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Mike nodded at both of their names. "Nice gun." He said to Davis. "So I guess your support," he said, then looked at Kirsa. And your assault? Or is defense?"

"Nice change and thanks. I designed them myself. One attacks the other aids. I have three other drone types but I haven't tested them out properly."

He shook his head. Kirsa said, "He's defense. I? I'm a little of the mix, really depends how I play my actual role."

"Ah I see." He said before the back of the suit opened up and he hopped out. It closed and he hopped into the shoulders of his suit. "I ran tank, and this guy here, his name is Maxwell." He said, grabbed in of the head spikes and patting the shoulder plate.


(Sorry guys, this kinda skipped my mind a bit)

Diego nods, impressed. "I never really got how drones worked. I mean, I work with sound and speaker technology all the time so I guess I'm not a total idiot. But how do they know how to do all the stuff that they do and not crash into stuff?"

I had been so preoccupied with my alcoholism, that I didn't realize almost everyone has already left. "Oh wow, I kinda just zoned out for a while." My ticket sides put of my wrist from Sym, and onto my hand. I go where it tells me, and I go back to my booze.

(Sorry for not posting sooner, I haven't been on much.)

"Mech suit eh?" she said with a slight German accent, "I would like to see in action." Davis stood up and finished his rifle. It had everything but a scope. He placed his side arm by his waist, then nodded at Mike.

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