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Kia (played by Reithesniper)

The Darkness, a plague that has decimated Hell and Heaven, leaving only earth left. As the earth began to be covered in darkness two large portals, Thousands of angels and demons, even the fallen angels have joined the fray, destroying quite a bit of the darkness leaving a safe zone of sorts, Demonic runes and Angelic runes create a large circle that keeps the darkness at least 50 miles or so away. A Highschool of sorts was made inside the Safe Space. Angelica High, A place that teaches all at least Some magic skill. of course humans can attend and still exist.

No arguing
No god-modding
Nothing to op when it comes to spells
Incantation isn't needed for small spells
Please be kind to each other
( oooh this is interesting)

Clementine had just made it to the first day of school, and she was excited. She was very very happy to be there, and safe. She had a box of her cooking in her bag, as that was a power she had, and her wings were out.
Kia (played by Reithesniper) Topic Starter

Kia was on her phone watching anime, surprisingly there was still internet in this safe zone, tho she was supposed to be studying magic or talking to teachers she was chilling and had been since she flew here
Murcary Levi (played by TemtoeZ)

Murcary sits in his chair quietly picking at his skin ripping off prices as they quickly regenerate. He isn't exactly normal in this mixed up world he's human.... But he's also been infused with both demonic and angelic energy by a fallen angel trying to create a sort of bioweapon to take power over the population. Thankfully during the infusing process many things had exploded due to the conflict of energy, causing the security of the safe zone to investigate and save him. Though he's stuck between dead and alive in a limbo between earth, hell, and heaven being what some have called the embodiment of purgatory. And from this his skin was left completely gray and he's covered in stitches from past expirements that for some reason won't heal, most likely it's because the wounds were from before the energy most likely his body at the moment of mass fusion was downloaded like file into the energy constantly preserving his body from first contact because that was the first thing it knew, not his body before then. He was sent to the highschool because he's within age range and the "government" of the safe zone decided it would be best to allow him to make friends that can help him and figure out spells to help drain some of the absolute chaos energy he that he's infused with to take the edge off.
Kia (played by Reithesniper) Topic Starter

Kia, supposing someone would get mad if the found her, flew down to her class and knocked on the window
"open up!"
Murcary Levi (played by TemtoeZ)

Continuing to pick at the skin on his finger until he reacted with a wince of pain as instead of regenerating, steam just started to billow from the wound. Apparently he over did it for the regenerative ability. Then there was knocking on the window, Immediately he snapped his attention to the window as the person asked to be let in he pushed out his desk and make akward and jerky movements as we walked over to the window, gripping the bottom so hard as his fingers made several popping sounds. Opening the window allowing the person to be let in, suddenly the steam comes to a halt and then the wound on his finger regenerates as he jerkishly struts to his desk, sitting down staring off into nothingness with his eye twitching every now and then as class goes on.
Clementine was walking through the hallway when she finally found the classroom she was looking for. “ oh there it is, potion making!”
Kia (played by Reithesniper) Topic Starter

Kia flew through the window and landed in front of her seat, her wings then disappeared as if they were never there at all
She smiled at him
Lumika (played by Cheshika)

How many students did we get this time?

Humming as she checked the student lists, Lumika was standing at the doorway outside her office, double-checking before she would go to the special classroom for this particular class- Summoning. Teaching the basics was always hard with a divided class; angels and fallen angels summoned divine beasts, demons would call forth demonic beasts, and humans, complicated as they were, could summon of either class or summon a beast of Earth.

In other words, the more humans there were in her class, the higher the chances there were that a wyvern or dragon would break into the second floor of the building from an accidental Earth-class summoning.

"Ah, this would be easier if they already had set a class president or representative for the class... I still have some time before it actually starts, maybe I should go out and check...?" The female demon thought out loud, absentmindedly playing with the pages in her hand and falling to notice one slipping out and falling to the ground.
Kia (played by Reithesniper) Topic Starter

Kia Created small sparks of magic between her fingers, a purple aura enveloped the chair, it began to float
"better, though....i could do this on a bigger scale"
((Despise the original author leaving (I’m only assuming of course, since they erased the character for this topic), I’ll do my best to continue this one to my best of abilities for those interested-

Remember, humans, angels and demons are welcomed in this RP, be them students or school staff. If it’s the later and you want to iron some details for their teacher/staff background, just PM

If the original owner is okay with that I mean, they could also erase the topic- but I’ll remain here in the meantime. Planned Group Rps can be fun.))
Reithesniper Topic Starter

wait people are still interested?
oh god-
Reithesniper wrote:
wait people are still interested?
oh god-

((I've seen some people interested in a Group RP- but what I'm unsure about is if they would rather this be public or change to a PM RP, so maybe leave this here in the meantime to see what people think would be better?))
Reithesniper Topic Starter


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