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{{This a hs rp. If you'd like to join, simply join in on the chat or pm me. Either one works with me! (: }}

We're all new to this high school. While some of us are first years, or third years who just moved to the area, we're all trying to find our place in the hard and cruel world of the High School Years.

Principal: Mrs. Tremmis
Vice Principal: Ms. Annick
Counselor: Mr. Tremmis
Language Arts/Social Studies: Mr. Geroski
Science/Biology: Mr. Toshine
Band/Choir/Art: Ms. Hundip
World/U.S. History: Mrs. Geroski
Mathematics: Mr. Kislee
Home Ec./Economics: Mrs. Wilkin
Geography: Ms. Erlin
Foreign Languages: Mr. Volkov
Health/Phys. Ed.: Mr. Henry
Programming/Robotics: Ms. Duttin
Leadership/Communications: Mr. Long
Welding/Woodshop/Auto Mechanics: Mr. Roland
Psychology/Anatomy: Mrs. Dumock


*If you decide to leave, please say so. Either pm me or say so in the chat.
*No power/god playing
*Nothing too romantic
*If you get in 'fight' with someone, try and it make it more realistic, please

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Zasi Apoll (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*An ash blonde, well-built girl walks to her locker with a sigh. She's a third year who's new to the school district. Her younger brother is in the middle school. She never really wanted to move, but her mom & dad had to for their jobs... The only thing good about this move was that she moving away from her crappy ex-boyfriend who, what she thought, was extremely toxic. [To herself] "...Ugh... what a drag. I swear, if this town and school don't have a weight room or some kinda gym... I'm going crazy!" *She plugs her earbuds into her phone and listens to music while walking to her first class with Mr. Henry.*
Black Quartz (played by KingDragon)

The Atronarch, disguised, walked into the school, checking his schedule, seeing his Auto mechanics and Welding classes were both with Mr. Roland. He got to his locker, and making sure nobody was around, disapparated his locker door, put his stuff in, and then replaced it, fuzing the metal shut to make sure nobody would steal anything. He stretched as he walked down the hall to Mr. Rolands room in silence.
Zasi Apoll (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*Zasi sat down and stared at the ceiling, wondering who that person was heading into Roland's class. She shrugged it off and turned her head towards the window and wondered if she'd be able to withstand the landing from falling from the two-story high window.*
BugIsTired Topic Starter

{{Btw cool character! Honestly, I think it'd be a great character for my other rp chat called 'Seven Moon Kingdoms'}}
Jennie (played by Legendary_48)

Jennie strutted through the halls. This has been her third year at this school. She is just waiting for the day to be over. Her next class is math with Mr. Kislee. She hated math so much. But her parents were too strict, that she could not slack off in school at all. She had been working hard to keep her grades up. It wasn't that hard for her when she had no distractions. She walked into her math class and sat in the back of the classroom.
Zasi Apoll (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*As the second bell rang for the classes to start, multiple kids flooded through Mr. Henry's door. A guy with a blocky build (probably from Uncle Rhett's football team) picked her up by the collar of her shirt and sat her on the ground and he moved into the seat.* "That's my seat... bud." *Zasi stood up, furious, and with a solid kick to his hip, she moved him out of her seat. She looked down at him, made a fake 'boo-hoo' face and looked up at the front of the class, smirking proudly.*
Jennie (played by Legendary_48)

*Jennie heard the bell ring and watched an influx of students. She didn't look surprised and just look out the window. A lot of the people coming in looked younger than her. She pulled out her math notebook and started to doodle something out.*
Zasi Apoll (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*Zasi bounced her knee and kept her head on a swivel. After all, it was her first day at Kativve, and she was hoping no one would really offer themselves as her 'tour guide'. She pulled out one of her body markers and began designing henna on her hands and even a little on her collarbone.*
Jennie (played by Legendary_48)

*Jennie looked up at the board and saw the word "TEST DAY" She gasped. She had totally forgotten that there was a test, and she didn't study at all. Just before she could grab out her planner to check, the teacher had walked in with a stack of packets.* "I'm screwed." *She then dropped her head to her desk.*
Zasi Apoll (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*Mr. Henry rose up from his desk at the front of the class and looked at all the students with a smirk.* "Guess what? Weight room day!!" *He beamed as the whole class except for Zasi all started complaining. She pumped her fist and grinned.* "Sweet! So this school does have a weight room!" Mr. Henry nodded towards his new student and walked the class pass Mr. Roland and Mr. Kislee's classrooms to the weight room. Zasi strolled happily to the weight room, ready to workout.*

(I want to join. Though I am not great at writing paragraphs, I am more of my one liner or multiple sentence kind of gal if that is okay with you)

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