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Thank you so much! XD I can be hard to get a hold of, but you're welcome to hit me up any time.


Back with more of the boy. Alf has more tricks, so I made up this sheet and some ‘terminology’ (extra finger quotes). Now when I have to explain that Alf eats people I don’t have to try to make words. I got pictures.

If you don’t know what Alf jail is, look here.

Lastly, please don’t hit me up with vore rp requests. XD I ain’t judgin’, but if Alf is gonna jail somebody it’s gotta be his choice, and it’s almost always for comedy.

Back again. It looks like Alf has run amuck in this thread. Here's some Jacky.


Hanging with Themascura's characters Coriander and Christoph.

Talking dirt about Christoph.

Modern Fantasy Roleplay Discord.

Omg this is all so cool! I just wanted to mention that clicking the link doesn't work. It just takes to an error page!

Thank you so much! And thanks for pointing out the link was broken! Fixed.


From an Rp with a friend. They're in a big, copper lined tube. We like to kick around in the Wreck It Ralph setting. Our games have very little to do with the movie- we just really enjoy that sandbox.

Campfire: IC only RP Discord

Your art style is so cool to look at, and the character designs are fantastic! Super great work all around, :)

Thank you! c:


Screwin' around. Lawd, I don't think I have the patience to make buttons.

I've loved your art ever since we used to hang out in That Pixel Game. You've only gotten so much better over the years! I'm loving what you've been doing lately. It has so much character and personality. :)

Thanks so much! c:


Working on a scratchy comic of an Rp scene with a friend. It probably won't be more than three pages long. Comics are just so much work! It would be hard to draw the Rp faithfully, so I've been condensing it into a few panels and asking my partner to fill in the world bubbles on her side.
Christoph and Tee belong to Themascura.

I'd like to take another shot at an RpR button, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'd like to have one for my deviantart .

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