heritage:[/b]
[ b]Gender:[/b]
[ b]Sexuality:[/b]
[ b]Height:[/b]
[ b]Physique/Build:[/b]
[ b]Appearance:[/b]
[ b]Dress Style:[/b]
[ b]Home:[/b]
[ b]Type of Home/Neighbourhood:[/b]
[ b]Skills:[/b]
[ b]Family Background:[/b]
[ b]Other Close Relationships:[/b]
[ b]Job:[/b]
[ b]Attitude to Religion:[/b]
[ b]Favourite pastimes:[/b]
[ b]Hobbies:[/b]
[ b]Personality:[/b]
[ b]Strongest Positive Personality Trait:[/b]
[ b]Strongest Negative Personality Trait:[/b]
[ b]Sense of humour:[/b]
[ b]Temper/Disposition:[/b]
[ b]Consideration for Others:[/b]
[ b]Best Childhood Memory:[/b]
[ b]Worst Childhood Memory:[/b]
[ b]Best Adult Memory:[/b]
[ b]Worst Adult Memory:[/b]
[ b]Primary Goal:[/b]
[ b]Deepest Fear:[/b]
[ b]Formative Years:[/b]
[ b]Other Notes:[/b]

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