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Hello! I'm Nyx! We will be playing a Fallout New Vegas RP here. Leave you'd characters name, Special stats, skills, and traits. If you want, leave your karma level, the function you'd most likely follow, and your story. Please. :-) Here is Nyx's character sheet.

I'd be interested, but I'd need to put up a new character for the rp

Go ahead and take your time. :-)

I have the profile set up, but there's no info on it.

I was planning to use a guy named Alan Nala. He'd be a wildcard sided character.

S 6
P 7
E 5
C 5
I 9
A 7
L 5

His Traits I dunno about though 'Wild Wild Wasteland' would most likely be on that list XD

His skills would be in
Energy weapons
and Speech

EDIT: And he'd have a modified securi-tron he calls Caddy, who lugs around all his stuff. Caddy is no longer capable of firing his weapons either.

And Alan's primary weapons are a Flamer, incinerator, Laser Pistol, and Laser Rifle, and he usually carries a ripper at his side.

Nice! I hope more people will join soon. :-)


I never played the game, but I do like survival RPs. :)

Well I would suggest reading up on fall out then XD

I think you'll enjoy it!

Welp..hai Starscream and others.

Hello! Please tell us about yourself and character. :-)

Well Clint was born on a NCR Base, his mother died at birth due to cardiac arrest. His father was an Veteran Ranger for the NCR so he grew up at Camp Golf with 1st Recon DDivision and was trained in Small Arms and sneak. He then turned 18 and went on a patrol with his father. They soon encountered a large patrol of Legion soldiers. They were engaged but called for back up, it didn't get there in time. His father had been killed due to a wound and bled out before they arrived. He took his father's gear and joined as a Ranger but left after witnessing the horrors of what the legion did to Nipton(Or Novac..can't remember). He now wanders the Mojave in look anything but the legion. His stats are: STR:7


So uh, I could just be wondering around I guess...

Describe your character first.

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