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((Private game- not accepting new players

Gameplay rules:

1. Invitation only- No Kids, no exceptions (Players, not characters)

2. Please write IC posts in 3rd person, past tense.

3. Please keep IC posts in the IC thread and keep OOC posts out of the IC thread. Put your message in double (( )) to make it OOC. Unless the game is marked open, we are not accepting new players. New players must be approved before posting. If you are not part of our game, please do not post here.

4. No controlling someone else’s character or killing anyone else’s character (without consent)

5. Storytelling is a collaborative effort where players will advance the direction of the plot in their posts. We'll take turns playing off of each other.'s IC posts. There is no single DM/GM/Storyteller like in a system-based game such as D&D. We'll work together and will likely collaborate via PM or on the OOC board as we come up with ideas for the plot. This is free-form and we'll make it up as we go, although collaboration and planning OOC is welcome via PM or OOC thread. Light dice use is welcome to randomize outcomes a bit.

Setting: Welcome to the edge of the galaxy! The Space Bar, a floating space station that looks like a giant computer keyboard from the outside is an intergalactic pitstop for space travelers. It orbits a non-inhabited planet. The Space Bar is part restaurant, part seedy bar, part spaceport, part space rest stop, part space gas station... you get the idea... Here, those who need to refuel their spaceships, a space beer or space burger, or who are just utterly lost in space come to resupply and take a brief break in their journeys. Overuse of the adjective "space" is encouraged!))

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The Operator (played by AgentMilkshake) Topic Starter

At the Spacebar:

2 men walk into a bar. It hurts. A lot. A woman in a work jumpsuit with a leather tool bag dangling from her hip and a briefcase in her hand ducked a moment later, avoiding injury, and entered the establishment walking past the two blokes that now had bloody noses.

"Ello, love," She says to the barkeep looking around. "I 'eard you have a broken space payphone?"

The bartender, a big furry brown creature with no discernable facial features other than a bushy, perfectly manicured black mustache pointed to the wall. There, beside a currently idle space jukebox, was a space payphone with a large yellow "Out of Order" sign affixed to the receiver. The woman made her way over to it.

The Operator removed the sign and popped open her briefcase. She hooked some diagnostic equipment to the phone after putting her headset on and began fiddling with it.
U.N.I.T. 35235236466-0001A (played by AgentMilkshake) Topic Starter

A small metal box on wheels rolled inside, missing the bar. It blasted a cloud of steam after making an obnoxious backfiring noise. Its eyestalks scanned the room slowly as if it is searching for someone or something.

"Hey buddy," the brown thing behind the bar yelled. "No smoking!" It pointed at a sign on the wall near the liquor.

"Sorry," the little box replied in a deep monotone voice. A moment later, it spied The Operator across the room working on the phone. The machine made a series of whirrs and beeps processing this information before it concluded with the ding of a bell. The flag on its "shoulder" raised and lowered and the red light bulb above its eyes came on for a moment.

It then rolled across the room and stopped at The Operator's feet. Its eyes tilted upward. "Mistress," it said awaiting her orders.
The Operator (played by AgentMilkshake) Topic Starter

The Operator was busy working on the space phone when the small box rolled up to her. She glanced down when it addressed her.

"Yoo-nit, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay with the van. You're supposed to be the navigation system. How much navigatin' do you think I am going to need inside a pub? I'll be done in a jif! Now be a good lil computer and bugger off!"

She returned her attention to the phone and resumed her repair work.

The little computer made a series of noises and a bell rang. The flag bobbed up and down and the red light on the top again flashed as it processed her response.

"Ship," Yoo-nit corrected when The Operator referred to their transport as a 'van'. "I came to assist you, mistress. You may need help navigating after a few drinks… drinks… drinks… drinks…”

Yoo-nit began skipping as a scratched vinyl record would do when the needle gets stuck in the groove. It shuttered violently and one of its eyes popped loose, dangling by the wires that connected it to the stalk of its head.

"Don't argue with me you daft little toaster," The Operator retorted when the droid corrected her. She gave it a good hard kick when it began repeating itself. She then bent down to reattach its eye and tightened the screws so they wouldn't come loose again.

"You're the one that can't keep it together, literally! How are you going to help me? Ya haven't got any hands and I am NOT here to drink, thank you! I’ve got a job to do! I'll get this space phone working, and then we'll be on our way..."

The little computer sat quietly after The Operator gave him a good kick so he'd stop skipping then returned her attention back to the phone. She checked for a dial tone after reconnecting a few wires and dialed a test code. Everything seemed in order. Yoo-nit expected they would head back to the ship and be on their way as soon as she got the device reassembled.

Humans could be unpredictable, however. The Operator put the payphone back together but instead of gathering her tools and heading for the exit, she made her way to the bar instead.

"I need a drink," She said more to herself than the bartender, taking a seat on the nearest available barstool.

Yoo-nit again made a series of noises as it processed this unanticipated move. After saying she wasn't going to get a drink at the bar, that is exactly what she did. The small robot rolled over to the barstool she was perched on like a loyal puppy following its owner into the restroom. It tilted its eyes up to watch her but sat quietly.
Amelia Morgan (played anonymously)

Meanwhile on planet Earth, Solar System. Year 3621. City with mad scientist’s laboratory, Greenland, Europe.

The night was bustling with life. It was a Friday night after all, people already started enjoying a day off tomorrow. Happy chattering, laughs, and the clink of glasses bumping into each other resounded throughout the sector commonly referred to as ‘the party sector’. In that whole crowd was a young woman, who seemed a bit less cheerful than others. Her blonde hair was a mess and she had some kind of a stain on her t-shirt. It looked like a ketchup and it most definitely was a ketchup, as there was a big pizza next to her and a group of people that could be her friends. To say that the girl was drunk, would be an understatement. She was venting and complaining a lot to a young man sitting next to her. His facial expression clearly showed that he wanted to run away.

“I’ve been working for this idiot for over three years now! Three years, can you believe it? But no, he will not give me a promotion, because I am not a genius like him! That’s what he said, can you believe it? What a douchebag! He gave me a pay rise, but I want my career to develop, to bloom, I want to be something more than just an assistant!” She said partly crying, partly angry and called to the bartender, “One more whiskey please!” The man sitting next to her shook his head visibly worried. “Amelia, you definitely had enough…” “What? I did not,” she said, standing up, “I could go to that stupid lab and fix this machine of his to work even better! Actually… Let’s go and do that!” The man sighed and caught her the moment, she lost her balance. “Sis, please, let’s go home…”

She might have even agreed, if it wasn’t for one of her friends. “I would like to see that! Useless assistant fixing a genius’ machine!” The argument that followed almost turned into a fight. A few minutes later the three of them were on their way to the lab. Amelia really wanted to prove her friend wrong. The young man, that was in fact her brother, tried very hard to stop his sister before she would do something very stupid, but he was helpless.

Using her spare keys, Amelia opened the lab and got in. She knew the place perfectly and she led them straight to the machine. She started messing up with the machine. She had no idea what was she doing, but she had to look smart. “Okay! See, it’s more safe now!” She lied, as she really hadn’t done anything. Or at least she thought so. In fact, she turned the machine on, which none of them noticed, as it was quiet until the moment something was thrown inside it. “Prove it,” her friend demanded, not believing her a single bit, “If it’s so safe now, get inside!”

Before Amelia’s brother, the only sober person in the whole group, could say anything, she jumped in. She heard familiar buzzing and sobered up instantly. “What? Oh no, no, no!” But it was too late. The machine, being unfinished, could only transfer the thing/person inside it. Where and in what period of time, was unknown. There were no clues how to get back as well. And this was exactly a situation Amelia got herself in. Transferred somewhere by a broken machine.

She found herself in the air and fell onto the floor. “Ouch…” She said quietly, sat up and looked around. It looked like she was in some kind of a bar? But… The ‘person’ behind the bar was a big, brown, fluffy creature… With a moustache? Where was she? She wasn’t sure if asking would help. Would they know English? Did she have any other possibility? Amelia didn’t know. She knew for sure she had to get up from the floor. Wherever she was, sitting on the floor in public space, must have been weird. Her legs were shaky and she was still a bit dizzy from the alcohol she had had before. She walked towards the bar. Could that weird fluffy thing talk? Well, it was the time to find out. “Excuse me… Where am I?”

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